Get Unstuck Tarot Spread

get unstuck tarot spreadThe recent global events – pandemic, environmental disasters, lockdowns, chaotic leadership – have left many people traumatised, which has caused an increase in mental health issues, such as depression and anxiety.

Millions of people lack direction during these unsettling times as we are all questioning our way of life, what brought us to this point and where the heck are we going from here.

If you feel stuck in your life – perhaps you are thinking about changing your career, letting go of a relationship, moving countries, living off-grid, starting a business, or making some other profound change – then perhaps you want to try the Get Unstuck Tarot Spread.

This spread is designed to help you make the right choices, overcome insecurities and self-doubt, denial, procrastination and perhaps even self-sabotage.

  • What are you struggling with in terms of choice and decision-making?
  • What is keeping you in a place where you can’t seem to move forward?

Sounds dramatic, but in reality this energy is often lingering in the background without us realising and can affect various areas in our lives at once.

Pay attention to just one area that needs resolving, and it can have a positive effect on everything else.

When we become aware of it, we can begin to do something about it.

Here is a three-card spread you can try to get unstuck:

1. Where in your life are you feeling stuck right now?

You will probably already know the answer to this question, but pulling a card can offer you deeper insight.

2. What is the underlying cause?

Focus here on internal battles, blocks, attitudes, beliefs, vices.

3. What can you do to get unstuck?

An action you can take to get unstuck. This may not be the holy grail of solutions, but at least a first step towards untanglement.

The Get Unstuck Tarot Spread is a simple spread with straight-forward questions – from getting unstuck to getting inspired to get moving again.

Warmest wishes,


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10 Tarot Affirmations To Overcome Anxiety

tarot affirmations to overcome anxiety
Cosmic Healing A4 Mini Poster available on Patreon

Creating tarot affirmations to overcome anxiety is a magical and effective way to practice mindfulness during difficult times.

There is no doubt that the lockdown measures around the world caused by the pandemic have offered many people a chance to slow down, spend more time with loved ones and even generated new business ideas and opportunities.

Over the last year in this surreal state of stagnation, I also cherished the quiet life away from noisy crowds, busy traffic and hectic travel schedules.

All well and good, but at the same time many people have also been affected by loss, insecurity, worries and fears of what the future might hold.

Mental health issues during the Covid-19 have increased, such as depression and anxiety.

There are many activities that can be cultivated to cope with mental health issues, but in this article I focus on practicing mindfulness with tarot affirmations to overcome anxiety.

Affirmations are often used to turn negative thinking into a more optimistic outlook, and they can work really well when used regularly.

Each card in the Tarot offers its own powerful messages, and when you draw your daily card, choose affirmations as suggested below.

Repeat these affirmations to yourself regularly during the day to cultivate positivity, resilience and joy. This can help you snap out of the negative self-talk loop.

Here are suggestions for some of the Major Arcana cards:

The Fool

Today will be a great day.
I am looking forward to what today brings.
I find joy in the present.
I take each moment as it comes.
I am positive.
I am open to receive what makes me happy.
I am doing well.
I am curious and love exploring new possibilities.
One step at a time.

The Empress

I am creative. I am comfortable.
I take good care of myself.
I draw energy from nature.
I treat myself to healthy food and drink.
I am natural and at ease with myself.
I am loved. I am loving.
I love myself. I am beautiful.
I am practical and get things done.
I have all I need to feel abundant.
I am grounded and confident.

The Chariot

When the going gets tough, I am determined to keep going.
I persevere despite difficulties.
I am in the right frame of mind.
I am focused. I will succeed.
I am breaking free from my comfort zone of destructive thoughts.
I actively choose my destiny.
My willpower guides me from turmoil to safe haven.
I am a fighter.
I am conquering my worries and fears.


I am strong.
I am in control of my thoughts.
I am determined to overcome what is dragging me down.
I am gentle but also persistent.
I refuse to give up on myself.
I successfully balance my fears with my passion for life.
I have the power to tame uncomfortable thoughts and feelings.
Today I have the energy and desire to have a wonderful day.


My heart and mind are in alignment.
I can see the bigger picture.
My thoughts are guided by logic and reason rather than assumptions and drama.
I am honest with myself and others.
I take responsibility for my wellbeing.
I have the power to choose wisely.
I balance my intellect with compassion, comfort with challenge.
I make peace with my mind.


Today I emerge from my cocoon and rise towards the sun like an eagle.
I am changing. I am maturing.
I am transforming my life with a new way of thinking.
I can feel my mind shifting and evolving.
I choose life. I accept change.
Out of darkness into the light.
I am shedding my limitations.
I am regenerating, giving birth to new potential.

The Devil

I am the master of my own destiny.
I sever unhealthy bonds.
I stay clear of destructive habits.
I am emerging from the shadows of fear and despair.
I am tapping into my inner resources to enhance my relationships, work, health, and home.
I confront difficulties rather than living in denial.
I am persistent and motivated to live my best life.

The Star

I am shining my light.
I am showing up.
I am standing tall in my grace and serenity.
I believe in my inner strength and abilities.
I connect with spirit.
I am hopeful. I am inspired.
Positive thoughts are flowing through my mind.
My self-esteem is flourishing.
The universe is guiding me in the right direction.
I believe in miracles. Magic is all around me.

The Sun

I am present. I am joyful.
I am vibrant.
I am inspired to create magic guided by my inner light.
I can see and think clearly.
All is falling into place.
All is making sense.
All is unravelled.
I am true to myself.
I am unique.
I am healing, and I heal others.
All is well. I take time to just be.
Life is good.

The World

I am safe. I am enough.
I am right where I need to be.
I am comfortable in my own skin.
I keep my options open.
I have the power to seek new adventures and experiences at any time.
I have the power of choice.
I know myself and make the most of my knowledge.
I am the master of my hopes and fears, dreams, and reality.

Download and print the full set of 22 Major Arcana affirmation cards from my Patreon:

tarot affirmations to overcome anxietyYou will find many more divination printables on my Patreon that help to support you in looking after your mental health and living your best life.

Learn more and join today.

Warmest wishes,


PS: Also check out my Healthy Habits Empowering Morning Affirmations based on the 22 Major Arcana cards

The Lion’s Gate Opening Tarot Spread

lion's gate opening tarot spreadThe opening of the Lion’s Gate Portal is one of the most magical celestial events that occurs every year reaching its peak on the 8th of August during Leo season.

It coincides with the rise of the morning star Sirius, which will be visible in the Eastern sky above the horizon just before dawn between the 26th July and 12th August.

Sirius is situated below Orion’s belt in the Canis Major (Greater Dog) constellation.

In ancient Egypt it marked the annual flooding of the Nile, which nourished the dry soil for growing crops.

There is a theory that the pyramids of Giza including the Sphinx (lion’s body!) were built in such a way that they aligned with Sirius and two stars situated in Orion’s belt forming a triangle.

This triangle – the Gate Portal – is now temporarily visible in our night sky before sunrise, and Earth’s alignment with Sirius marks a time of empowerment, accelerated evolution, spiritual activation and ascention.

That all sounds pretty epic, but just like eclipses, solstices and equinoxes, we can observe and harness these powerful portal energies to raise our vibrations.

Now we are standing in front of the Lion’s Gate Portal and are about to step through.

Stepping through and stepping up.

This is a joyous and exciting moment. Tune into this magical cosmic energy to spiritually cleanse and renew.

Focus on your Solar Plexus Chakra, which is associated with Leo – confidence, abundance, healthy boundaries, willpower, creativity and leadership, making decisions, setting directions, personal identity, authenticity, courage and resilience.

Remember, we are experiencing a global shift at the point of no return, but stepping through the Lion’s Gate Portal into unknown territory also opens up to new potential and possibilities.

Activate your inner power with this tarot spread to guide you through the Portal:

1. What do I need to leave behind?
2. What do I need to take with me?
3. What will I find?
4. What energy will I activate?
5. What will become clear to me?
6. How will this change me?
7. How will this benefit me?
8. Enlightened message from Sirius:

What insights are you receiving from the cards? How are they challenging you? What do they trigger? What shift can you sense?

Enjoy exploring this spread, and please do share with me, which cards you have drawn. I’d love to hear from you.


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Podcast: Using The Tarot For Guidance During Challenging Times

using the tarot for guidance during challenging timesUsing the Tarot for guidance during challenging times is a current but also timeless topic, because we have to deal with all kinds of crisis situations throughout our lives.

When we are faced with a situation that is beyond our control, it can make us feel helpess, in shock and disbelief.

And while we have to deal with anger, frustration, anxiety and even loss, the last thing on our mind is being spiritually blissful and grateful.

But practicing mindfulness with the Tarot can help us ground ourselves in the here and now.

With the Tarot we can explore uncertain times to maintain and nourish our mental health, and learn to accept this moment in time as a stepping stone on our life journey.

By looking inwards with the Tarot, we can create balance, a shift in perspective and over time discover a way forward.

In my first podcast, I share with you my thoughts on how adversity can affect us, and how we can use the Tarot to empower us when dealing with loss and uncertainty:

Warmest wishes,


Audio: Practicing Mindfulness with the Tarot

practicing mindfulness with the tarotMindfulness has become quite a buzzword in recent years.

The term was first coined by Jon Kabat-Zinn and describes the process of “paying attention in a particular way: on purpose, in the present moment and non-judgmentally.”

It’s not about emptying your mind or suppressing thoughts; it’s about becoming a detached observer, simply being aware of physical sensations and how your mind wanders.

The purpose of practicing mindfulness is to reduce stress, over-thinking and improve overall wellbeing.

Research has shown that regular practice of mindfulness actually works.

If you are learning and working with the Tarot, you are also practicing mindfulness, perhaps without realising.

Practicing mindfulness with the Tarot is a powerful combination to boost your mental and spiritual wellbeing, and with regular practice can heal and transform your life.

A simple one-card draw can create a mindful moment of reflection and contemplation.

But you can also combine the one-card draw with a mindfulness meditation.

This is an easy way to learn mindfulness and include it in your daily spiritual practice.

Beginner’s Tarot Mindfulness Meditation

  1. Take a seat in a quiet place and make yourself comfortable.
  2. Ground yourself by taking a deep breath (slowly inhale and exhale) and repeat until you feel calm and focused.
  3. Draw or choose a card from your tarot deck. Observe the image without judgement for a few minutes. Don’t think about its possible meanings. Just explore its colours, shapes, symbols.
  4. Remain still and focus your sensations. Close your eyes and observe how your clothes feel on your skin and where you feel pressure on your body from where you sit.
  5. Spend a few minutes on what you can hear. This could be your breath, a clock ticking, music somewhere in the backround, traffic noise etc.
  6. Reflect on what you have just experienced. You have focused on an object (tarot card), sensations and sounds, which has given you a break from your preoccupations. Perhaps you have learned something new about the tarot image you just have observed.
  7. How do you feel? Over time, this mindfulness meditation can be a nourishing way to refresh and clear your mind.

As you can see, this is an easy introduction to practicing mindfulness with the Tarot and should not take longer than ten minutes.

Listen to this meditation on Soundcloud:

If you find yourself stressed, overwhelmed or over-thinking, then take a mindful moment with your tarot deck, sit back, relax and connect with the cards at the same time.

Warmest wishes,


Tarot Love Readings: The Relationship Card

tarot love reading
The Vampire Tarot (c) Robert Place

What makes a relationship tick?

It’s always fun and insightful to explore its dynamics and compatibility in tarot love readings.

Often, random cards are drawn in a spread, which is fine, but you can also learn more by working out the couple’s relationship card.

For this, you need to know each person’s personality card and add the numbers of each card together, which gives you the relationship card (The Fool = 22).

I demonstrate this with the personality cards of me and my ex – haha, it’s a crazy fun mindfluff, but it also offers some revelations about what the heck went wrong ?

So this is me (9 – Hermit) and him (4 – Emperor), add both numbers together, which makes Death our relationship card 😀

steampunk tarot
Steampunk Tarot (c) Llewellyn Worldwide

Well, Death kind of says it all; a Hufflepuff Hermit (zodiac card Knight of Cups – Pisces) trying to make it work with a Slytherin Emperor (zodiac card King of Swords – Aquarius). You can literally feel the cracks forming.

However, Death also indicates that this relationship was transformational in some way.

For me it has helped shift a lot of old baggage, uncomfortable at first, but in the end one of the happiest breakups I have experienced 😀

And what do all the other Major Arcana cards mean as relationship keys?

Here are my suggestions:

1 – The Magician: The only way the Magician can come up as a relationship card is when based on a combination of the Fool (0) and the Magician (1), but because the Magician doesn’t exist as a personality card (birth dates don’t add up to 1), it also won’t come up as a relationship card.

However, the energy of the Magician is inherent in the numbers 10 and 19, and therefore Wheel of Fortune (10) and the Sun (19) relationships have the power to master and resolve any situation that comes their way.

2 – The High Priestess: The only way the High Priestess can come up as relationship card is when combined of the Fool (0) and the High Priestess (2).

A soul connection; mutual understanding without exchanging words. There is a sense of belonging and having known each other for ever. Spiritual nurturing; but also the danger of loosing sight of reality, mixing up naivity with spiritual maturity.

3 – The Empress: a creative connection; family. Traditional roles; physical and sensual attraction are key. A sense of belonging and longevity. A successful partnership. Thrives when mutual interests include spending time in nature.

This relationship doesn’t work well if it’s long-distance or there are longer separations, e.g. extensive business travel.

4 – The Emperor: Strong and committed. This relationship is built on mutual aspirations and ambitions. Both can rely on each other in good as well as bad times. A power couple. Needs to avoid neglecting emotional needs, when focused too much on the business and practical side of the relationship.

5 – The Hierophant: Two people sharing the same values. Traditional, conservative, conventional. Strengthened by taking time for travel, cultural experiences, art and philosophical discussions about politics, religion etc. Avoid lack of change and intolerance.

6 – The Lovers: A constant balance of head and heart. Obstacles and difficulties are overcome with love even if the mind suggests otherwise. Deep down there is certainty that love prevails and both are committed. Opposites attract. A tendency to avoid conflict or frank discussions, which can cause anxiety and deception.

7 – The Chariot: Both people in this relationship prefer to be independent, e.g. keep their separate bank accounts, homes, etc. They walk next to each other rather than towards each other, and yet they are deeply connected. A competitive streak; enjoying sports and travel together. Too much self-reliance can cause detachment. A need to set clear boundaries and keep eyes on mutual goal and aspirations.

8 – Strength: An exciting combination of lust and passion, which won’t be tamed by love and long-term commitment. Heated arguments followed by passionate reconciliation. Power struggles; taming of the shrew. Beauty and the beast. A need for reflection and giving the other space from time to time.

9 – The Hermit: Down to earth; practical; no pretence. A relationship built on honesty and trust. You are true to yourself individually and true to each other. Loyalty. An ideal business partnership working well together. Two introverts found each other, who need to ensure that the relationship keeps growing by pushing their individual comfort zones.

10 – Wheel of Fortune: A karmic relationship; two people have found each other at the right time and know they belong together despite a difficult start. A need to know your purpose as a couple, e.g. starting a family or engaging in social activism, starting a business, helping others etc. If this common purpose is unknown, then feelings of restriction and limitation can come up.

11 – Justice: Equality, fairness. Fairly give and fairly take. A slow starter turning into a strong relationship after much consideration. Harmony; pleasant togetherness. A social couple with good circle of friends. Avoid blaming the other in crisis situations, and try not to focus too much on the other’s flaws.

12 – Hanged Man: Obstacles and difficulties can easily stop this relationship in its tracks. Making sacrifices or simply surrender to outside influences are often the only solution to make it work long-term. Patience. Avoid stubbornness and rigidity; an open and flexible approach is required.

13 – Death: This card doesn’t necessarily mean the end is unavoidable or even in sight. It can be the opposite: lively and transformational for both. Many changes determine the flow of this relationship, e.g. house moves, jobs, family, and the need for constant re-invention and adaptability. It’s intense and any resistance by one or both can indeed mean the end.

14 – Temperance: Opposites attract; making it work requires skill, but with time harmony prevails. A healing relationship. A magical mix of commitment and independence. Playful. Experimental. Finding a middle ground. Avoid pretending that all is fine when it isn’t; frank discussions and conflict help to find solutions and rebalance your equilibrium.

15 – The Devil: Even though this relationship starts off based on strong mutual attraction (so much so that lust and passion can suck sanity out of both parties),  there is danger of codependence and loss of spark in the long-term. That’s because this couple has made a commitment to each other, and they don’t want to break it lightly. This is a positive attitude and combined with keeping love and romance fresh and adventurous, this relationship can keep thriving. Avoid power struggles and competition with each other.

16 – The Tower: Mars rules this relationship, which can be tempestuous, destructive but also liberating at the same time. There is no codependence here; two people have minds and aspirations of their own, which they are determined to pursue. One person doesn’t give up their dreams only to make the other happy. Tolerance and serenity will help weather any storms.

17 – The Star: Optimism, peace and calm dominate this relationship. Drama doesn’t belong here, and any crisis situation is handled with pragmatism and recognising the bigger picture of what is truly important. A strong but gentle bond. No need to get married; perhaps even no need to live together and yet nothing keeps you apart on a spiritual level. Both allow each other space and freedom.

18 – The Moon: a deeply emotional bond; often conflicting emotions, filled with an abundance of imagination and fantasy. A romantic love that may not be the ideal match when looked at in the light of day a couple of months down the line. Nothing is sensible or rational here, but love and infatuation rule in a lingering way. Avoid pull-push scenarios, i.e. leaving and coming back. This will seriously affect your mental health and self-esteem.

19 – The Sun: a glorious life force; whole-heartedness, giving love and affection to each other generously. A relationship that boosts confidence and wellbeing. Quarrels are quickly forgotten. Bringing the best out of each other. A social couple with many friends, enjoying life and fun times. Avoid egotism and self-centredness, which can put a dampener on this relationship.

20 – Judgement: The longer it lasts, the better it gets. Over time, the healing power of this relationship is revealed, having a profound effect on both. In this relationship you can let go of old wounds. A deep bond growing over time and together, this couple can achieve more than indvidually on their own. Mutual help and support. Avoid taking the other for granted. Be prepared to forgive.

discovery tarot course for beginners
Learn Tarot with me

21 – The World: Grounding and solid. You know where you stand with each other, accepting each other the way you are. A great foundation for a family. A feeling you have arrived and nothing can tear you apart, except when you start to feel stifled wondering, if there is more out there when contemplating the rest of your life. The antidote to this is celebrating and enjoying life together. Avoid routine turning into complacency.

Remember to take your personality cards into account when exploring your relationship card, which can give you a more insightful portrait of your relationship.

You can also use the relationship card to explore connections with challenging people in your life, e.g. parents, children or siblings to work out issues and possible solutions.

Have fun, and let me know how you get on. I’d love to hear from you.

Warmest wishes,


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Finding Direction in Your Life with the Tarot

hermt tarot
Smith Waite Tarot, Centennial edition

If you are feeling a little rudderless and wonder where to go from here or if you’re on the right track, then it can be helpful finding direction in your life with the Tarot.

Autumn is Hermit season (he’s linked to Virgo), and at this time of year questions about purpose, progress and direction often pop up in people’s minds.

First, contemplate the symbolism of the Hermit.

He’s reached the top of the mountain (the one that is in the background of the Fool), and with his lamp illuminating the way he is trying to find a path down the mountain on the other side.

The top of the mountain represents the current situation, a milestone, where he is right now in his life. What next?

In practical terms, this can relate to a job, relationship or lifestyle choice you are thinking about.

Try the following spread to explore your current path, a path that is open to you or the path you wish to take:

Path – Obstacle – Growth

Example – a relationship situation:

sharman caselli tarot deck
Sharman Caselli Tarot Deck

The Seven of Swords as the current Path suggests something being hidden, which needs to be revealed, or at one point the truth will come out. There’s a need to be open and honest, with yourself and the other person.

The Knight of Swords as the Obstacle suggests cruel words, accusations, quick judgement, but also brutal honesty, which can clear the air but can be hurtful.

Avoid nastiness and words you may regret later. Be kinder than you want to be.

The Three of Pentacles as Growth indicates the possibility of reconciliation and rebuilding of this relationship in a healthier and more sustainable way.

Lessons learned include a greater mutual understanding, building trust with honesty and supporting each other.

Support may also come from a third party, like a family member, friend or counsellor.

Here’s another spread to explore your current situation and new direction:

Where I am now – Where I want to be – Action to take

Here are some spreads that help you make choices:

Choice a – Choice B – What you need to know to decide

You may even have the choice between three options, so add Choice C if necessary.

Heart – Mind – Balance

Torn between head and heart? This can relate to a career change for example. How can you balance your conflicting thoughts and feelings?

What I want – What I need

morgan greer tarot
Morgan Greer Tarot

What you want is not always what you need right now.

The Sun suggests the desire for happiness, but the Three of Swords may indicate that you need to work through some unresolved grief first.

And if there is no grief in your life, why are you not happy? It’s your choice.

Here are some journaling prompts that can help you find purpose and direction:

journaling prompts
Generate journaling prompts with the Cosmic Journaling Oracle
  • What gives me joy?
  • Where do I need to be patient (or have been patient for too long)?
  • What do I need to release?
  • What do I want to walk away from?

Wait and See

Sometimes it is counter-productive to think too much or putting pressure on yourself.

It is actually okay to float for a while and let answers come to you while searching for some inspiration (another Hermit hobby ?)

Here are some cards that indicate the need to be still, to contemplate, to surrender to the present, to wait and see:

tarot contemplation cards
Tarot cards indicating contemplation, wait and see, a new direction ahead… Sharman-Caselli deck

The High Priestess: The mother of wait and see. Silence is golden. Be still and listen. Sit back and observe.

Two of Swords: Caught between a rock and a hard stone; trying to balance heart and mind. There is no harm taking your time. Procrastination can lead to a situation resolving itself or a decision is made for you.

Four of Swords: Take time out from over-thinking. Just rest. Before you can make any kind of decision or gain clarity about what to do next, you need to unplug from the overwhelm for a while.

The Hanged Man: my year card in 2012, and it took me a whole year to start moving again. At one point you just have to surrender, bend rather than break. It’s not always down to you, so go with the flow. In your own time.

Seven of Pentacles: a choice between something established and something new. The new is still a seed and needs more attention before you can see its true potential, so be patient and let it grow while you still nurture what you have. And that new seed may never grow into anything. Time will tell.

Seven of Cups: a castle in the sky, which needs a solid foundation. Daydreaming about beautiful possibilities is fun, sometimes it’s all you need. Sometimes you don’t need to turn a dream into reality, as long as it makes you feel happy and inspired.

Finding direction with the Tarot is a fun and insightful way to reorganise conflicting thoughts and gain some clarity before you take the next step on your journey.

Want to learn more? Need guidance and personal support? Then check out, how you can work with me.

Warmest wishes,