Cosmic Journaling Oracle Guidebook & Digital Edition Deck

cosmic journaling oracle guidebook and digital edition deck
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The Cosmic Journaling Oracle is a self-published deck, which consists of 64 cards and can be used to explore and divine your life.

The simple yet powerful keywords trigger a range of thoughts, ideas and emotions, and therefore make ideal journaling prompts.

Through their exploration you can define your own individual meaning for each card.

The keywords are timeless and universal – no woo jargon or new age fluff.

This will help you connect with the Cosmic Journaling Oracle deck intuitively, so it can become a trusted guide on your life journey for self-exploration, empowerment, advice, divination and practising everyday mindfulness.

This is the digital edition of the deck together with a guidebook, journaling sheets and bonus printables.

If you buy the printed version, you will get this package free of charge.

If you buy the digital edition first, you will get 30% discount on your purchase of the printed deck (more details on how to claim in the guidebook).

Why a digital deck?

The digital version of the Cosmic Journaling Oracle is very versatile. You can print it as often as you like for personal use, creating a reading deck on card stock as well as paper printouts to cut out and stick in your journal.

You can also try out this deck at an affordable price before you invest in a printed copy.

The digital version also offers the distinct advantage of adding new cards in the future, such as personalised cards on your request.

cosmic journaling oracle printables
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What is included in this package:

  • Cosmic Journaling Oracle cards – 64 images on 6 pages to be printed conveniently in one go
  • guidebook, which includes
    • Introduction
    • How to print your deck and equipment needed / recommended
    • Card meanings
    • How to read negative cards in positive positions and vice versa
    • How to start journaling with the deck
    • One- and two card journaling sheets
    • Exploring your life story with the cards
    • Suggestions on other uses for the images (e.g. bookmarks, magickal reminders etc.)
  • Bonus printables include
    • Greeting cards
    • Mini poster
    • Cover pages for your Journal in A4 and A5

cosmic journaling oracle presenceThe Cards

The digital edition of the Cosmic Journaling Oracle has a white background to save on black ink, which also offers you the choice of the colour paper / card you want to use.

Handy pocket size 62 x 48 mm, which is a great journal size and ideal to take it with you on your travels

The Cosmic Journaling Oracle Deck and Guidebook is a download consisting of two PDF files:

Cosmic Journaling Oracle Deck Cards and 36-page Guidebook

Price: £9.99

This is a digital product, which can be downloaded as a PDF document and printed. It is NOT a hard copy. Once you have paid, you will be automatically redirected to the page, where you can download the book and save it on your computer.

Please note that I cannot offer refunds on instant downloads. Once you have paid for this ebook, you will have immediate access to it, so your purchase is final. This way I can offer my ebooks at the lowest possible prices. Thank you for your understanding.

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2 thoughts on “Cosmic Journaling Oracle Guidebook & Digital Edition Deck”

  1. Hi Christiane, I just wanted to let you know I love your oracle card deck. The imagery is beautiful and the meanings are easy to connect with. It would be interesting to see cards like the Cosmic Cat and Happy Bunny in this deck for the same meanings you put them in your tarot deck for. I thought as well that cards for \’intuition\’ and \’the unknown\’ would be useful especially the unknown because sometimes there is not an immediate answer or outcome. I love your website and materials, the oracle download is not my only purchase, i am enjoying working with everything.

    1. Hi Tracy, thank you so much for your feedback! I’m thrilled to know that you enjoy working with my materials. With regards to cards relating to ‘Intuition’ and ‘The Unknown’, you may find that ‘Instinct’ and ‘Uncertainly’ could cover those aspects. And you can always combine the tarot and oracle deck, so the Cosmic Cat and Happy Bunny can pop up in your readings. I’ve recently updated an article about combining decks, which you may find useful:
      Many thanks again for leaving your feedback. Please do stay in touch. I always post new ideas about my decks in my Facebook group Cosmic Spirit Wellness. Would be great to see you there 😉 x

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