How To Calculate Your Personality and Soul Card

Personality and Soul Cards TarotThe best way to learn the Tarot is by applying the cards to your life experiences, so you can connect with them in an insightful but also practical way.

Discover new aspects of your personality, character, strengths and weaknesses.

Explore your true purpose in life with the help of the cards.

You can identify your personality cards and build your own Tarot personality profile with the help of numerology.

Here you learn how to work out your personality and soul card:

Your personality card indicates what you have to learn in this lifetime. Your soul card shows your soul purpose in all lifetimes.

Both cards are found in the Major Arcana. Work them out as follows:

Your date of birth – e.g. 17-08-1932

17 + 8 + 1932 = 1957

1 + 9 + 5 + 7 = 22

In this case 22 represents The Fool (0), so the Fool is your personality card.

If your personality card is one of the two-digit trumps (10 – 22), you can add both together to determine your Soul card, e.g. 2 + 2 = 4

So in this example, The Fool is the personality card, and the Emperor (4) is the soul card.

If your birth date adds up to single digit number (2 – 9), then your personality card is also your soul card.

hermit emperor fool cosmic faery tarot
The Cosmic Faery Tarot Deck


Now that you’ve worked out your personality and soul card, place them next to each other and examine them carefully one at the time.

By describing each card, try and determine what each card means to you and your life, and what you can learn from their messages.

Do these cards reflect your character? What lessons do they teach you?

Remember, your personality card reflects your life lessons, and your soul card your soul purpose (inner wisdom, inner teacher, spiritual path).

My personality card is the Hermit. Check out the life lessons I have gained so far.

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8 thoughts on “How To Calculate Your Personality and Soul Card”

    1. Arwen, you are special 😉 The Wheel is your Teacher card. Here’s what Mary Greer says about this constellation: “In this pattern, you consciously trust that life brings you the experiences you need to achieve your purpose. At worst, you tend to drift through life, never challenged to use your abundant talents.”

  1. i have a tarot card set for fun but i wish i knew more about it beyond what the card interpreation book says 🙂

    1. Hi Purple Panda, it’s a great start just to get to know the cards and how they relate to you in real life. The more you engage with the cards, the more they will reveal to you over time. But a book is also a great start; you need to start somewhere 😉

  2. Quick question, my date of birth adds up to 23 (7-08-1970) so does that mean I add up the 2 and the 3 to find my personality card? (The Heirophant, which at first glance seems most appropriate :-))

  3. This is wonderful, can’t wait to do this…thank you so much for sharing!

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