Cosmic Journaling Through The Year

cosmic journaling through the year ebookCreate your own visual tarot art journal with this ebook full of colourful templates and journaling sheets.

*** Also contains a set of 32 printable healing cards – scroll down for more info ***

Cosmic Journaling Through The Year inspires you with images, prompts, colours and shapes to express your true self on your tarot journey.

No more plain white paper to bore or overwhelm you, especially if you want your journaling pages to be visually more exciting and magickal.

The printables in this ebook allow you to fully customise your tarot journal.

You can print journaling sheets as often as you like, in colour or monochrome, and on any type or colour of paper. You can use different colour pens, stickers, glitter glue etc. to make your journaling pages truly unique.

Cosmic Journaling Through The Year is a great starter kit to create your special cosmic journal.

It also serves as an extension to Cosmic Faery’s Journal Workbook.

Either way, both ebooks complement each other, but also work well on their own as journaling tools, offering an abundance of prompts and ideas that will keep you busy and enrich your tarot and spiritual journaling.

cosmic journaling sheets selection
A little selection of what’s on offer including one of the 3-card spread templates at the bottom.


Cosmic Journal front cover – twelve Journal covers / dividers for each month in the year to organise your readings and diary pages – monthly diary summary – to-do list – mindful moment (for your daily reflection, see below, where you can download it for free) – little pleasures – bright ideas – cards & quotes – book list – words of wisdom – learning the tarot journaling sheets – three-card spread template x 2 – five-card spread template – empowering question cards – bonus journal cover / divider – page titles suggestions (labels) – set of 32 healing cards – Circles journaling / colouring sheet – and more…

Each journaling sheet comes with an explanation and suggestions on how to use it.

Mindful Moment:

mindful moment creative journaling sheet download
Mindful Moment creative journaling

Download this free journaling sheet (PDF) for your daily / weekly / monthly tarot/oracle reading. Use as many Mindful Moment sheets as you need.

There is space to record two cards. Perhaps like me, you tend to draw a tarot and oracle card for your little mindful moment.

You can make a note of your explorations (including key message, affirmation, inspirational quote, power word and anything else you would like to add) for each card.

The PDF includes two copies of Mindful Moment, so it’s easy to print it double-sided. Please do let me know in the comment box below, how you find using it.

cosmic faery's healing cards
32 easily printable healing cards and additional blank cards to add your own healing messages

Set of 32 Printable Healing Cards

Everyone at one point in their lives has to face major life challenges such as loss, bereavement, trauma, mental health issues or abuse.

The healing cards I have created are meant to assist you on that difficult path towards acceptance and healing. Each card contains a journaling prompt, which acts as an affirmation, an encouragement or reassurance.

You can use the cards for journaling, but they are mainly designed to encourage you to take action.

When I came up with each prompt, I imagined the person using the cards to be in a really dark place, so I avoided shallow new-age la-la messages like ‘cheer up’, ‘put a smile on your face today’ or ‘the angels are with you’.

cosmic faery's healing cards meanings
There is also a guide on meanings and explorations of the healing cards included in the ebook

The messages are far more down-to-earth and reflect the various stages of grief and change you have to confront and deal with.

It can take a long time to heal, and the struggle to keep going can be overwhelming at times. Using the healing cards regularly by pulling one card each day can help you create a positive mindshift over time.

Please note my disclaimer: although these cards can be used as a healing tool, I don’t offer any guarantee that they will work, as it all depends on your inner work and additional tools you are using, such as counselling, in order to recover and thrive.

52 pages, PDF document, Price:  £5.99

This is a digital product, which can be downloaded as a PDF document and printed. It is NOT a hard copy. Once you have paid, you will be automatically redirected to the page, where you can download the book and save it on your computer.

Please note that I cannot offer refunds on instant downloads. Once you have paid for the Tarot Moon Journal, you will have immediate access to it, so your purchase is final. This way I can offer my ebooks at the lowest possible prices. Thank you for your understanding.

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cosmic journaling circles
Circles journaling sheet from this workbook – before and after. Learn more and download free mini poster here: Creative Tarot Journaling Made Easy




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