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summer solstice tarot spread journaling sheet
Summer Solstice spread and journaling sheet available in my Facebook Community

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Here’s a summary. Click on the links to download free journaling sheets, spreads, a desktop wallpaper, printable oracle cards and more:

Planetary Spread

One-card readings journaling sheets

Zodiac cards journaling sheets ***

Winter Solstice – Gifts of the Season – Spread

Download a magical desktop wallpaper for your PC / laptop device

Life is a Bed of Roses Spread and Journaling Sheet

Tarot Astrology Online Course Trial Exercise

30 Days of Tarot Healing / Gratitude Journaling Sheet

Lunar Eclipse Tarot Spread and Journaling Sheet

Manifesting Change Empowerment Cards ***

discovery tarot course self-study edition
Curious about learning Tarot? Finding it hard memorising card meanings? Download free course excerpt…

What to include in a one-card reading and FREE Journaling Sheets

Evening Reflection one-card journaling sheet with prompts

Creative Journaling in Autumn (journal cover / divider)

Creative Journaling in Winter (journal cover / divider)

Mindful Moment Journaling Sheet

Mindfulness Meditation recording

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