Creative Journaling in Winter

creative journaling in winter
From Project Calm Magazine

Over the last couple of weeks, I have reduced my time on the computer as much as possible.

Of course I’m still available for readings and continue to respond to my students and messages I receive on social media.

But I also had the urge to get immersed into something tangible again, such as art and creative journaling, painting, paper crafting, mandala crocheting, baking cakes, reading inspirational magazines….

three sides to the storyThere was method behind this computer fatigue madness though; along the way I learned tons of new stuff and generated new ideas for future tarot and journaling projects.

Sometimes it’s vital to take some time out to explore new ideas, evolve and to keep the spark alive (or re-ignite it if necessary).

Perhaps you also feel like taking some time out, and if you are not kept too busy with family commitments over the Christmas / Yule holidays, then you might want to treat yourself to some creative journaling me-time.

snowland deck two of cups
“Reaching out to you.” #tarotguidancein4words – Two of Cups from the Snowland Deck

First, you could invest in a new Tarot deck to invigorate your intuition and refresh your perspective on the cards. A new and perhaps more unusual (non-traditional) deck may help you avoid stagnant “same old” readings.

Next, you could enrol on a FREE art and healing online course at Willowing Arts. I have recently discovered this network and look forward to diving in. There are two one hour tutorials to download, PDFs and a community to join. Perhaps I’ll meet you there 😉

More specifically on tarot journaling, you can try out my Winter Solstice Reflection, which can be found in my downloadable workbooks Cosmic Faery’s Journal and Tarot for All Seasons.

winter solstice reflection tarot spreadAs you can see from the image, there is a more arty journaling sheet for this reading in the workbooks, but you can also download the FREE version here:

Winter Solstice Reflection (PDF)

And for more journaling, you can grab your copy of the Tarot Moon Journal workbook and planner. Manifest your goals with the help of tarot, the moon and the zodiac.

Last but not least, in the spirit of the season, here is another gift for you, which may come in handy to organise your tarot journal or Book of Shadows – a winter themed journal divider / front cover:

Winter Journal Cover / Divider (PDF)

You can download the Autumn cover here.

Wishing you a Blessed Winter Solstice and relaxing holiday season.


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