Trick Or Treat Tarot Spread

trick or treat tarot spreadIt’s that spooky time of the year again to have some fun with your tarot deck, so here’s my Trick or Treat Tarot Spread 🎃

Some prompts for each position:


Deception – it’s not what it seems – something hidden – a tiny detail you have overlooked – too good to be true – self-sabotage – shadow – limiting belief – beware of this – obstacle – something sinister – the small print


Indulgence – self-care – achievement – gift – clarity – talent – illumination – what is supporting you – opportunity – abundance – celebrate – appreciate – enjoy – breakthrough – lucky break – blessing

Draw a card for each position placing cards face down. Choose one of them – trick or treat?

It can always be tempting to choose TREAT, but sometimes you may want to face some tricky demons to resolve an issue, and the TREAT may not be favourable in the long-term or such a great idea.

Nothing is ever black or white / good or bad. It’s your choice😀

You can also choose both positions as a two-card snapshot spread.

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