Tarot Moon Journal ETERNAL Edition

tarot moon journalThe Tarot Moon Journal encourages you to tune into the moon when working with the Tarot.

The printable Tarot Moon Journal is a magical workbook and planner that helps you manifest your goals and accelerate personal growth by tapping into the power of the lunar cycles.

The Tarot Moon Journal is suitable for tarot enthusiasts of all levels – beginners to advanced.

It is an ideal introduction to combining tarot with astrology.

You will learn about the zodiac cards and tune into their energies when the moon transits the individual zodiac signs through the year.

By combining tarot with astrology and the moon you will enhance your connection with your inner wisdom and take your readings to a deeper level.

You will be guided towards inspired action aligned with your intentions, plans and purpose.

During the course of a year, keep track of your goals, dreams and aspirations with monthly new moon and full moon readings, dark moon reflections and eclipse readings.

Monthly planner pages help you record your intentions and progress, and there is space for each day to record your daily draws.

The Tarot Moon Journal is a great tool for self-exploration and turning your dreams into reality – let the Tarot, the zodiac and the moon be your guides!

NEW! Tarot Moon Journal ETERNAL Edition

The latest edition of the Tarot Moon Journal can be re-printed every year, and you can start the journal at any time of the year. Simply rearrange the pages, starting from the month you begin journaling.

Here’s what’s included:

Learn more about tarot, astrology, and the moon on the following pages:

• The Power of the Moon
• Tarot and the Moon Phases
• Dark Moon Magick (with Dark Moon Reflection journal page / tarot spread)
• Lunar Eclipse 3-card spread
• Moon Symbolism in the Tarot
• How to include the Zodiac pip cards in your moon readings (with 20% discount voucher for my Tarot Astrology course!)

Plan and set your goals and intentions for the new year with:

• Looking Back and Embracing the Present
• Your Path Ahead
• New Year Planning
• Your Year Card
• Monthly Wellness Challenges
• The Fool’s Journey  22-Day Tarot Challenge
• How to set up the journal

Calendar Year Planner (January – December) includes:

• Start-of-the-month journal page
• Monthly planner pages
• End-of-the-month review journal page
• Monthly new moon and full moon readings


365 Days Later Tarot Reflection


• Tarot Card Meanings
• Zodiac Cards Personality Traits

While the Tarot Moon Journal is full of mindful reflection activities, you can also enhance your experience by joining my Patreon for additional bonus printables including monthly in-depth tarot moon guidance, tarot spreads, journal prompts and new journal covers.

Take a peek inside:

Two PDF files in a zip folder – Tarot Moon Journal and Tarot Moon Readings, 111 pages, colour and black/white illustrations throughout

Price: £11.11

This is a digital product, which can be downloaded as a PDF document and printed. It is NOT a hard copy. Once you have paid, you will be automatically redirected to the page, where you can download the book and save it on your computer.

Please note that I cannot offer refunds on instant downloads. Once you have paid for the Tarot Moon Journal, you will have immediate access to it, so your purchase is final. This way I can offer my ebooks at the lowest possible prices. Thank you for your understanding.

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Praise for the Tarot Moon Journal:

1. Janet Boyer’s endorsement on her blog

2. TABI’s review with some great pics of how to use the journal digitally

3. Review by Judy at Cartomancy Corner.

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14 thoughts on “Tarot Moon Journal ETERNAL Edition”

  1. Downloaded it and had a look through. This is such a wonderful journal to work with for someone who wants to stay attuned to the cycles of Nature and who loves to work with the Tarot for both intuitive guidance and manifestation. Well done, Christiane!

  2. Hi 🙂

    I purchased this a few days ago & started working with it yesterday. It made me swallow a few times when I realised what happened with some of my goals in 2013 & that I needed to pay more attention to other life areas.
    Think your Moon Journal is really great to put everything back into perspective & gain focus + balance from an inward viewpoint.
    I also realised that I want to celebrate the 8 pagan year celebrations again, because that helps me stay in touch with what is actually going on. So thanks for that insight too 🙂
    All very lovely! I am looking forward working with it througout 2014.

    1. Thank you so much for your feedback, Laura! It’s good to know that you find the goal-setting section in the workbook useful, too. Hope the journal will give you lots of magickal insights during 2014 🙂

  3. I love this workbook …
    with each moon, I open a tapestry of reality.
    When a lunar period has passed, I realize how each card perfectly follows the previous one and connects with the next, and all the cards round out the three-card outputs to the Moon.

    Wonderful, a real journey in the Tarot of my life.

    1. Dear Colubrina, I’m delighted you enjoy working with the Tarot Moon Journal. Thank you so much for posting your feedback.

  4. Dear Christiane,
    When I purchased and downloaded the journal, all of the pages beyond January 31st were blank. Could you email me another copy of the download link or the PDF so that I don’t have to repurchase it? Thank you so much for such a lovely product, I’m excited to begin working with it, even this late in the year.
    PS: I really appreciated the free Tarot zip folder that you provide, thank you! There is so much great content in there!

    1. Hi Tess, thank you for your comment. you should have received an email from me by now with the pdf file, and hopefully you can see all the pages. Thank you also for your feedback on the freebies folder. Anything else I can help you with, just get in touch 🙂

  5. Just bought the 2015 journal. I haven’t come across it before but I think it’s going to be a really useful aid in furthering my Tarot studies. I tend to lack self-discipline so the diary-style format will be good for helping me stick to the plan. The layout is great and the illustrations are lovely. Thanks for posting the link on FB otherwise I’d have missed it!

    1. Hi Denise, thank you for your feedback! I’m really glad you like the journal and hope it will prompt you to persevere with your Tarot studies during 2015 🙂

  6. I discovered your Journal at the beginning of 2016. After two years as a Tarot reader I was just being curious about Tarot journaling and looking for a good \’first step\’ to go for it. It was perfect! Thank you so much for your guidance. Today I bought the 2017 Edition and I hope to keep on learning and finding new ways for my Tarot readings. Blessings! San
    (Oh… and I\’d love to translate it to Spanish, my native language)

  7. Very useful journal. Thank you so much for doing one each year. Great way to do readings for one\’s own life and as a way to develop as a reader for others. Thanks again. xx

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