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The Cosmic Journaling Oracle is a self-published deck, which consists of 64 cards and can be used to explore and divine your life.

The simple yet powerful keywords trigger a range of thoughts, ideas and emotions, and therefore make ideal journaling prompts.

Through their exploration you can define your own individual meaning for each card.

The keywords are timeless and universal – no woo jargon or new age fluff.

This will help you connect with the Cosmic Journaling Oracle deck intuitively, so it can become a trusted guide on your life journey for self-exploration, empowerment, inspiration, divination and practising everyday mindfulness.

The size of the cards is approx. 45 x 65 mm, a handy pocket size to keep with your journal and take with you anywhere.

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The keywords on the cards are pretty much self-explanatory, but with the digital edition there will be a PDF document available with keywords and some suggestions and ideas on how to use this deck.

Order the printed version of the Cosmic Journaling Oracle, and you will receive the FREE digital edition of the deck together with guidebook containing card meanings, journaling sheets, life story spread, bonus printables and more (PDF document)

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Overall, the Cosmic Journaling Oracle deck is easy to use without complicated instructions. This deck is designed for you to create your own card meanings and ways in which you want to use it, be it for journaling or divination.

How to Buy the Cosmic Journaling Oracle

Price: USD $35

Price includes free shipping and tracking worldwide

Please note that price is in US Dollars.

Terms & Conditions:

The deck will be printed on demand and once it has entered the production process, I can no longer stop the order from being sent. This means at this stage you can no longer cancel the order.




Delivery time to Europe and USA is approximately 18 days, to Australia and New Zealand approx. 28 days

You will receive the digital version of this deck together with the PDF guidance notes in a separate email within five days of purchase.

Buy the Digital Edition

This deck is also available as a digital download PDF document. This way you can print the deck on your choice of paper/card and bond with it through this creative process. It will be your personal, handmade, unique Cosmic Journaling Oracle deck.

Everyone, who purchases the digital copy first, will receive a 20% discount towards the printed deck

I’d love to hear from you! Please don’t hesitate to leave questions, comments and feedback  about the Cosmic Journaling Oracle in the box below. I will respond as soon as I can.

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