Exploring Your Tarot Year Card In 10 Steps

exploring your tarot year cardExploring your tarot year card is a great way to set goals and intentions for the year ahead.

Tapping into the energies of your tarot year card can help focus on areas in your life that need attention.

These energies may also indicate issues and situations that you may have to face and suggest lessons to be learned in the months ahead.

The global year card in 2022 is The Lovers, and your personal tarot year card is based on your date of birth. Learn how to calculate it here.

It is best to explore your year card throughout the year. Set aside a journaling session once a month to take stock and dive a little deeper.

Be creative with your tarot year card.

It is your personal growth symbol for 12 months, so enjoy the process of getting to know and embracing it, even if it’s a card you don’t like (mine is Death this year) – this could be a confrontation with some shadow aspects you have been putting off or ignored.

And sometimes, life can be brutal, and we have to get through dark times, too. With the help of your tarot year card, you can emerge on the other side with wisdom and renewed strength.

So here is how you can enjoy exploring your tarot year card in 10 steps:

1. First impressions: keywords and phrases that come into your mind when you see the image. Also, any feelings that come up.

2. What to do / action to take: something practical and doable; active steps that can help following your aspirations, goals and plans for the year.

3. What to avoid: personal traits / habits / beliefs that could hinder a desired development or outcome. Perhaps giving up a bad habit relating to this card.

4. What to look out for: something that is hidden; opportunities, obstacles, internal blocks

5. What needs attention: this could relate to a skill you need to develop, people around you, work, relationships, lifestyle… a specific area in your life.

6. Power word / Motto: a catch phrase, mantra or just one single word that will guide you along the right track a towards achieving your desired outcome.

7. Affirmation: a positive statement to help you shift your mindset.

8. Find quotes that relate to your year card that inspire you

9. Create a playlist of songs that reflect the positive essence of your year card

10. Write a poem / haiku based on your year card

You can download the image of these 10 steps on my Patreon and print it for your journal.




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