Cosmic Faery’s Journal Workbook

cosmic faery's journal tarot and spirituality workbook** FREE printable mini deck edition of the Cosmic Faery Tarot deck included  **

Do you love Tarot journaling?

Do you record your readings in a journal?

Do you sometimes find the blank pages in your journal a bit daunting, the gaping blank space laughing at you, blocking your creativity?

Would you like those pages to look more inviting, exciting and inspiring?

Not everyone is a gifted visionary artist, who can turn blank paper into wonderful journaling pages.

Some people need a little nudge to get their creative juices flowing. Perhaps you are one of them, which means we both have something in common.

cosmic faery tarot printable mini edition
Cosmic Faery Tarot printable mini deck included

For my new ebook Cosmic Faery’s Journal – Tarot and Spirituality Workbook I have created oodles of journaling sheets in a completely novel way. 

Rather than presenting you with straight lines and a couple of images, you will find graphic spaces to record your readings, thoughts, affirmations, poems etc. in an entirely non-conformist way.

Shake up your inner Hierophant and think outside the box! Heck, throw that box away!

Cosmic Faery’s Journal workbook contains over a hundred pages of revised and updated content from my journal blog together with brand new journaling sheets, which will help you apply the theory in a practical and empowering way.

Along the way, you will hopefully have fun filling in your journaling sheets and put your thoughts to paper more creatively and mindfully.

journaling sheetsTopics include

  • love and relationships
  • change and personal growth
  • conscious living

Tips on living a more spiritual life – Moments of Joy – Reclaiming your personal power – Create Vision – Awakening your psychic muse – Developing your intuition – Learning your life lessons – Spring Equinox Spread – raising your self-esteem – working with your personality card – exploring your persona card – Summer Solstice Spread – Abundance – raising your vibrations – turning a crisis into a transformational journey – your tarot love match – power of transformation – Lammas / Autumn Equinox Spread – Relationship drama spreads – Tarot poetry – anger management – gratitude – Samhain Spreads – Your Word of the Year – Your Six Human Needs – Winter Solstice Spread – Bonus: printable mini edition of the Cosmic Faery Tarot

diary journaling sheetThere are plenty of spreads, journaling prompts and ideas to guide and inspire you on your spiritual life journey.

If you want to see an example of what to expect, check out Life is a Bed of Roses, a newly created 2-card snapshot spread with a downloadable worksheet. See how I filled in my sheet here.

And check out the word of the year journaling sheet included in this workbook.

If you are still not sure, my Tarot for All Seasons workbook is a sample edition containing seasonal spreads with matching worksheets. You will receive a 40% discount code with your purchase to redeem towards this workbook. Find out more…

109 pages, lavishly illustrated throughout, PDF document, Price: £9.99

This is a digital product, which can be downloaded as a PDF document and printed. It is NOT a hard copy. Once you have paid, you will be automatically redirected to the page, where you can download the book and save it on your computer.

I cannot offer refunds on instant downloads. Once you have paid for this ebook, you will have immediate access to it, so your purchase is final. This way I can offer my ebooks at the lowest possible prices. Thank you for your understanding.

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