Zodiac Tarot Cards Journaling Sheets

zodiac tarot cardsThe 12 signs of the zodiac are linked to 12 Major Arcana cards in the Tarot.

We all know our sun signs, but an astrological chart based on your date, place and time of birth also reveals your moon sign and ascendant (rising sign).

Once you have determined your zodiac signs’ corresponding Tarot cards, you can explore the dynamics of the different aspects of your personality by using the visual cues of your cards rather than just astrological glyphs.

If you are new to Tarot astrology, then my Zodiac Tarot cards journaling sheets will help you make a start with your self-exploration and learn to include astrology in your Tarot work.

Even if you only know your sun sign at this stage, the handout will still prove useful to determine personality traits and work out your zodiac lessons.

Simply click on the following link to save and print:

Zodiac Tarot Cards Journaling Sheets

(PDF document)

Originally published on my Journal Blog last year, the zodiac card information is now collated in this handy document. It also contains images of 12 cards of my Tarot of Quotes (if you do print it, make sure it’s in colour Smile) and extra space on each page, so you can add your own notes.

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Or if you would like to delve deeper into Tarot astrology, then please check out my Tarot Astrology Online Course.

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