The Lion’s Gate Opening Tarot Spread

lion's gate opening tarot spreadThe opening of the Lion’s Gate Portal is one of the most magical celestial events that occurs every year reaching its peak on the 8th of August during Leo season.

It coincides with the rise of the morning star Sirius, which will be visible in the Eastern sky above the horizon just before dawn between the 26th July and 12th August.

Sirius is situated below Orion’s belt in the Canis Major (Greater Dog) constellation.

In ancient Egypt it marked the annual flooding of the Nile, which nourished the dry soil for growing crops.

There is a theory that the pyramids of Giza including the Sphinx (lion’s body!) were built in such a way that they aligned with Sirius and two stars situated in Orion’s belt forming a triangle.

This triangle – the Gate Portal – is now temporarily visible in our night sky before sunrise, and Earth’s alignment with Sirius marks a time of empowerment, accelerated evolution, spiritual activation and ascention.

That all sounds pretty epic, but just like eclipses, solstices and equinoxes, we can observe and harness these powerful portal energies to raise our vibrations.

After the recent Aquarius full moon has guided us to this point, we are now standing in front of the Lion’s Gate Portal about to step through.

Stepping through and stepping up.

This is a joyous and exciting moment. Tune into this magical cosmic energy to spiritually cleanse and renew.

Focus on your Solar Plexus Chakra, which is associated with Leo – confidence, abundance, healthy boundaries, willpower, creativity and leadership, making decisions, setting directions, personal identity, authenticity, courage and resilience.

Remember, we are experiencing a global shift at the point of no return, but stepping through the Lion’s Gate Portal into unknown territory also opens up to new potential and possibilities.

Activate your inner power with this tarot spread to guide you through the Portal:

1. What do I need to leave behind?
2. What do I need to take with me?
3. What will I find?
4. What energy will I activate?
5. What will become clear to me?
6. How will this change me?
7. How will this benefit me?
8. Enlightened message from Sirius:

What insights are you receiving from the cards? How are they challenging you? What do they trigger? What shift can you sense?

Enjoy exploring this spread, and please do share with me, which cards you have drawn. I’d love to hear from you.


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Author: Christiane

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8 thoughts on “The Lion’s Gate Opening Tarot Spread”

  1. I just tried this lovely spread, my cards were:
    1. Chariot 2. Justice 3. 6 of Pentacles 4. 7 of swords rx 5. King of Staffs 6. Queen of Pentacles 7. 4 of Pentacles 8. Sun

  2. Here are my cards. I am currently journaling through them but would love your thoughts:
    1. Knight of Cups (rev)
    2. 8 of Cups
    3. 9 of Wands
    4. Queen of Pentacles
    5. 9 of Cups
    6. The Magician (rev)
    7. 4 of Wands
    8. Queen of Cups (rev)

    no king energy here today 🦁 harnessing all of my power from within. Thank you for the spread.

    1. Love your growth from Knight to Queens, Courtney! More emotionally balanced, sovereign and in control, exercising soft power that will help you manifest your desires.The Magician is a fabulous card to get in that position – you realise your potential, know your worth and make choices based on your inner power and independence rather than external needs or expectations from others. Hope that resonates with you 😉

  3. Hi Christiane!

    Thanks for sharing this spread and info on the lions-gate with us! 🙂

    This was my pull..

    1. What do I need to leave behind? The Sun
    2. What do I need to take with me? Death
    3. What will I find? The Star
    4. What energy will I activate? Page of Swords
    5. What will become clear to me? 9 of Cups
    6. How will this change me? 7 of Swords
    7. How will this benefit me? King of Pentacles
    8. Enlightened message from Sirius: The Hanged Man

    What do you make of it? I feel a lot of transformation on the way.


    1. Wow, Victoria, the first thing that came to mind was “Turn your back to the sun, and you will see your shadow”. Death indeed suggests transformation by acknowledging certain shadow aspects of yourself. The Star is a wonderful card of renewal as a result. There seems to be a lot about confronting the truth on a logical and emotionally detached level. No more hiding or ignoring. Revealing your light, talents and worth, not underestimating them. The reward will be abundance and being in control of your life. The Hanged Man is about surrender rather than resistance to growth. Hope that makes sense to you 😉

  4. Thank you for this spread. I have quite a mixed bag.
    1. King of swords. 2. 9 cups 3. The Hierophant 4. The Devil
    5. 7 Pentacles 6. 4 Wands 7. 8 Swords and finally 8. Justice.
    I will journal through each card but it seems to me I have a lot of learning still to do (that\’s ok). Realizations, some hard work but in the it will be fair.
    I\’d love your take on it? Thank you

    1. A mixed bag indeed, Debbie, but that makes it more intriguing and thought-provoking 🙂 Leaving behind Swords (logic, reason, seriousness) and take Cups with you (feelings of joy and bliss, playfulness), and then you’ll find the Hierophant and activate the energy of the Devil – this combination seems to suggest a danger of gullibility. Be careful, who you trust. Be more discerning and take your time to decide what is best for you (7 Pentacles). You may realise that the Hierophant is restricting you, which is reflected in the 8/Swords (and also the Devil). You can then free yourself from those limitations and move forward independently and in your own power. A lot of growth, and Justice is a message of harmony and alignment to your higher purpose. Hope my brief take on your cards has given you more food for thought 🙂

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