Work With Me

cosmic spirit tarot work with me
Hi, I’m Christiane. Welcome to my cosmic bubble.

Curious about learning the Tarot and discover how it can transform your life?

Would you like to connect with your spiritual side and live more Magic?


I’d love to work with you 🙂

I can teach you everything you need to know to become a confident tarot reader and embrace the wisdom of the cards to enhance your life.

But you may have some reservations…

  • Perhaps you wonder, if you need special abilities or ‘psychic skills’
  • Or you think that learning Tarot is difficult
  • Maybe you have already started learning Tarot on your own but found it too time-consuming to memorise all the card meanings

Well, good news!

You don’t need to be ‘psychic’ or possess a ‘special gift’ to be able to read the cards. All you need is the enthusiasm and perseverance to keep practising.

As an experienced mentor and teacher, I use effective methods to help you learn Tarot quickly – and you won’t be asked to memorise any card meanings!

Instead, I will teach you to read the cards intuitively, completely cutting out the tedious task of memorising anything!

In my intensive training programs, courses and Skype sessions you will learn

  • how to read and connect with the cards using your own perception, intuition and life experiences
  • how to get to know yourself – building and developing your own Tarot profile
  • how you can help yourself and others with accurate and empowering readings
  • and more!

Learning Tarot with me will offer you

  • 1:1 mentoring and constructive feedback
  • continued progress and achievement
  • an enjoyable and rewarding learning experience
  • making new friends with the same interest and passion for Tarot and related esoteric disciplines

You can learn Tarot with me in different ways that suit your needs:

  1. Cosmic Spirit Tarot Course – 6 Week Program
  2. Transformation Tarot Course – 12 Week Program
  3. Self-study tarot courses (with optional online support)
  4. Skype sessions focus on specific areas you need more training

All learning options include support in my FB community.

My website is filled with lots of resources, so why not start on the freebies page to download some goodies.