When Death Is Your Year Card

When Death is your year card, be prepared for some massive transformation.

I’ve written about Death in the Tarot many times before, and I have always tried to balance the love n light positive with the inherent uncomfortable aspect of this card.

Now I’m in a position, where I am actually living through a year, in which Death is my annual growth symbol.

The year isn’t over yet, so anything can still happen, and I am prepared for whatever crazy and mind-boggling stuff is hurling my way.

But so far, 2022 has already been quite a rollercoaster ride of flux and change.

The pandemic has a lot to answer for. It was the harbinger of my year of Death transformation.

And with the war in Ukraine, I realised that the world as we knew it pre-pandemic, has changed forever.

With the old and established order slowly but surely desintigrating, millions of people are affected by a new sense of insecurity.

There is a lot of evaluation going on in terms of living your best life and making the most of life and the time you have left.

Hence the Great Resignation and massive shift in the way people demand new ways of working, including remote working and the introduction of the 4-day week.

So while the old order is dying, something new is emerging.

On a personal level, I came to a point in February, when I realised that I had been running my tarot biz for more than a decade.

I had noticed for a while that I needed to take a break from it, simply to recharge my batteries, so I could gather new ideas and inspiration.

I decided to put my Patreon on hold, so I no longer needed to post new content every month.

While I never had a break from creating lots of content, the last three months of my Patreon journey started to put pressure on my creative flow.

So I put Patreon on hold.

One of the reasons why I haven’t resumed is that I had the urge to return to the commercial world after twenty years of absence.

I am currently working from home for a large retailer serving customers in Europe. God bless the internet, online shopping and the digital nomad revolution.

My current role however is a contract limited until the end of January 2023, but in the meantime, I am already working on transforming my online presence on this website and elsewhere.

You see, while Tarot has been a massive passion of mine for so many years, it has also nudged me into exploring new possibilities.

In recent months, I have virtually abandoned all social media and only post occasionally on Instagram.

I let go of all the toxic social media and the damage it has caused and will cause in time to come.

I’m at a stage in my life, where I no longer need to earn a living from Tarot. I want to continue creating content at my leasure for fun.

That’s why I have also put on hold all personal courses and mentoring, but my self-study courses and ebooks are still available.

If you need help with any of these, please don’t hesitate to leave a question in the comment box on the product page or send me a message.

But wait, there is more… 🙂

A couple of weeks ago, there was a serious health scare in the family.

When a loved one is taken to hospital with a potential life-threatening illness, it’s hard to keep focused and cool.

Thankfully, the suspected heart attack has turned out to be “just” an inflammation of the heart, which was caused by Covid, and with the current medication has the chance to be healed.

It’s still serious, and it has again made me think about life, what is important to me and what I want to do.

As you can see, I am in transition on a road to somewhere.

The metamorphosis is in progress. It feels uncomfortable, but at the same time there are rays of light and illumination.

When Death is your year card, be prepared for anything.

But watch this space. Endings bring new beginnings.

“You have to die a few times before you can really live.” – Charles Bukowski

Warmest wishes,


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Exploring Your Tarot Year Card In 10 Steps

exploring your tarot year cardExploring your tarot year card is a great way to set goals and intentions for the year ahead.

Tapping into the energies of your tarot year card can help focus on areas in your life that need attention.

These energies may also indicate issues and situations that you may have to face and suggest lessons to be learned in the months ahead.

The global year card in 2022 is The Lovers, and your personal tarot year card is based on your date of birth. Learn how to calculate it here.

It is best to explore your year card throughout the year. Set aside a journaling session once a month to take stock and dive a little deeper.

Be creative with your tarot year card.

It is your personal growth symbol for 12 months, so enjoy the process of getting to know and embracing it, even if it’s a card you don’t like (mine is Death this year) – this could be a confrontation with some shadow aspects you have been putting off or ignored.

And sometimes, life can be brutal, and we have to get through dark times, too. With the help of your tarot year card, you can emerge on the other side with wisdom and renewed strength.

So here is how you can enjoy exploring your tarot year card in 10 steps:

1. First impressions: keywords and phrases that come into your mind when you see the image. Also, any feelings that come up.

2. What to do / action to take: something practical and doable; active steps that can help following your aspirations, goals and plans for the year.

3. What to avoid: personal traits / habits / beliefs that could hinder a desired development or outcome. Perhaps giving up a bad habit relating to this card.

4. What to look out for: something that is hidden; opportunities, obstacles, internal blocks

5. What needs attention: this could relate to a skill you need to develop, people around you, work, relationships, lifestyle… a specific area in your life.

6. Power word / Motto: a catch phrase, mantra or just one single word that will guide you along the right track a towards achieving your desired outcome.

7. Affirmation: a positive statement to help you shift your mindset.

8. Find quotes that relate to your year card that inspire you

9. Create a playlist of songs that reflect the positive essence of your year card

10. Write a poem / haiku based on your year card

You can download the image of these 10 steps on my Patreon and print it for your journal.




The Year of The Hierophant

year of the hierophant
Images: RWS Universal Waite, Muse Tarot, Cosmic Faery Tarot

After a tumultuous Emperor year, we have now arrived in the year of the Hierophant, and we are all looking forward to better days ahead.

But our problems haven’t disappeared overnight, and we still have to muster up more patience and resilience to weather the remaining storm.

During the Emperor year, the world has witnessed leadership (and lack of) at its worst, and the newly elected leaders in the US will have to rebuild what has been destroyed, especially since the pandemic took hold back in March 2020.

The Hierophant, linked to Taurus in the Tarot, is about established structures, organisations, education and tradition, much of which has been damaged in recent months.

We have also realised that many structures, systems and ways we do things are outdated, archaic, and no longer working.

During the year of the Hierophant it is our task to rebuild, restructure, re-organise and change what is rigid and restrictive.

Old alliances are dismantled, new ones established.

While home-working was one seen as the lazy option, it is now an essential part of working life.

Money and investment will be paramount to revitalise the economy.

On a personal level, savings plans and debt reduction should be on everyone’s priority list this year.

We are beginning to realise

  • how dependent many of us are on employment, and how disastrous it can be when suddenly everything shuts down.
  • to look for more sustainable alternatives, which also includes a different economic model to capitalism.
  •  to question everything that has been solid, steadfast, safe and secure including our democracy – how safe is it from being taken hostage and dismantled by a rogue corrupt psychopath?

Uncertainty has taught us that it’s okay to discard or change what we have been used to for so long, and life didn’t seem possible without it.

But it is possible. After the devastating destruction 2020 has brought, we begin to understand what isn’t important and what is essential:

  • a university degree vs. entrepreneurship and life skills
  • a highly paid job vs. jobsatisfaction at lower income
  • material success vs. mental and spiritual wellbeing
  • flying on holiday vs. holidaying in a camper van independly from hotels and public transport
  • lots of overtime vs. more time with family and friends
  • keyboard activism vs. meaningful local community work
  • Starbucks coffee vs. home-brewed coffee
  • etc.

Uncertainty is part of everyday life, and that’s why it is also important to create stability represented by the Hierophant to alleviate fear of the unknown.

The year of the Hierophant offers us immense opportunities to begin again in all areas of life.

Emphasis is on the collective and community building. Learning and teaching beyond schools and universities. Flexible working. Mental health. Taking care of others and our planet.

There is a need to step away and emotionally detach from tribal thinking to see the bigger picture and heal polarised communities.

Consciously reject anyone stirring up hatred, aggression and division and instead seeking and encouraging meaningful dialogue that brings people together.

The traditional RWS image of the Hierophant depicts two acolytes kneeling in front of a religious figurehead.

They seem to listen and absorb his every word.

In today’s world, many people feel lost and look for new guidance due to chaotic governance, uncertainty and the fallout of the pandemic.

It is easy for manipulators to take advantage of this situation by spreading misinformation and antagonism.

During the year of the Hierophant, it is important for us all to be discerning and aware of how easily we can fall for gaslighters with dark hidden agendas.

Always keep an open mind, allow yourself to change your point of view and avoid emotional attachment to specific groups, movements, parties and personalities.

The Hierophant also represents philosophy. During this year, explore your personal philosophy – your values, ethics, and rules to live by.

Write your personal Manifesto.  There is more guidance on how to write your Manifesto HERE.

The year of the Hierophant will be another year of ups and downs, but we will also begin the slow process of rebuilding and reforming the crumbling structures we have been used to for so long.

More than ever this also includes discarding old, out-dated habits and beliefs to make way for new and better possibilities.

Warmest wishes,


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Global Year Card 2020: The Emperor In The Tarot

the emperor in the tarotThe Emperor in the Tarot (key 4 in the Major Arcana) is our planet’s year card for 2020 based on numerology (2+0+2+0 = 4).

This card symbolises power and control issues in both beneficial and challenging ways.

For many people, the world has become an unsettling place – fascist leaders taking control, inequality, rise in crime, radical climate change activism, environmental catastrophes around the world, the sheer volume of plastic waste, unsustainable consumption, war in the Middle East, fake news, political corruption and gaslighting…

It all started in 2017, the Wheel of Fortune year, in which Trump took office in the White House.

Since then, our heads have been spinning caused by a dazzling speed of change beyond our control.

But 2020 is the year of the Emperor – a reminder we need to step back into our power and become leaders of light and hope in our families, communities, at work, in our relationships and also for ourselves.

This means we have to get fully engaged with the world, get active, speak up and debate, join and support groups to contribute towards making a difference.

Taking responsibility that we are all to blame for the state of the world, and now it’s time to make amends by radically changing our ways.

The Emperor has a vision of where he wants to be in the future. He is passionate, ambitious, driven and doesn’t shy away from confrontation.

He is in control by making plans and getting organised.

He is creating a solid foundation – a springboard – from which he can progress, move forward and grow.

At a global level during 2020, we will see more people questioning old structures and institutions (Meghan and Harry, Iran protests, healthcare funding, climate emergency…). This will continue into 2021, the year of the Hierophant.

There will be power struggles between governments and new grassroot movements demanding change.

The dark side of the Emperor will show up, and we have to face it head on: narcissism and control issues.

Look at neo-fascist populist leaders taking control all over the world by spreading misinformation and character assassinations on a global scale through social media.

The population is being controlled by lack of funding for education. The government doesn’t want our children to become digitally intelligent. This would expose government’s lies and damage their power.

We have to take education (including critical thinking and fact-checking) in our own hands.

The Emperor is linked to the zodiac sign Aries – what will be started, may not necessarily come to a conclusion.

Projects borne out of passion or anger may be aborted midway due to intense emotions diminishing, lack of interest, energy, a short attention span.

Without a good plan and preparation, even the best intentions and ideas despite enthusiasm may not lead to anything and just dissipate.

I’m watching the Labour leadership election and development of Extinction Rebellion (and other environmental protest movements) with the Emperor in mind. How is the Emperor energy reflected in your part of the world?

The Emperor is this year’s global year card, which means that while this masculine, yang energy has a strong influence on our personal lives, it also works combined with our personal year cards.

The global year card represents our external influences – opportunities and challenges, global events and developments we cannot control.

Our personal year card represents internal energy – strengths, weaknesses, attitudes, beliefs, values, choices, desires, our actions and responses to global year card energies.

How does your personal year card interact with the current global year card?

Take these three steps to start exploring:

1. What’s your first impression when looking at both cards together?
2. What element/s are represented? (earth, air, fire, water…)
3. What astrological correspondences? (planets, zodiac)

Elements and astrological correspondences can give you an indication, whether your combination is friendly, supportive, neutral, conflicting or challenging.

You can then explore how to harness, resolve and align these energies to your advantage.

This work isn’t done in a day. It’s an ongoing project that lasts a whole year.

Over on Patreon, we will check up on a monthly basis, how the Emperor is influencing global developments, which is just one of many mindful tarot activities you can participate in as a member.

Learn more about membership HERE. I’d love to welcome you to my Patreon community. Together, we can grow strong.

Warmest wishes,



New Year, New Tarot Journey

new year new tarot journey
Cosmic Faery Tarot and Cosmic Journaling Oracle cards

At the beginning of a new year, I always do the same thing: exploring my year card and finding my personal power word to guide me along.

If you are struggling to identify any meaningful goals or intentions, then don’t despair and read my article on this topic instead.

My year card last year was the Chariot, and my power word was ONWARDS.

Looking back at 2016, which was rather challenging at times, I can say that I have come a long way, not lingering in situations that weren’t good for me.

Each time I was hesitating or wondering, my special word ONWARDS reminded me of what I wanted to achieve. It was quite magickal.

This year, my year card is Strength, and my personal power word is CREATE.

Strength embodies qualities such as passion, creativity, resilience and soft power, which I am hoping to utilise and develop during 2017.

My special word CREATE indicates activities I would like to focus on, such as making and creating things, including arts and crafts.

Together with Strength, it also relates to becoming more assertive, ruthlessly expressing my values and opinions openly without fear, which is especially important in today’s divisive isolationist world of Trump and Brexit.

This means that instead of avoiding debate, I will engage in a constructive way and not turn away from people with different opinions.

You cannot CREATE change, if you retreat to the echo room full of like-minded folk.

Strength isn’t about running away from it all; it’s about having the courage (or CREATE-ing it) to face that lion and roar back into his face 😀

cosmic journaling through the year ebook
Coming soon!

With regards to Tarot, CREATE will involve completion of my tarot deck and a new tarot journal ebook, Cosmic Journaling Through the Year.

I will also concentrate on offering more creative tarot journaling resources in order to provide ideas and inspiration to get you into visual and tarot art journaling.

Why creative tarot journaling?

If you love journaling, then you know how therapeutic it can be. If you haven’t really done any regular journaling yet, then perhaps because blank white pages in a notebook don’t inspire you, or you just don’t know where and how to start.

I am at a stage now, where writing down words alone is no longer enough, even if it’s in a pretty notebook. I need to express myself on a visual level, too.

Don’t worry if you think you’re not very good at art. You don’t have to be. The resources I am offering are designed to spice up your tarot journal and even help you create your own unique journal from scratch.

If you are learning the Tarot, then journaling is a powerful tool to help you connect with the cards.

Journaling can help you put your mind in order, relax, loose yourself in words and art, and switch off from an otherwise busy life at least for a while.

creative tarot journaling
Journaling sheets from Cosmic Faery’s Journal Workbook

Visual journaling with your tarot and oracle cards creates mindfulness and awareness in everyday living.

This is the kind of thing I want to work on this year, helping you to help yourself with creative tarot art journaling, and I hope you are interested in joining me on this venture.

You can download plenty of creative journaling freebies here, where you can also sign up to my newsletter for more free stuff and updates on the latest developments at Cosmic HQ.

And until the end of January, I am offering 20% discount on Cosmic Faery’s Journal workbook to get you into the swing of things straight away (use coupon code CREATE20) on checkout page.

Warmest wishes,


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The Chariot in the Tarot of Quotes

chariot tarot of quotesThe Chariot is our global year card for 2014.

This year it’s all about moving forward into uncharted territory, leaving your comfort zone behind.

The emphasis during 2014 is on growth and self-development, so be prepared to make some decisions that can be seen as risky or perhaps uncomfortable.

It’s never easy letting go of what you know in favour of the unknown and pursuit of distant dreams and goals.

But this year you simply have to get off your favourite armchair and get out into the fresh air of possibilities and opportunities.

Whether it’s a business idea you want to turn into reality, sort out your love life, move home, improve your fitness or change any other lifestyle issues – make 2014 your year of progress and positive change.

The Chariot in the Tarot suggests forward movement, momentum, travelling, action, change, conquest, control, determination, overcoming challenges and victory.

Victory and achievement are within your grasp, but the Chariot is also a reminder that it won’t be easy, and you may well encounter struggle and tension along the way.

But it is exactly the hard parts of your journey this year that will help you grow and live the life you want to live.

You may need to learn to balance opposing forces, just like the coachman has to lead two horses into the same direction. This year it’s your time to lead.

You may need to develop resilience, self-discipline and determination to succeed. This year it’s your time not to give up but persevere.

You may need to learn to assert yourself and take control of situations or aspects in your life, which need resolving.

Astrologically, the Chariot is linked to the zodiac sign Cancer and the element water. There is a strong link to emotions, so you may have to learn to control negative emotions such as anger, jealousy or other aggressive impulses.

What to avoid: fear of change, apathy, impatience, recklessness

If you’d like to learn more about the Chariot and all the other cards in the Tarot, please check out my ebook The Cosmic Faery Tarot Guidebook.

I welcome your views and opinions on my cards. Please feel free to leave your comments below or just click the ‘like’ button.

Warmest wishes,


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Discover Your Tarot Year Card

Tarot Year Card MeaningsTarot, just like your zodiac sign, can help you gain personal insight into your annual lessons, tests and experiences you will go through by establishing your tarot year card.

Add the month and day of your birth to the current year, e.g.:

18th July in 2006 = 18 + 7 + 2006 = 2031 = 6 (The Lovers)

Only the Major Arcana cards are used, so you need to keep the final number under 23 (22 = The Fool).

There are two options regarding the time period for the year card to be valid:

from birthday to birthday (in this case from 18th July 2006 until 17th July 2007)

Calendar year (1st Jan—31 Dec)

You can use either or combine both. When combining them, The Lovers and The Hierophant (from 18th July 2005 onwards) would be both valid from 1st January 2006 until 17th July 2006 and in that period would interact with each other.

If you are a Tarot student, an interesting exercise would be to calculate your year cards from your birth year onwards and note all key experiences you had in each year (as far as your memory allows).

The result may surprise you, especially when you find out about your personal rhythm.

For example, you may notice that some cards do not appear in your chart at all even though your age might be well above 22. Other cards will appear on a regular basis.

It is up to you to determine the relevance of the absent cards and those that turn up in regular intervals with regards to your life lessons.

Suggestions for the year lessons of each card:
1. The Magician
  • Focus on options and opportunities
  • Pursue a new direction with willpower and ambition
  • Clarity of mind; all mental activity
  • Communication
  • Make things happen
2. The High Priestess
  • Develop your intuition
  • Trust your instincts
  • Self-nurturing
  • Be patient; situations will be resolved at the right time
3. The Empress
  • Motherhood or maternal instincts
  • Nurturing others
  • Make use of and develop your creativity
  • Fruitfulness, abundance
  • Love of nature and beauty
  • Settling down, security and stability
4. The Emperor
  • Important decisions need to be made, perhaps not easy
  • Be assertive
  • Leading the way
  • Take charge
  • Establish security
  • Finish projects that you’ve started
5. The Hierophant
  • Teaching or studying
  • Social interaction on a professional or ethical level
  • Working within hierarchies
  • Intellectual development
  • spiritual guidance
6. The Lovers
  • Relationships (partner, family, friends, colleagues)
  • Major choices regarding relationships
  • Taking responsibility
  • Following your heart without losing your head
7. The Chariot
  • Setting targets and goals
  • Proving yourself
  • Taking control with skill and determination
  • Overcoming struggle and tension
  • Persevering despite difficulties
8. Strength
  • Courage and endurance in times of adversity
  • Controlling anger or jealousy
  • Strong passions and desires
  • Letting situations unfold without forcing them
  • Being assertive and standing up for yourself
9. The Hermit
  • Solitude
  • Introspection
  • Contemplating
  • Reviewing your options
  • Prudence
  • Taking time out
  • Looking after your health
10. The Wheel of Fortune
  • Luck and fate
  • Completion of one cycle and beginning of another
  • Major change
  • Dealing with unforeseen events
11. Justice
  • Balance and harmony
  • Fairness
  • Legal or financial issues
  • Integrity
  • Partnerships
12. The Hanged Man
  • Gaining a new perspective
  • Making a sacrifice
  • Giving something up
  • Stagnation
13. Death
  • Letting go of something old to make way for something new
  • Transformation
  • Regeneration
  • Dealing with emotional pain
14. Temperance
  • Making concessions, compromises
  • Creating a healthy balance
  • Relinquish excessive lifestyle
  • Give and take
15. The Devil
  • Dependency
  • Manipulation
  • Reluctant to change; putting up with something negative
  • Creating unrest
  • Strong sexuality
16. The Tower
  • Sudden change
  • Shock to the system; can be positive or negative
  • Anger and pain
  • Starting from scratch
  • Revelation or epiphany completely altering your attitude or opinion of something
17. The Star
  • Period of hope and healing
  • Optimism for the future
  • Back to basics and nature
  • Sustainability
18. The Moon
  • Dealing with changing moods
  • Reflections and vivid dreams
  • Acknowledge and work with your inner rhythm and cycles
  • Being drawn by an unknown desire
19. The Sun
  • Achievement of major goal
  • Birth or marriage
  • Self-worth, confidence and contentment
  • Strong creative and passionate phase
20. Judgement
  • Dealing with criticism
  • Evaluation from yourself and others
  • Worldview and understanding
  • Transitions
  • Taking stock; review; analysis
21. The World
  • Sense of endless potential
  • Realising and accepting your limitations
  • Finding your place within a structure or in society
  • Being established
  • Concluding an ongoing situation
  • Settling down
22. The Fool
  • New beginnings and experiences
  • Flexibility and openness to change
  • Taking risks and trusting yourself
  • Travel and adventure

 What is your year card this year? What guidance does it offer you? 

Learn more about Tarot personality profiling in my Discovery Tarot Course

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