The Chariot in the Tarot of Quotes

chariot tarot of quotesThe Chariot is our global year card for 2014.

This year it’s all about moving forward into uncharted territory, leaving your comfort zone behind.

The emphasis during 2014 is on growth and self-development, so be prepared to make some decisions that can be seen as risky or perhaps uncomfortable.

It’s never easy letting go of what you know in favour of the unknown and pursuit of distant dreams and goals.

But this year you simply have to get off your favourite armchair and get out into the fresh air of possibilities and opportunities.

Whether it’s a business idea you want to turn into reality, sort out your love life, move home, improve your fitness or change any other lifestyle issues – make 2014 your year of progress and positive change.

The Chariot in the Tarot suggests forward movement, momentum, travelling, action, change, conquest, control, determination, overcoming challenges and victory.

Victory and achievement are within your grasp, but the Chariot is also a reminder that it won’t be easy, and you may well encounter struggle and tension along the way.

But it is exactly the hard parts of your journey this year that will help you grow and live the life you want to live.

You may need to learn to balance opposing forces, just like the coachman has to lead two horses into the same direction. This year it’s your time to lead.

You may need to develop resilience, self-discipline and determination to succeed. This year it’s your time not to give up but persevere.

You may need to learn to assert yourself and take control of situations or aspects in your life, which need resolving.

Astrologically, the Chariot is linked to the zodiac sign Cancer and the element water. There is a strong link to emotions, so you may have to learn to control negative emotions such as anger, jealousy or other aggressive impulses.

What to avoid: fear of change, apathy, impatience, recklessness

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