Going Pro: Do You Need Tarot Qualifications?

tarot certificationThere have been many discussions about “certification” in the tarot community.

Some readers feel that an official looking tarot qualification in form of a pretty certificate reflects their knowledge and skills and makes them look more professional.

Other readers don’t see it necessary to pay a lot of money for a “qualification” that no client is particularly interested in.

Here are my thoughts on this:

1. A certificate doesn’t tell anyone how good you are as a reader.

2. But it can be a great confidence booster giving you a sense of achievement.

3. You may have gained a lot of theoretical knowledge by having completed an expensive long-term tarot course, but applying it is a different matter.

4. It’s practical experience that will help you grow and develop as a reader.

5. Reading the Tarot for clients isn’t just about Tarot; you also need people skills.

Consider getting a qualification in counselling or coaching rather than trying to obtain an official looking tarot certificate. There are lots of online courses on offer for interactive learning.

6. Some knowledge in psychology is also useful. Get an overview either by reading books, such as Understand Psychology, and again learn more by enrolling on courses, if this topic intrigues you.

7. It isn’t necessary to have a tarot qualification as the industry isn’t regulated in this way.

8. Instead, join a tarot organisation that offers training and professional development including guidelines on tarot ethics. This is also the place, where you can meet and network with fellow tarot enthusiasts for help and advice. Check out TABI.

9. When choosing a certified tarot course, make sure that content is focused on practice rather than an overload of theory and elaborate jargon.

10. It’s not an official tarot certificate that endorses you; it’s how you engage with people and also related work, interests and knowledge that add to your qualification as a reader.

Perhaps you have worked in a medical / helping profession or teaching capacity. You may have extensive knowledge on crystals, herbs, reiki, healing, angels and/or astrology, which you can combine with Tarot, adding to the value of your readings.

11. Ongoing training and study is also a vital part of your qualification, but an official certificate isn’t always necessary. Consider participating in self-study groups or work with a mentor on a 1-2-1 basis, both of which will contribute to your true skills as a reader.

12. A certificate (or even a diploma!) doesn’t mean you can handle calls on a psychic phone line. Any theory won’t save you from having to learn the hard way. Instead, practice, practice, practice.

13. Still wanting to frame a pretty tarot certificate? No need to spend a fortune; TABI offers courses and endorsement in return for a small annual membership fee (£10).

Other relevant organisations include the American Tarot Association and the Australian Tarot Guild.

14. While official tarot qualifications may indicate a certain level of knowledge, they are no guarantee to draw in clients, if you want to make a living as a Tarot Reader.

Don’t be tempted to choose a tarot course only because it offers certification. Contents and quality of its delivery is more important.

Last but not least, before you rush out to become a “qualified” tarot reader, remind yourself what first drew you to the Tarot. Was it

  • the mystery, magic and wonder?
  • the forbidden with that connection to witchcraft and the occult?
  • the unknown and exploration of the unexplained?

How can you possibly package all that up into a sanitised tarot “certificate”? What next? Tarot readings that comply with Din ISO 9001 quality control? Will the title “Grandmaster of Tarot” not create unrealistic expectations?

What do clients, who come for readings, really want? That you can present a certificate, or perhaps they would prefer to think you have some kind of psychic gift?

What are your thoughts on tarot qualifications? I’d love to hear from you!

Warmest wishes,


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