The Fours in the Tarot of Quotes

four of wands, fours in the tarotAfter initial completion and unity symbolised by the threes, we are now experiencing a kind of pause, perhaps a well-earned rest, in the fours.

In numerology, the number four suggests grounding, focusing inward, stability, order and a necessary turning point acting as a catalyst for change and moving forward.

Numbered four in the Major Arcana, the Emperor also adds a visionary element to the fours – a need to take stock, regroup, find a new perspective and look towards the future.

The fours in the Tarot suggest lack of movement and progress, but underneath the surface something is stirring, and new developments are underway on a subconscious level.

Four of Wands – celebration, success, completion, harmony, optimism

Esoteric Title: The Lord of Perfected Work

Astrological attribution: Venus in Aries – labour of love, marriage, house move, building a home, wholeness (culmination of the masculine and feminine)

Interpretation: a time of fulfilment and enjoyment, celebrating achievements, creating/renovating a home, successful launch of a business, firm foundations, milestone,

Image symbolism:

Pergola – firm structure, foundation

Red, yellow and green colours – element fire (Aries) combined with element earth (Venus), enthusiasm, beauty, home, family, love, creativity, vision

Stars and light streaks – celebration, energy, fun, positive outlook

Green rose – symbol for Venus, harmonious relationship

four of cupsFour of Cups – discontent, frustration, boredom, apathy

Esoteric Title: The Lord of Blended Pleasure

Astrological Attribution: Moon in Cancer – fluctuations, insecurities, restlessness, doubt; the need for personal growth overshadows stability and security

Interpretation: contemplation, turning inward, dissatisfaction, disappointment, ignoring the positive, growing tired of struggles, withdrawing from difficult situations, pleasure through escapism

Image symbolism:

Waxing moon – personal growth, new emerging feelings

Roses – gifts, opportunities

Clouds – unsettling thoughts and feelings

four of swordsFour of Swords – rest, recuperation, healing, passivity

Esoteric Title: The Lord of Rest from Strife

Astrological Attribution: Jupiter in Libra – growth and expansion through rest and recovery; gaining equilibrium, balance, objectivity

Interpretation: recovering from a stressful situation or illness, meditation, prayer, inability or refusal to take action, temporary respite from a restless mind, clearing out mental clutter, calming down

Image symbolism:

Sleeping knight – stillness, rest, peace

Hands in prayer – focus on healing, gathering strength, meditation

Trees and mountains – natural healing process, retreating to a sanctuary, relaxation, recharging energy to overcome what lies ahead

four of pentaclesFour of Pentacles – security, structure, safe guarding, limitations

Esoteric Title: The Lord of Earthly Power

Astrological Attribution: Sun in Capricorn – power based on material possessions, feeling safe and secure, fixed on security, content with achievements and status

Interpretation: financial stability, savings, safe investments, risk aversion, stagnation, stifling rules, clinginess, conservatism, hoarding, reluctance to share, being frugal despite wealth

Image symbolism:

Plants and flowers – abundance, possessions

Closed door – limitations, protection

wooden arbour – structure, stability, self-restriction, inflexibility, need for control

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  1. I love your cards! I can’t wait until they are finished! I definitely would love to have a deck myself!
    I hope we can purchase them USA.

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