The Threes in the Tarot of Quotes

three of wands tarot of quotes

Three is a magic number.

Apart from using it in mathematical calculations, we encounter it every day in religion, mythology, literature, music and sport as a mystical and spiritual symbol:

  • three wishes
  • three guesses
  • three little pigs
  • the Holy trinity of Father, son and Holy Spirit
  • the three Graces
  • the three Norns
  • the unity of mind, body and spirit,
  • the Triple Goddess…
  • Shakespeare’s three witches casting spells beginning with “thrice…”
  • the three Musketeers
  • the three stooges
  • Film and book trilogies
  • initial family unit of father, mother and child
  • “bad news come in threes”
  • three chords harmony in music

There are countless more examples, but what they all have in common is a sense of completion, unity and harmony, which is reflected in all the threes in the Tarot.

Numbered three, the Empress in the Major Arcana symbolises abundance, creativity and growth, which are also inherent qualities of the number Three.

Three of Wands – initial success, growth, achievement, harmony, foresight

Esoteric Title: The Lord of Established Strength

Astrological attribution: Sun in Aries – building and expanding on initial achievement, moving forward, progress, confidence, optimism, focus on goal, taking risks, power

Interpretation: new beginnings and opportunities to expand horizon through travel, study and new ventures; building on what has already been accomplished; focus and concentrating on the bigger picture; think big; be open-minded and go for what’s on offer; become more aware of opportunities but also challenges around you; travel

Image symbolism:

Sun and light trail – showing the way, focus, energy, outlook, vision
Red, orange and yellow colours – element fire, creativity, ambition, vigour, drive, enthusiasm
Green grass – opportunity for growth and abundance

three of cups tarot of quotes

Three of Cups – celebration, community, friendships, bonding

Esoteric Title: The Lord of Abundance

Astrological attribution: Mercury in Cancer – emotional intelligence; joyful communication, fun discussions, wit, banter, cooking at home for friends, problems resolved

Interpretation: spending quality time with friends and family, helping others in a team, nurturing friendships, socialising, happy occasions enjoyed with loved ones, creative group activities (dancing, arts and crafts…)

Image symbolism:

Three naked ladies embracing – affection, bonding, mutual support and trust, innocence

Flowers – love, beauty of the moment, creative growth, passion (red flowers)
Turquoise, pink and indigo colours – element water, emotional maturity, trusting feelings, intuitive perception, compassion

three of swords tarot of quotes

Three of Swords – grief, distress, heartbreak, gloom

Esoteric Title: The Lord of Sorrow

Astrological attribution: Saturn in Libra – discord, self-limitation, lessons to learn from mistakes, loss of security, loneliness, melancholy

Interpretation: rejection, loss, setback, disillusionment, the need to confront pain or unblock emotions, pessimism, preparing for a difficult situation or event to minimise distress, a painful conclusion (e.g. of a relationship)

Image symbolism:

Cracked, bleeding heart – hurt, pain, separation, feeling torn

Transparency of the heart – vulnerability

Red and white rose – imbalance of emotions and reason

Rain – gloom, hopelessness, clouded vision
Lake – drowning in feelings and emotions
Mountains – a difficult path to healing
Grey colour – element air

three of pentacles tarot of quotes

Three of Pentacles – foundation, teamwork, development

Esoteric Title: The Lord of Material Works

Astrological attribution: Mars in Capricorn – ambition / energy to create; hard work, workaholic, labour of love (or obsession), expansion, decisiveness

Interpretation: initial completion of work, collaboration, unfinished business, long-term project, project management, building for the future, applying skills, learning on the job, maintenance and repairs

Image symbolism:

Cathedral – ambitious project, longevity
Scaffolding – work in progress

Hammer and sickle symbol – representing workers and farmers, the collective, union of a variety of skills and expertise, building something for the benefit of all, labour

Red and green colours – element earth, growth, prosperity, dedication, enthusiasm, stability

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