New Year, New Tarot Journey

new year new tarot journey
Cosmic Faery Tarot and Cosmic Journaling Oracle cards

At the beginning of a new year, I always do the same thing: exploring my year card and finding my personal power word to guide me along.

If you are struggling to identify any meaningful goals or intentions, then don’t despair and read my article on this topic instead.

My year card last year was the Chariot, and my power word was ONWARDS.

Looking back at 2016, which was rather challenging at times, I can say that I have come a long way, not lingering in situations that weren’t good for me.

Each time I was hesitating or wondering, my special word ONWARDS reminded me of what I wanted to achieve. It was quite magickal.

This year, my year card is Strength, and my personal power word is CREATE.

Strength embodies qualities such as passion, creativity, resilience and soft power, which I am hoping to utilise and develop during 2017.

My special word CREATE indicates activities I would like to focus on, such as making and creating things, including arts and crafts.

Together with Strength, it also relates to becoming more assertive, ruthlessly expressing my values and opinions openly without fear, which is especially important in today’s divisive isolationist world of Trump and Brexit.

This means that instead of avoiding debate, I will engage in a constructive way and not turn away from people with different opinions.

You cannot CREATE change, if you retreat to the echo room full of like-minded folk.

Strength isn’t about running away from it all; it’s about having the courage (or CREATE-ing it) to face that lion and roar back into his face 😀

cosmic journaling through the year ebook
Coming soon!

With regards to Tarot, CREATE will involve completion of my tarot deck and a new tarot journal ebook, Cosmic Journaling Through the Year.

I will also concentrate on offering more creative tarot journaling resources in order to provide ideas and inspiration to get you into visual and tarot art journaling.

Why creative tarot journaling?

If you love journaling, then you know how therapeutic it can be. If you haven’t really done any regular journaling yet, then perhaps because blank white pages in a notebook don’t inspire you, or you just don’t know where and how to start.

I am at a stage now, where writing down words alone is no longer enough, even if it’s in a pretty notebook. I need to express myself on a visual level, too.

Don’t worry if you think you’re not very good at art. You don’t have to be. The resources I am offering are designed to spice up your tarot journal and even help you create your own unique journal from scratch.

If you are learning the Tarot, then journaling is a powerful tool to help you connect with the cards.

Journaling can help you put your mind in order, relax, loose yourself in words and art, and switch off from an otherwise busy life at least for a while.

creative tarot journaling
Journaling sheets from Cosmic Faery’s Journal Workbook

Visual journaling with your tarot and oracle cards creates mindfulness and awareness in everyday living.

This is the kind of thing I want to work on this year, helping you to help yourself with creative tarot art journaling, and I hope you are interested in joining me on this venture.

You can download plenty of creative journaling freebies here, where you can also sign up to my newsletter for more free stuff and updates on the latest developments at Cosmic HQ.

And until the end of January, I am offering 20% discount on Cosmic Faery’s Journal workbook to get you into the swing of things straight away (use coupon code CREATE20) on checkout page.

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Strength in the Tarot of Quotes

strength tarot of quotes

The lion on the image is guarding the entrance to a pub in a little village close to Hadrian’s Wall.

His posture is composed, dignified, serious and dutiful.

In typical Leo fashion (Strength is linked to the zodiac sign Leo), his presence is making quite an impact in that position.

He’s the first “thing” you notice when you approach the pub.

The lion symbolises the essence of Strength; despite his powerful physical strength, his self-discipline and control is taming the wild beast (desires) within. This lion isn’t pouncing at you any time soon!

The flowers in the tub next to the lion symbolise feminine energies as a balancing influence:

  • assertiveness (rather than aggression)
  • gentle persuasion (rather than oppressive dogma)
  • patience (rather than agitation)
  • compassion (rather than cruelty)

In a reading, Strength can indicate the need to control impulses and desires – not by force but with conviction and determination.

It can also advise to draw upon your inner calm and persistence in difficult situations, facing fears and adversity with the courage and confidence to overcome them.

Other keywords: stamina, endurance, perseverance, kindness despite tension or conflict (with yourself and others), self-mastery, willpower

Negative meanings include: weakness, self-doubt, low self-esteem, over-emotional, lack of self-discipline

Astrologically, Leo is ruled by the Sun, which symbolises the Self and the Ego.

Therefore, Strength may also ask you to explore how you can practice more self-care or, on the other hand, how you can become less selfish or self-absorbed.

If you’d like to learn more about Strength and all the other cards in the Tarot, please check out my ebook The Cosmic Faery Tarot Guidebook.

I welcome your views and opinions on my cards. Please feel free to leave your comments below or just click the ‘like’ button.

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