The Year of The Hierophant

year of the hierophant
Images: RWS Universal Waite, Muse Tarot, Cosmic Faery Tarot

After a tumultuous Emperor year, we have now arrived in the year of the Hierophant, and we are all looking forward to better days ahead.

But our problems haven’t disappeared overnight, and we still have to muster up more patience and resilience to weather the remaining storm.

During the Emperor year, the world has witnessed leadership (and lack of) at its worst, and the newly elected leaders in the US will have to rebuild what has been destroyed, especially since the pandemic took hold back in March 2020.

The Hierophant, linked to Taurus in the Tarot, is about established structures, organisations, education and tradition, much of which has been damaged in recent months.

We have also realised that many structures, systems and ways we do things are outdated, archaic, and no longer working.

During the year of the Hierophant it is our task to rebuild, restructure, re-organise and change what is rigid and restrictive.

Old alliances are dismantled, new ones established.

While home-working was one seen as the lazy option, it is now an essential part of working life.

Money and investment will be paramount to revitalise the economy.

On a personal level, savings plans and debt reduction should be on everyone’s priority list this year.

We are beginning to realise

  • how dependent many of us are on employment, and how disastrous it can be when suddenly everything shuts down.
  • to look for more sustainable alternatives, which also includes a different economic model to capitalism.
  •  to question everything that has been solid, steadfast, safe and secure including our democracy – how safe is it from being taken hostage and dismantled by a rogue corrupt psychopath?

Uncertainty has taught us that it’s okay to discard or change what we have been used to for so long, and life didn’t seem possible without it.

But it is possible. After the devastating destruction 2020 has brought, we begin to understand what isn’t important and what is essential:

  • a university degree vs. entrepreneurship and life skills
  • a highly paid job vs. jobsatisfaction at lower income
  • material success vs. mental and spiritual wellbeing
  • flying on holiday vs. holidaying in a camper van independly from hotels and public transport
  • lots of overtime vs. more time with family and friends
  • keyboard activism vs. meaningful local community work
  • Starbucks coffee vs. home-brewed coffee
  • etc.

Uncertainty is part of everyday life, and that’s why it is also important to create stability represented by the Hierophant to alleviate fear of the unknown.

The year of the Hierophant offers us immense opportunities to begin again in all areas of life.

Emphasis is on the collective and community building. Learning and teaching beyond schools and universities. Flexible working. Mental health. Taking care of others and our planet.

There is a need to step away and emotionally detach from tribal thinking to see the bigger picture and heal polarised communities.

Consciously reject anyone stirring up hatred, aggression and division and instead seeking and encouraging meaningful dialogue that brings people together.

The traditional RWS image of the Hierophant depicts two acolytes kneeling in front of a religious figurehead.

They seem to listen and absorb his every word.

In today’s world, many people feel lost and look for new guidance due to chaotic governance, uncertainty and the fallout of the pandemic.

It is easy for manipulators to take advantage of this situation by spreading misinformation and antagonism.

During the year of the Hierophant, it is important for us all to be discerning and aware of how easily we can fall for gaslighters with dark hidden agendas.

Always keep an open mind, allow yourself to change your point of view and avoid emotional attachment to specific groups, movements, parties and personalities.

The Hierophant also represents philosophy. During this year, explore your personal philosophy – your values, ethics, and rules to live by.

Write your personal Manifesto.  There is more guidance on how to write your Manifesto HERE.

The year of the Hierophant will be another year of ups and downs, but we will also begin the slow process of rebuilding and reforming the crumbling structures we have been used to for so long.

More than ever this also includes discarding old, out-dated habits and beliefs to make way for new and better possibilities.

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The Hierophant in the Tarot of Quotes

hierophant tarot of quotesThe Hierophant in the Tarot is one of those cards I have “issues” with 😉

More specifically, it’s the image in the Rider Waite Smith (RWS) deck depicting a pope-like figure, which reminds me of the Catholic Church, making it difficult for me to connect with this card and “warm” to it.

For me organised religion represents dogma, tradition and rules you have to comply with.

If you don’t, then you will be in trouble.

Thankfully, nowadays you no longer will be burned at the stake, if you disagree and try to bring about changes and reform.

My Hierophant (Stonehenge) captures a more tolerant, open-minded interpretation.

For me this card symbolises guidance, education, ethics, philosophy, tradition, conformity and organised religion, but all these aspects of the Hierophant need to flow, move and change over time according to the needs of people.

Flexibility is a necessity to avoid being stuck in the past and fall into decay with a false sense of security. Nothing lasts forever.

Currently, organised religion is only reacting to change. It would be refreshing to see religious institutions take the lead in the process of change and come up with new and innovative, progressive ideas.

Astrologically, the Hierophant is connected to Taurus.

Whilst Taurus displays positive traits such as stability, determination and dependability, its vices include stubbornness, complacency and inertia – quite fitting for the Hierophant.

When the Hierophant comes up in a reading, this card may ask you to add something new to an established area in your life – home life, relationship, job/career – or make some adjustment to avoid staleness and feeling stifled.

Consider re-writing some rules, start a debate or gain new knowledge to broaden your horizon.

You can live according to rules and within boundaries set by society, but ensure this is in accordance with your individuality and integrity.

2012 is also the Year of the Hierophant. Read more about how to make use of the Hierophant’s energies this year HERE.

If you’d like to learn more about the Hierophant and all the other cards in the Tarot, please check out my ebook The Cosmic Faery Tarot Guidebook.

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