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learn tarot where to start
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If you are interested in learning Tarot, rest assured that you don’t have to be a psychic or a ‘clairvoyant’ to master the cards. All you need is patience and the willingness to invest time and effort into your Tarot studies.

Although you can use the Tarot virtually immediately (once you have familiarised yourself with the basic structure and card meanings), it usually takes years to deepen your knowledge and develop your intuition, so interpretation of the cards will become more accurate and meaningful in time.

Regular practice will continuously improve your skills. You will notice a difference, so keep going!

Before you rush out and buy yourself a deck and book, please consider my advice below to avoid any costly mistakes:


Choosing a Deck

There are hundreds of Tarot decks available today. Just visit aeclectic.net to be dazzled by the choice, so choosing a deck that is right for you can be daunting.

A good beginner’s deck has illustrated Minor Arcana cards, such as the Rider Waite SmithSharman-Caselli and Universal Tarot.

Please do not be tempted to get a themed Tarot deck when you’re starting out; the Star Wars Tarot or Lord of the Rings Tarot may seem exciting and fun, but these types of decks may distract you from learning the basics. Once you get acquainted with Tarot, its archetypes and symbols, you can become more adventurous when choosing a new deck.

Check out my favourite Tarot decks, which I use regularly.


Choosing a Book

A good beginner’s book will provide basic information on Tarot history, structure, card meanings and spreads.

However, learning the Tarot is not just reading and trying to memorise card meanings. It is best to combine written information with practical exercises, which should develop your intuition and familiarity with the cards.

The books I recommend: The Tarot Bible, Tarot for Your Self, Tarot Wisdom.

You can also download my eBook, Empowering Messages from the Tarot,  which offers a no-nonsense introduction to instant tarot readings without the need to memorise card meanings.


Resources on the Internet

One of the best online Tarot courses is available at learntarot.com (Joan Bunning’s website), which is comprehensive, well-developed and most of all FREE OF CHARGE.

Of course, you can also sign up for my 1-2-1 online Tarot course for beginners. Unlike other online courses, which are free to download, you will get my personal support, offering interaction and encouragement. Please click here for more information.

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Learn Tarot and transform your life.


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