The Fives in the Tarot of Quotes

fives in the tarot, five of wandsAfter a relatively calm and harmonious time as reflected in the fours, the fives in the Tarot are seriously shaking things up.

There is struggle, strife, tension and hardship, a tough situation that requires courage, wit and resilience to cope with.

But despite the unpleasantness of the images and what they stand for, this kind of upheaval is necessary for renewal and growth.

That’s why in numerology, communication, fruitfulness and new learning are attributed to the number 5.

Numbered five in the Major Arcana, the Hierophant perhaps is a good example of what happens, when there is no such movement, and everything stays the same for too long.

Old, outdated structures begin to crumble and turn to ruin, if change doesn’t happen from within.

So, the fives in the Tarot advise us to change, be flexible, alert, and free ourselves from a rigid structure.

Five of Wands – competition, conflict, disagreements, tension

Esoteric Title: The Lord of Strife

Astrological Attribution: Saturn in Leo – releasing suppressed tension, fighting an opposing force, personality clash (ego-driven)

Interpretation: quarrelling, anger, discord, disharmony, chaos, stress, competing with others, feeling threatened, aggression, rebelling

Image symbolism:

Flower – energy source

Bees crawling over each other – everyone for themselves, lack of teamwork, competition, busy, relentless; each carrying their hidden weapon

Red / orange / yellow colours: element fire (Leo) combined with Saturn (earth, which is reflected in the dark grounding colour at the base of the flower and green in the background – potential for new growth), intense energy, in the heat of the moment, hot-tempered

five of cups, fives in the tarot Five of Cups – loss, sadness, grief, mourning, disappointment, depression

Esoteric Title: The Lord of Loss in Pleasure

Astrological Attribution: Mars in Scorpio – hurt feelings, endings and transformation (Scorpio linked to Death), shattered dreams, broken promises; clashing elements fire (Mars) and water (Scorpio) causing emotional havoc)

Interpretation: emotional pain, bereavement, disenchantment, grief caused by someone else, bitterness, resentment, self-pity

Image symbolism:

bridge – need to cross the bridge to move on; acceptance, forgiveness

butterflies – transformation

stars – hope, faith; need to look towards the future with optimism

forest – uncharted territory, uncertain path

trees – protection, nurture (emotional support)

blue / purple /pink colours: element water (Scorpio), feeling the blues, melancholy, need for healing, new light in the distance suggests new beginning

five of swordsFive of Swords – defeat, betrayal, hollow victory, conquest

Esoteric Title: The Lord of Defeat

Astrological Attribution: Venus in Aquarius – peace-loving pacifist Venus weakens inventive, rebellious, forward-thinking Aquarius; mental weakness; relenting; accepting defeat

Interpretation: recognising limitations; (trying to avoid) humiliation, giving up, isolation after victory, notorious; loss of trust, unhealthy ambitions, ruthlessness, lose-lose situation, short-term gains; arrogance

Image symbolism:

War memorial – remembrance of loss and victims

George and the dragon – victory and sacrifice; defeat and submission

Owls – gaining wisdom from adversity; learning lessons from what’s happened to avoid repeating mistakes made

blue / grey / black colours – element air (Aquarius); depressive, sombre mood, unemotional, detached, dull, lone wolf mentality

five of pentaclesFive of Pentacles – hardship, poverty, insecurity, health problems

Esoteric Title: The Lord of Material Trouble

Astrological Attribution: Mercury in Taurus – mental overdrive causing unsteadiness and uncertainty; worries and anxiety mixed with inactivity, difficulties to adapt or adjust

Interpretation: financial loss, down-sizing, loss of property / possessions, homelessness, need to be thrifty, health issues, poor diet; feeling abandoned, trying to make ends meet, out in the cold, hopelessness, waiting for change

Image symbolism:

winter landscape, snow – cold, barren, gloomy

evergreen plant – something can grow and thrive, if you put your mind to it

stars – hope, renewal, asking for help and guidance; focus on building confidence and new aspirations

twilight – lack of clarity, pessimism

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