My Year Of The Hanged Man

hanged man tarot of quotes2012 is coming to a close, and here we are on the day of the Winter Solstice and the end of the Mayan calendar cycle.

There has been lots of global anticipation and speculation about the significance of today’s date, but those people, who expected the world to end today, may realise with relief (or disappointment?) that the world is still spinning as usual.

We’ve come to a point, when a lot of us are reflecting on the year that has passed with a view on how we will progress next year (check out my Tarot Moon Journal, which contains useful journalling sheets for this).

On a personal note, 2012 has been my year of the Hanged Man.

Combined with the global year card of the Hierophant, it has taught me some lessons about reconsidering the structures and traditions that I have been accustomed to for so many years and finding a new perspective.

Keywords for the Hanged Man: stagnation, suspension, stasis, being stuck, putting your life on hold, self-sabotage, inaction, avoid making decisions, putting your head in the sand, letting things happen, relinquishing control, letting go, sacrifice, release, new perspective.

The keywords listed in the order above tell a story; nobody can stay in the Hanged Man position for ever.

Sooner or later changes will take place, which will lead to transformation.

No wonder that in the Major Arcana sequence the Hanged Man is followed by Death, which will be my year card next year.

The image I have chosen above for my Tarot of Quotes shows the perspective of the Hanged Man; he is looking up the tree while he is hanging from it upside down. His view is turned around.

The Hanged Man is looking up towards the light for mental and spiritual illumination.

When he finally lets go of something familiar, secure or even treasured, he is making a sacrifice to clear the path for new experiences and growth.

But “sacrifice” is his point of view; it is an emotional word stirring up feelings of self-pity, sadness, regret and fear.

New emotions are released rather than suppressed.

What is once regarded as a sacrifice, will make perfect sense later during the transitional process.

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Questions to ask when the Hanged Man comes up in a reading:

  • Where in your life do you feel stuck right now?
  • What are you holding on to that you need to release?
  • Where do you need to relinquish control and be more open, receptive and trusting?
  • How can you deal with certain issues in different ways?
  • What are you avoiding or trying to escape from?

Wishing you a peaceful and happy Winter Solstice!


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2 thoughts on “My Year Of The Hanged Man”

  1. Love your interpretation of the Hanged Man and Hierophant combined! Great quote, and lovely image, too 🙂

    1. Thanks, Chloe 😉 The Hanged Man image was quite a challenge…short of hanging somebody quite literally (lol!), I had to think outside the box…just like the Hanged Man – new perspective 😉

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