The Crystal Tarot Deck Review

Crystal Tarot deck
The Crystal Tarot © Philip Permutt & CICO Books 2010

If you are using crystals in your spiritual practice and would like to combine them with Tarot, then the Crystal Tarot deck by Philip Permutt is ideal for this purpose.

The cards have wonderfully sparkly vibes radiating from the colours and images.

Each card depicts a crystal together with the traditional Tarot image. For example, we see Moonstones at the feet of the High Priestess and pink Tourmaline with the Ace of Swords.

The small companion book provides the basic information for each card and its chosen crystal.

It also offers a brief introduction to Tarot crystal meditation, includes Chakra correspondences with each card and also includes two spreads.

The pip cards in the Minor Arcana are non-illustrated, which doesn’t make this an ideal beginners’ deck.

But if you would like to learn more about using crystals in your Tarot work, then this deck is a very useful tool for that.

I have listed below the Major Arcana cards and their corresponding crystals as suggested in this deck.

The crystals in brackets are alternatives based on the Golden Dawn correspondences; use the crystal that you feel more comfortable with, works for you better or is available to you; some crystals mentioned seem to be rare and difficult to get hold of.

  • Fool – Tourmaline (Tourmaline, Turquoise)
  • Magician – Labradorite (Citrine)
  • High Priestess – Moonstone (Pearl, Labradorite)
  • Empress – Emerald (Emerald, Rose Quartz)
  • Emperor – Ruby (Ruby)
  • Hierophant – Herkimer Diamond (Topaz, Lapis Lazuli)
  • Lovers – Rose Quartz (Blue Lace Agate)
  • Chariot – Obsidian (Amber)
  • Strength – Citrine (Tiger’s Eye)
  • Hermit – Peridot (Peridot)
  • Wheel of Fortune – Amethyst (Sapphire)
  • Justice – Jade (Jade, Emerald)
  • Hanged Man – Aquamarine (Aquamarine)
  • Death – Crocoite (Bloodstone)
  • Temperance – Red Garnet (Amethyst)
  • Devil – Smoky Quartz (Jet, Obsidian)
  • Tower – Titanium Quartz (Garnet)
  • Star – Lapis Lazuli (Clear Quartz Crystal)
  • Moon – Selenite (Moonstone, Opal)
  • Sun – Imperial Topaz (Herkimer Diamond)
  • Judgement – Fire Opal (Malachite)
  • World – Clear Quartz Crystal (Onyx)

Crystal Tarot StrengthI have drawn a card from this deck to sum up the inherent quality and energy of this deck, and I pulled Strength:

Based on the book’s interpretation of this card, the Crystal Tarot may be especially helpful when at a crossroads and trying to make sense of the possibilities and opportunities available.

Messages received from this deck will offer confidence, encouragement and illuminate the need for balance and show how to achieve it.

Luckily, I have both Citrine and Tiger’s Eye in my crystal collection, but I don’t see the need to purchase all the crystals suggested in order to read with this deck.

You can buy crystals that are linked to your birth cards, e.g. persona, personality and year card.

You can also obtain crystals for those cards you use more often for spells, magick and path working.

Overall, this delightful deck with its gentle images can be used without crystals if necessary.

The naive-style artwork of the cards will also no doubt speak to children, who show an interest in the Tarot.

I managed to get the Crystal Tarot from Amazon UK for less than a Fiver; if you live outside the UK, try the Book Depository (they ship worldwide and are often cheaper than Amazon).

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