The Twos in the Tarot of Quotes

two of wands tarot of quotesWhile the Aces symbolise potential and new beginnings, the Twos in the Tarot relate to the need to strive for balance.

A solitary spark has evolved into duality.

Duality creates opposites and choices, which are reflected in partnerships, decision-making, planning and multi-tasking.

The High Priestess in the Major Arcana quietly watches over the Twos of the suits and influences them in a subtle way.

The underlying message of all the Twos is the need to follow your gut instinct to a certain extent in order to move forward from a perpetual balancing act.

Two of Wands – planning, risk-taking, making preparations, collaboration at work, travel, seizing an opportunity, seeking a new adventure, restlessness, investing for growth.

Esoteric Title: The Lord of Dominion

Astrological attribution: Mars in Aries – power, will, ambition, conquest, authority, courage, influence

Interpretation: a new project, a joint venture, moving into the right direction, asserting your authority, growing confidence, booking a trip, planning your next move, having a clear vision of your goal, setting priorities, taking a calculated risk

Image symbolism:

Two-forked tree – duality
Cargo ship travelling to a new destination – clear vision and purpose
River: emotions, intuition, having faith
Bright colours: fire, energy, clarity, vitality

two of cups tarot of quotes

Two of Cups – attraction, relationship, friendship, dating, courtship, harmony, cooperation, love

Esoteric Title: The Lord of Love

Astrological attribution: Venus in Cancer – love, beauty, harmony, trust, nurture, emotional exchange, commitment, marriage

Interpretation: emotional balance, personal encounters, meeting someone you are on the same wavelength with, start of a friendship, harmonious partnership in business, companionship, sexual attraction, unity

Image symbolism:

two sheep sitting side by side – friendship, affinity, companionship, mutual fondness (see also the Lovers)
grass – earth (Venus) grounded, stability, nourishment
water – (Cancer) – emotions
pink tint – it’s all rosy Smile

Two of Swords Tarot of QuotesTwo of Swords – stalemate, truce, indecision, procrastination, hesitate, defer, choice

Esoteric Title: The Lord of Peace Restored

Astrological attribution: Moon in Libra – a choice between head and heart, working out a fair compromise, balancing thought with emotion

Interpretation: immobilised by fear, ignoring a problem, trying to break a deadlock, blocked emotions; withdrawal from responsibilities

Image symbolism:

waxing moon – a phase of uncertainty, increasing doubts and insecurities, tension

water – emotions, the unconscious, the unknown, feeling out of depth

scales – Libra, the intellect, weighing up the choices, trying to ignore feelings/instinct, careful consideration

Two of PentaclesTwo of Pentacles – adaptability, flexibility, multi-tasking, balancing the books, getting by, juggling various responsibilities, agility, fluctuation

Esoteric Title: The Lord of Harmonious Change

Astrological attribution: Jupiter in Capricorn – expansion and growth limited by restrictions; impermanence

Interpretation: growing pains associated with instability and perpetual flux; transforming energies; change, red tape, financial limitations, new goals and priorities emerge from the need to maintain balance; taking a risk is a necessity, not a choice

Image symbolism:

two coins (Euro and British Pound) – balancing opposing forces to maintain equilibrium

view of farm fields from hilltop – the world is ever-changing, keep focusing on the bigger picture; hard work pays off, but sometimes it doesn’t

murky clouds and horizon – uncertainty

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2 thoughts on “The Twos in the Tarot of Quotes”

  1. Great, Christiane! I love the combination of imagery and quotes here. Thought I wouldn’t like having words on the cards like this, but you’ve made some very fine choices (not the same-old, same-old), and I like the different elements in your descriptions, including the astrological attributions (I’m still working on getting those in my head).

    1. Thanks, Joanne. Yes, I’m trying to help people apply the astrological attributions to the cards by demonstrating them in the interpretations. By the time I get to the Tens you should have a good overview 😉

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