19 Solstice Journaling Prompts To Light You Up

solstice journaling prompts
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The solstice is just around the corner, and regardless of where you live in the world, this time of year marks a turning point.

Whether you are celebrating the Summer or Winter Solstice, the common theme is Light.

While in the Northern Hemisphere the light peaks, in the Southern Hemisphere it returns, so the following solstice journaling prompts are universal rather than specific to geographical location.

When the light appears or peaks in our life, there is always a sense of joy connected with it.

It’s time to celebrate, have a laugh and enjoy the moment.

So, have some fun and get lit with this light-hearted collection of seasonal prompts:

  1. A highlight to celebrate
  2. What needs illuminating
  3. What am I visualising
  4. What do I need to be more optimistic about:
  5. What am I attracting:
  6. What am I inspired to do:
  7. How can I be a beacon of light to others?
  8. Where to focus my energy:
  9. What do I need to be more mindful about:
  10. A self-care practice that would benefit me at this time:
  11. A new direction:
  12. What delights me:
  13. What lights me up:
  14. A moment of enlightenment:
  15. A fun revelation:
  16. Happiness is…
  17. A creative talent that needs nurturing:
  18. What needs invigorating:
  19. How I currently express myself
Let’s play the Solstice Divination Game

Here’s a fun and insightful way to turn the journaling prompts into a divination game.

Play on your own or with friends.

Write each journaling prompt on a piece of card, shuffle and draw up to four cards to create a spread.

You can also just draw one card for daily guidance over the coming weeks.

Or you can play with others by letting them draw a journaling prompt and tarot card for a mini reading.

*** This game isn’t just for the Solstice – play it throughout summer or when you feel like you want to get lit 🙂 ***

You can also download my Solstice Divination Game Kit on Patreon, which includes an extended list of 29 journaling prompts and cards already prepared ready to be printed.

It also includes a fun colouring image that can be used as a reading mat.

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The Sun Cards in The Tarot

sun cards in the tarot
Images: Aquatic Tarot

The planets are linked to Major and Minor Arcana cards in the Tarot.

A while ago, I looked at the moon cards in the Tarot and noticed some interesting visual connections.

Here are some of my observations of the sun cards in the Tarot.

The best deck to use for this exercise is the Rider Waite Smith (RWS) Tarot.

On a visual level, we can see a connection between Strength and the Six of Cups. There is interaction between the two main figures.

I also see a link between Strength and the Four of Pentacles. The woman and man are holding on to something.

And yes, The Sun and Strength both depict people with animals.

I leave you to explore more visual similarities and what they could mean.

What additional interpretations does the sun as a planet add to each card it corresponds with?

Here are some suggestions:

  1. The Sun – primary link with the sun, which in astrology represents the ego, life force and creativity. Additional interpretations therefore could be confidence, extroversion, selfishness, survival instinct, hedonism.
  2. Strength – linked to the zodiac sign Leo, which is ruled by the sun. Strong physical energy, vitality, health and resilience.
  3. Ten of Swords – Here, the sun represents a new beginning, new life, new opportunity, birth, resilience, survivor spirit, looking at the bright side, blessing.
  4. Three of Wands – optimism, focus, alert, enthusiastic, adventure spirit, creative drive, ambition.
  5. Six of Cups – contentment, benevolence, joy, nurture.
  6. Eight of Pentacles – job satisfaction, vocation, workaholic, creative energy
  7. Four of Pentacles – selfishness, self-protection, possessiveness

These are just a few ideas. Explore the cards and see what else you can find that relates to the sun – additional interpretations or visual connections.

Also bear in mind that the sun adds the element of Fire to each card.

If you would like to learn step-by-step more about astrology and how to apply it in your Tarot work, then check out my Tarot Astrology self-study course, where you can download the complete planet exercise together with some funky journaling sheets.

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The Sun in the Tarot of Quotes

the sun in the tarot of quotes“Many people lose the small joys in the hope for the big happiness.”  
– Pearl S. Buck

The Fool has grown from a seedling into a beautiful sunflower – he’s come a long way!

The keyword for the Sun is happiness – being happy with what we have, even if it isn’t much; looking beyond the imperfections – nothing is perfect, but that’s okay.

Happiness is a way of being wise and enlightened.

Happiness is the key to success (not the other way round).

The Sun is also connected to the self, the ego, creativity, clarity and vitality.

When this card comes up in a reading, it’s all about you, positive thinking, your creative potential, joy, gratitude and contentment.

In the Major Arcana, the Sun follows the Moon, so it can also indicate that a confusing situation is now becoming clear.

What can you do today to brighten up your day? What simple pleasures could you indulge in today that would make you feel happy? 

“We need much less than we think we need.” 
– Maya Angelou

If you’d like to learn more about the Sun and all the other cards in the Tarot, please check out my ebook The Cosmic Faery Tarot Guidebook.

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