Going Pro: Overcoming the Madness of GDPR and HTTPS

the madness of gdpr and httpsIf you are running a business website or blog, then you will have come across the latest internet craze shaking up the virtual world.

First, we had to come to terms with spending extra money on SSL certificates, so Google would still pay us some attention.

When Google announced this move back in 2017, I lived in denial until now, last minute before my website would be condemned as ‘not secure’ and tossed into the ether’s garbage bin.

As if that wasn’t enough, the European Union has come along with the new general data protection regulation (GDPR).

Again, after a long period of denial and confusion, the whole internet world has gone bonkers in recent weeks flooding their subscribers with compliance and new opt-in emails.

We can all learn from the EU how to create an email spam virus.

But hey, I understand the reasons behind those new rules and regulations, so now you can check out my updated privacy policy and enjoy the cookie notice discretely placed at the bottom of my website, which you need to accept, otherwise it will stay there and irritate you for as long as you are browsing my virtual space.

Sorry about that, but they made me do it! Laughing

For a Piscean creative like me it has all been a bit of a fluster cluster, so the only way to calm myself down was to escape into the real world of gardening, socialising, art journaling and paper crafting.

I have even resurrected my Manifesting Change Empowerment cards (oh the irony) and made a YouTube video about them:

Watch the video for download info and light entertainment distraction, or go directly to my freebies page and find the link there.

That’s also the place, where you can now subscribe to my GDPR compliant Cosmic Newsletter <wink>.

So here I am, feeling like the Nine of Wands – exhausted but still standing!

Warmest wishes,


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