Death in the Tarot of Quotes

Death Tarot of QuotesJust in time for Halloween, here’s my latest creation:

Death in the Tarot of Quotes.

This card has already made an appearance in September, when I was blogging about the Power of Transformation, but today is its official introduction.

Death is one of the most feared and misunderstood cards in the Tarot, so I thought that a dramatic image of a skeleton trying to escape from its grave would give that reputation justice 🙂

But of course when this card comes up in a reading, it very rarely indicates physical death.

The skeleton and the Autumn leaves symbolise the shedding of old to allow for new growth in Spring.

Death is all about transformation, endings, conclusions, change.

Astrologically, Death is linked to Scorpio, the zodiac sign of transformation.

At Halloween, Scorpio is the ruling sun sign.

We are celebrating endings, but new beginnings follow swiftly: on the 1st November it’s the beginning of the Celtic new year and start of winter according to the Celtic tradition.

Transformation is happening gradually.

Endings, change and ultimately transformation are no easy processes to go through.

At times there is discomfort, emotional upheaval and pain along the way. But the message of this card is that something new will emerge that is taking us into a new direction.

Death in a reading may remind us of our own mortality and therefore asks us to live more consciously.

It also advises us to embrace change as a means for growth, even if it hurts at times.

For your Halloween contemplation, you can explore what this card means to you right now in your life:

  • What do you need to let go of that no longer serves you?
  • Who or what have you lost recently you need to come to terms with?
  • How can you best adapt to changes that you are facing? These changes can be external but also physically and emotionally.
  • How can you transform anguish, loss and grief into a new sense of purpose and understanding?

Halloween is also a good time to get in touch with your dark side. Find out more in my article Meet Your Shadow.

Whatever way you spend Halloween – spooky fun or quiet reflection – have a good one!


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