Tarot Astrology Course – Also Suitable For Tarot Professionals

Are you already receiving payment for your Tarot readings, but not familiar with astrological correspondences in the Tarot?

Would you like to learn how to apply Astrology to your readings offering your clients more refined and specific interpretations?

Would you like to extend the services you offer such as astrological personality profiles together with your Tarot readings?

Add value to your services by investing in yourself to learn a new skill, and rest assured you will get a return on your investment.

Astrology is very popular, and used professionally combined with Tarot has great potential for you to earn more money.

Because you will be working with me on a 1-2-1 basis rather than in an online group environment, I can adjust the course according to your current level of knowledge and reading experience. I’m flexible and respond to my students’ individual needs. I want you to succeed and earn the money back you invest in this course with the new skills you will have learned.

Click here for more information about my Tarot Astrology course, where you can also download a free trial exercise and the Planetary Tarot Spread.

Make Astrology work for you in your Tarot readings.

Starlight Blessings,



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