Judgement in the Tarot of Quotes

Judgement in the TarotHere’s the latest addition to my Tarot of Quotes – Judgement.

The card depicts the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin, Germany.

Wherever you live in the world, you may already have some judgement going on in your head, perhaps relating to history.

The Brandenburg Gate has witnessed a lot of Judgement in its time.

We often judge nations by their history and people by their nationalities and past (past relationships, past work experience, past “record”, childhood/upbringing, “baggage”, behaviour, reputation…).

But what if instead we judge people and countries by their potential, by what they can offer in the present and in the future?

Of course the past can have a great impact on our present and future.

We can certainly learn our lessons from past actions and events, but let us not condemn the rest of our lives with any resulting bitterness, resentment and defeatism.

And when we are in a position to take stock and judge ourselves, let us not use our past as an obstacle but simply as something that once was but no longer is.

Regardless of our heritage and our past, let us not become its victims, but live the beautiful lives we aspire to and deserve.

Keywords for Judgement in Tarot: review of past actions, taking stock, criticism, evaluation, appraisal, repentance, apology, forgiveness, atonement, guilt, at a crossroads; closure.

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