Going Pro: Why You Need To Discourage People From Buying A Reading From You

discourage people from buying a reading from you
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I see it all over social media: tarot readers enticing people to buy their readings with discounts and other special offers.

It’s a bit like clicking the Buy Now button for an email reading as if buying a t-shirt.

But if you are a tarot professional, then you actually need to discourage people from buying a reading from you.

Let’s pause for a moment and think. Buying a tarot email reading shouldn’t be like buying a t-shirt. It’s a spiritual service that offers reflection and guidance.

The last thing we want to do as tarot professionals is to lower a reading to the same level as making an Amazon purchase, which you can return for a full refund.

While requests for refunds are rare, they do occur, mainly because some clients don’t like the message they receive, and others weren’t bothered to  peruse your website to learn more about what kind of readings you provide and your terms of service.

You need to discourage people from buying a reading from you as part of your marketing strategy.

This includes making it clear on your website what kind of readings you provide and your terms of service, which may include a NO REFUND policy for readings already carried out.

The latter is your personal choice and depends on your willingness to put up with “tarot reading shoppers”.

These are people, who buy a number of readings online from various readers on the same question, and if they don’t like your reading, they’ll ask you for a refund.

There is this idea that you should offer a “money back guarantee” to make it easier for prospective clients to buy, but when it comes to provide a tarot reading in good faith, you will have spent time to carry it out, and that time is worth money.

By discouraging people to buy a reading from you with a no refund policy, you give them another chance to think before they buy rather than clicking the Buy Now button on impulse assuming they can ask for a refund if not happy.

Also consider listing reasons why NOT to buy a reading from you.

For example:

Don’t buy a reading from me, if you

  • want a prediction and then wait for it to materialise
  • don’t want to be pro-active about creating your future
  • want a quick fix
  • want the reading to be a miracle cure
  • reject new perspectives and viewpoints
  • are fixed on a certain outcome
  • want me to tell you just what you want to hear

This way you may well get less requests, but you will get better clients who know what to expect. They will be a better fit and make this work more rewarding for you.

While “negative” marketing seems counter-productive at first, it can help you find more suitable clients who you can connect with more easily.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this.

Wamrest wishes,



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