Going Pro: Why You Need To Discourage People From Buying A Reading From You

discourage people from buying a reading from you
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I see it all over social media: tarot readers enticing people to buy their readings with discounts and other special offers.

It’s a bit like clicking the Buy Now button for an email reading as if buying a t-shirt.

But if you are a tarot professional, then you actually need to discourage people from buying a reading from you.

Let’s pause for a moment and think. Buying a tarot email reading shouldn’t be like buying a t-shirt. It’s a spiritual service that offers reflection and guidance.

The last thing we want to do as tarot professionals is to lower a reading to the same level as making an Amazon purchase, which you can return for a full refund.

While requests for refunds are rare, they do occur, mainly because some clients don’t like the message they receive, and others weren’t bothered to  peruse your website to learn more about what kind of readings you provide and your terms of service.

You need to discourage people from buying a reading from you as part of your marketing strategy.

This includes making it clear on your website what kind of readings you provide and your terms of service, which may include a NO REFUND policy for readings already carried out.

The latter is your personal choice and depends on your willingness to put up with “tarot reading shoppers”.

These are people, who buy a number of readings online from various readers on the same question, and if they don’t like your reading, they’ll ask you for a refund.

There is this idea that you should offer a “money back guarantee” to make it easier for prospective clients to buy, but when it comes to provide a tarot reading in good faith, you will have spent time to carry it out, and that time is worth money.

By discouraging people to buy a reading from you with a no refund policy, you give them another chance to think before they buy rather than clicking the Buy Now button on impulse assuming they can ask for a refund if not happy.

Also consider listing reasons why NOT to buy a reading from you.

For example:

Don’t buy a reading from me, if you

  • want a prediction and then wait for it to materialise
  • don’t want to be pro-active about creating your future
  • want a quick fix
  • want the reading to be a miracle cure
  • reject new perspectives and viewpoints
  • are fixed on a certain outcome
  • want me to tell you just what you want to hear

This way you may well get less requests, but you will get better clients who know what to expect. They will be a better fit and make this work more rewarding for you.

While “negative” marketing seems counter-productive at first, it can help you find more suitable clients who you can connect with more easily.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this.

Wamrest wishes,



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The Magickal Ingredients of a Tarot Email Reading

professional tarot readings by emailAs a professional Tarot reader I have written nearly a thousand email readings, and as a Mentor for TABI have worked with many readers to help them hone their email reading skills.

I think I’ve seen it all: the good, the bad and the ugly.

Writing a quality Tarot email reading sounds easy, but it does require some special ingredients to make it worth the money you wish to charge.

If you are an aspiring Tarot professional, here are some tips on which magickal ingredients you need to add to make your readings stand out from the amateurs:

1. The Essence of a Reading

The three essential components of an email reading are encouragement, reassurance and inspiration.

When you write up your reading, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Have I encouraged the querent to think for themselves, face and overcome their fears or take action?
  • Have I reassured the querent without giving false hope? Have I aimed to boost their confidence?
  • Have I inspired the querent to embrace change, to move forward and to take responsibility for their lives?

2. Positivity

Being positive doesn’t mean avoiding reality or the truth. If a relationship is over, it’s over.

But even bad news can be conveyed with a sense of hope and optimism. Talk about the new beginnings and opportunities ahead. Always end a reading about a painful issue on an upbeat note.

3. Keep it simple

How often have I seen über-long, confusing sentences, irrelevant card descriptions and repeating messages?

Yes, we’re talking sentence structure and occasionally losing the plot. Nobody wants to read Ulysses-style sentences, but when you are in the flow of writing the reading, it can easily happen.

For clarity’s sake, less is often more. Avoid duplications and unnecessary waffle.

Ask yourself:

Have I made my point clearly and succinctly?
Have I answered the querent’s question or been too vague?
Is the information easy to understand?

4. Spelling, Grammar and Punctuation

For some Tarot readers spelling has proven to be a major hurdle in delivering professional email readings. This also applies to grammar and punctuation.

If you have issues with this, you will need to brush up your writing skills seriously. Nothing is worse than charging for a reading riddled with typos, over-usage of apostrophes and grammatical errors.

5. Compassion, Empathy and Objectivity

Tarot readers are by nature sensitive souls. When a querent contacts me for a reading, I can often sense the turmoil going on when reading their question, and I wish I could give them a proper big hug.

But it is important for a professional reader to combine compassion and empathy with objectivity and a certain level of detachment.

On behalf of the querent, you are looking at the bigger picture and connecting the dots without judgement and without dragging your own personal issues into the reading.

Make sure the reading is about the querent and not about you.

Many years ago, a well-meaning Tarot reader wrote in a reading “My mother always used to say to me…” 

Trust me, this is inappropriate, and your querent doesn’t want to know what your mother said.

Don’t include your personal experience in a professional reading, even when you sympathize or even identify with the querent.

To sum it all up, writing a professional Tarot email reading with a magickal touch isn’t as easy as it first seems. It’s a skill that needs to be developed.

That doesn’t mean I’m infallible. Far from it. Over the years, my readings have evolved, and yes, the odd typos and grammar howlers sneaked in on some occasions.

And with hindsight I felt some readings weren’t good enough in some way. That’s because I’m human and not a Tarot app…

What’s important though is to put the effort in to add all those magickal ingredients to your readings to make them the best they can be for your querents. This way you build your reputation as a truly professional reader.

Warmest wishes,


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