Tarot Guidance In 4 Words

emperor tarot nova tarot guidance in 4 words
“Put your foot down.” #tarotguidancein4words – Tarot Nova

There are many fun and creative ways to connect with the tarot and develop your reading skills, and here’s a little Tarot game you can play.

Let’s play Tarot Guidance in 4 Words – #tarotguidancein4words

How it works:

Shuffle your deck and pull a card.

Come up with a meaningful message in just four words that relates to the card. It should be a phrase or sentence, not just a set of keywords.

You can also apply this reading method to spreads, and in order to demonstrate it, I have used the Celtic Cross:

  1. Present Situation – The Tower: Break down, break through.
  2. What is crossing it – King of Cups: Be kind to yourself.
  3. Heart of the Matter – The Emperor: Put your foot down.
  4. Past influences – Knight of Pentacles: Persevere despite slow progress.
  5. Attitudes and Beliefs – Seven of Swords: Watch out for dishonesty.
  6. Near Future – Three of Swords: Heal your broken heart.
  7. You as you are – Ace of Cups: Embrace love around you.
  8. How others see you – Five of Pentacles: In need of help.
  9. Advice – Two of Wands: Take a new direction.
  10. Outcome – The Empress: Create your dream life.

Have a go and see what you come up with.

Share your ideas on social media (works great on Instagram) with #tarotguidancein4words and tag me @cosmicfaery

You can also use your oracle cards #oracleguidancein4words

Let’s play and offer some guidance along the way Laughing

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2 thoughts on “Tarot Guidance In 4 Words”

  1. Thank you for this ‘Tarot guidance in 4 Words’ article. I can see it being useful both as a teaching aid and another way of seeing the story unfold, as in the Celtic Cross.
    I also love the fact that you’ve chosen the Tarot Nova to illustrate this technique. The card quality isn’t great, but I laminated my deck and now they’ll last many years longer! I just wish they would print the deck on better quality card and increase the card size.

    1. Thank you for your comment! I recently bought the Tarot Nova, but I think it’s a new edition with larger cards. The size is approx. 65 x 80 mm. I know the original Tarot Nova was tiny. The card stock of the new edition seems fine to me, too. So far so good 🙂 You can click on the Tarot Nova link in the caption of the Emperor pic above to see the new edition. It’s not expensive either!

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