How To Create Your Own Oracle Deck

how to create your own oracle deckIt is surprisingly easy to create your own oracle deck. That’s because anything goes.

You don’t need to be artistically talented. You can choose your own artwork, but you can also use photography, your own or stock and public domain images.

It can be any theme, with or without keywords, phrases, size, any structure you like.

You can even choose how many cards your oracle deck contains. It’s all down to your imagination.

But you need to ensure that the deck you create actually works in a reading.

When I created the Cosmic Journaling Oracle, I applied a little trick to give it structure:

I used the Major Arcana from the Tarot to cover a universal range of life experiences, so the oracle would offer meaningful advice in readings.

For this purpose, choose an upright and reversed keyword for each of the 22 Major Arcana cards, and hey presto, you have the titles for 44 oracle cards.

cosmic journaling oracle cards handmadeFor example:

The Fool – new beginnings, folly
The Magician – potential, trickery
The High Priestess – intuition, illusion
The Empress – creativity, lethargy
The Emperor – leadership, control
The Hierophant – stability, dogma
The Chariot – independence, struggle

Once you have completed your list of cards you want to create, you can decide whether to just use the keywords or turn them into a phrase.

For example:

  • New beginnings: A new journey bears risks but also great reward.
  • Trickery: Beware of deception. Not all is what it seems.
  • Stability: A solid foundation provides security.

You can also expand on these phrases. In fact, if you don’t have the artwork for your oracle deck yet, you can just print the oracle messages.

I have done this for the Mainfesting Change Empowerment Cards and the healing cards included in Cosmic Journaling Through The Year.

Next, print your cards. Insert them in a Word table (you can also do this in Google Docs) and convert the document to PDF:

make your own oracle deck
Cards printed on 180g light blue card stock suitable for inkjet printers

For the artwork I have used my own photography.

Check out How to create your own Tarot Deck for more information on photo editing websites and where you can get your deck printed, if you want to sell it.

However, as a first step create your own oracle deck for personal use and try it out.

A handmade oracle deck would even make a great gift for a friend, who is into this kind of thing ?


Just in case you do decide at a later stage to have your deck printed by a printing company, make sure the size of the images complies with standard playing card sizes, otherwise you will have to reformat all your images, which would be a lot of unnecessary extra work.

You can find the sizes on printing companies’ websites, most of which will have templates for you to download.

You can choose from mini size (like mine) right through to tarot/large playing card sizes. Some companies even offer round and square card printing.

Try this…

An oracle deck with keywords can also be used as a random tarot spread generator, a technique I have already mentioned in my previous post.

Simply draw three cards to create your spread. Here’s an example:

cosmic journaling oracle spread

You can either formulate a question around each keyword or just keep as it is to read intuitively with a tarot card drawn for each keyword.

Now it’s over to you to create your own magical oracle deck, or make a start by downloading the digital edition of the Cosmic Journaling Oracle (take advantage of 15% sharing discount during September!)

Warmest wishes,


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Combining Tarot And Oracle Cards In Your Readings

combining tarot and oracle decksCombining tarot and oracle cards in a reading can offer you a fresh and innovative approach to divination.

There are no rules except experiment and use your imagination.

For that reason combining tarot and oracle cards can be confusing at first, so I’ve come up with some ideas on how to get started.

Take a look at the following image. How would you interpret the cards to answer the question?

cosmic faery tarot and cosmic journaling oracle

While the tarot card in the centre offers you an overall theme or direction, the two cards of the oracle deck focus on specifics.

Sometimes it is the clarity and succinctness of the oracle that can help you pinpoint the true heart of the matter.

It can offer straightforward and immediate empowerment, something you can act upon straight away.

Instead of Help you could have drawn the Six of Pentacles from your tarot deck, or the King of Swords instead of Knowledge. Possibilities for interpretation would have increased but also become more vague.

What also works is the complementary artwork of both decks, which can make readings more fluid and coherent.

Here are more examples of tarot and oracle decks that work well together:

1. Rider Waite Smith Tarot – Pixie’s Astounding Lenormand

Can you combine Tarot and Lenormand cards in a reading even though they are totally different systems?

Yes, why not? If you want to learn more about the Lenormand system, check out Cafe Lenormand.

In the meantime, here is a 3-card reading I have done to address a possible career move using Tarot and Lenormand cards together:

rws and pixies lenormand

Here, the focus is on the Tarot while the Lenormand indicates underlying influences / energies.

The centre card is the heart of the matter surrounded by two energy cards, whereby the card on the right offers an insight into future development / possibilities / direction of this situation.

Eight of Pentacles / Tower: Effort, mastery, a full schedule; being immersed in work. The Tower suggests that the working environment allows advancement, but bureaucracy can be stifling. Timing (Lenormand): 19 days or weeks, so this can be a long-term situation.

Three of Cups / Tree: The total opposite to hard work is having fun and joyful times with people. The need for work-life balance. Reaching out, being social. The Tree suggests that this will maintain health and keep me grounded.

The Star / Child: (Starchild!) Hope, optimism, the future looks bright. The child suggests new beginnings albeit on a small scale. Timing (Lenormand): soon, so there could be some short-term developments that may lead to new opportunities in the future.

Tree – Tower – Child: It is also interesting to look at the Lenormand row separately for additional information.

The combination of Tree and Tower suggests hospital, and funnily enough my part-time work is based in a health service/care environment.

The combination of Tower and Child suggests child welfare, adoption services and teenagers. I’m blown away how much this relates to my work and life (my teenage son lol).

The bigger picture is slowly emerging from this Tarot/Lenormand combination.

2. Morgan Greer Tarot – Chakra Wisdom Oracle

morgan greer tarot chakra wisdom oracle

If you would like to combine tarot with chakras, then the Chakra Wisdom Oracle offers a great introduction to chakra balancing and healing.

The spread in the above image is taken from the Chakra Wisdom guidebook and about removing blocks:

What do you perceive as a problem: Empress – Instinct (trusting inner guidance, solitary journey, self-reliance, moving into sovereignty)
What is blocking you: Three of Pentacles – Impatience (wishing for quick results, being exhausted by efforts, forcing something, uncooperative people)
What would create a breakthrough: Six of Swords – Impartiality (take a step back, detach from emotions, take a break, distraction can offer new perspective)
What you must do to create what you desire: Knight of Wands – Insecurity (tackle insecurity by being bold and taking risks; be more confident about your abilities / opportunities)

The tarot cards (Morgan Greer) in this reading  point to the how, why and where. 

In order to get used to combining tarot and oracle cards, you can try this reading using both decks seperately and see what information would be missing by only using one deck.

3. The Wild Unknown Tarot – Connected & Free Oracle

Here, I have used the Connected and Free Oracle to determine positional meanings for this 3-card spread with the Wild Unknown Tarot:

wild unknown tarot connected and free oracle

Surrender: Son of Wands (Knight)
Beginnings: Daughter of Swords (Page)
Be You: Six of Pentacles

I love how you can create new intuitive spreads with the Connected and Free Oracle. Here’s another one:

Sun’s Rays (what is becoming clear)
Flying High (what will accelerate creativity / raise your vibes)
Slow down (where do you need to take it easy / rest / slow down)

4. Bohemian Gothic Tarot – Madame Endora’s Fortune Cards

bohemian gothic tarot and madame endora

For this tarot and oracle combination, I have chosen a 3-card spread from the Cosmic Faery Guidebook:

Reflect: The World – The Sphinx (Choose your words carefully)
Illuminate: The Sun – The Harlequin (True feelings are masked)
Discover: Knight of Cups – Fire (Reckless actions lead to conflict)

I love how Madame Endora’s Fortune cards offer a sinister but revealing twist to this reading with the Bohemian Gothic Tarot.

Again, explore the difference if only one of these decks was used for this reading.

If you are new to combining tarot and oracle cards, you can start off by drawing an oracle card at the end of a tarot reading as a special message or overall advice.

For this purpose, use an oracle deck with phrases or complete message rather than just keywords such as the Spirit Oracle:

spirit oracle cards

On the other hand, when you do an oracle reading, you can begin by drawing a tarot card to determine the theme or situation.

As you can see, possibilities are endless, and I have only scratched the surface with this article.

Hopefully, my suggestions offer you inspiration to start combining tarot and oracle cards. You will find that this technique will open up a new dimension in your readings and uncover new insights.

Warmest wishes,


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The Cosmic Journaling Oracle Update

cosmic journaling oracle
Cosmic Journaling Oracle

Last week I received the printed version of my Cosmic Journaling Oracle deck, and I’m very pleased with the result!

Does the world need yet another set of oracle cards? I hear you ask 🙂

Well, it’s up to you to decide, but I have created this one to offer you something different:

  • The universal keywords on the cards all refer to one of the Major Arcana cards in the Tarot and are easy to make sense of (unlike card names such as The Hierophant). This way it should work well in readings whatever issue you’d like to explore.
  • The cards have been designed for you to create your own meanings and interpretation for each keyword. Journal about the cards to explore what each keyword means to you, so you can apply it in your readings (hence the word ‘Journaling’ in the name of the deck).
  • There is a digital version available in addition to a very limited printed edition. With a digital copy of the deck you can print the images as often as you like for personal use – a reading copy on good quality heavy card stock (any kind of paper in quality and colour of your choice) as well as prints on paper to cut out and stick in your journal.
  • The pocket-size cards are cute and ideal to take with you on your travels, to the coffee shop, work, uni, etc…
  • They work very well combined with the Cosmic Faery Tarot, which is also available as digital and printed copy in the same style (except the size of the tarot cards will be larger).

abundance cosmic journaling oracle digitalAs you can see above, the printed version has a black background and border.

However, the digital version has a white background and a small black border.

The reason for this is to make this deck printer-friendly (won’t be using up all your black ink!) and also allow for the flexibility to choose the colour of paper you prefer.

With a digital copy it is also easier for me to offer you some free bonus cards as I create them. Oh the wonders and delights of the virtual world!

Watch out for my Facebook page competition to win a free printed copy!

Warmest wishes,


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Happy Spring Equinox

spring equinoxThe days are getting longer, but due to the snow we’ve been having here in Leeds, the warmer weather just seems like a distant dream away.

Despite the cold, the Robin in the garden is building his nest – so pleased to see he’s building it in the ivy growing up the wall of our house.

His little family will be safe up there from the cats at least.

The Robin has inspired me to create a new image for my oracle deck in progress, which will be in the same style as my Tarot of Quotes. Feel free to share it.

The Spring Equinox is a time of new life emerging and the promise of long, sunny, carefree summer days ahead.

Spring heralds the dawning of creativity, generating new ideas, making plans, setting goals and working on turning dreams into reality.

It’s like sowing seeds and nurturing them to fruition.

What are your creative aspirations you would like to pursue and manifest over the coming months?

If you want to use the Tarot for guidance, you can try out my Ostara tarot spread to explore your opportunities and make things happen.

It’s always so rewarding to see how students benefit from my teachings.

Please read Joanna’s seasonal article about how she has applied astrology in her tarot work on her blog Sun Goddess Tarot.

It’s an inspirational springtime read, and from there you can explore and enjoy even more interesting tarot related articles.

Wishing you a Blessed and Inspiring Spring Equinox!


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The Journey Oracle Review

journey oralcle

This review of the Journey Oracle by Adrienne Trafford was first published in the Spring 2012 edition of the TABI e-zine.

The Journey Oracle is a set of 46 colourful cards packaged in an attractive hinged keepsake box together with a small instruction booklet.

The cards measure 115mm x 70 mm and are printed on glossy card stock.

Before I started reading about the cards in the booklet, I decided to spread them out and let them speak to me.

First I noticed that virtually all cards depicted women, mostly with auburn hair (hardly a blonde in sight!).

The artwork and style is quite girly. Each card contains a keyword, such as Hope, Passion and Loss, which are self-explanatory.

There is also a set of Queens (Queen of Hearts, Queen of Diamonds, Queen of Spades, Queen of Clubs) as well as personality types, such as the Adventurer, the Vampire and the Puppet.

From the description of the Queens in the booklet it is possible to relate them to the four tarot queens, e.g. Hearts (Cups), Diamonds (Wands), Spades (Swords), Clubs (Pentacles), so for tarot readers this will be easy to remember.

You may notice by now that there is hardly any structure to this deck.

It even contains four cards with a landscape layout, with the keywords Desire, The Guardian, Eternity and The Goddess.

It’s all very random in my opinion, but does a “life path” deck need to be structured?

The author explains in the booklet that she started creating the images, when she found herself at a crossroads, and her journey ahead was along a rocky, uncertain road.

This may explain the somewhat melancholy feel of the cards, and perhaps we can conclude from this that life can be quite random at times, without structure and not making much sense.

So how do you read with this deck?

The author suggests picking just one card for guidance, but you can also choose a standard tarot card spread, such as a 3-card past/present/future layout.

Keeping it simple is the best option with this deck, as it will give clear, concise and straight-forward messages.

Does this deck give accurate readings?

I have pulled a card each day over a week and found that I could relate to all of them in some way.

A 3-card past/present/future reading was also quite revealing and described accurately the issue I was addressing.

When I used the deck for friends, they also related well to the issues that were addressed.

Overall, the Journey Oracle is a delightful, feminine deck that offers insightful readings.

It’s simple but effective; there’s no need to study the explanatory booklet in detail before starting to use them, and there’s no need for large, complicated spreads.

From my experience so far with this deck, it will offer meaningful messages and guidance on any issue.

Schiffer Publishing Ltd, ISBN 978-0-7643-3783-3

Buy my preloved copy HERE

Buy from 

Buy from the Book Depository (FREE delivery worldwide)

Warmest wishes,


Madame Endora’s Fortune Cards

Madame Endora's Fortune Cards

I’m not the greatest fan of oracle decks; they tempt me with their beautiful artwork, and then disappoint me with flat and sometimes shallow readings. 

But I love dark decks, so when I noticed Madame Endora’s Fortune Cards, I was immediately drawn to the atmospheric images of the cards and decided to give them a try.

The deck was designed by the creators of the Gothic Tarot, which already hints at the atmosphere of the deck – dark, moody, mysterious.

There is a nice feel to the card stock; it’s somehow grippy and therefore easy to shuffle.

The cards themselves measure a standard size of 12.50 cm x 7.50 cm.

Madame Endora's Fortune CardsThe artwork of the 48 cards blends fantasy, Egyptian and Celtic themes, and the style of the deck is described in the accompanying booklet as “incorporating mythical lore and old world concepts of the Tarot with New Age mysticism”.

This is just my style of artwork Smile

The colours of the card images are vibrant with lots of gold on a black background.

The title of the card is on top with a short explanation at the bottom, for example “The Gate – A barrier keeps you from your goal.”

This allows the beginner to start reading the cards immediately.

The deck is divided into five suits:

The Royal Court—representing people influencing your life or aspects of yourself

The Realm of Fable—various beings from ancient lore representing outside forces affecting your destiny

The Bestiary—creatures of legend representing valuable lessons and truths to be discovered

The Treasury—mystical tools and treasures symbolising aid and guidance in achieving your goals

The Elements—consisting of celestial bodies and the natural forces, which all surround and influence us on a daily basis

The mini booklet included provides brief explanations for each card and also suggests some specially created spreads for this deck, such as the Oracle of the Dawning Day and the Seer’s Fan.

The cards are meant to be read upright; there are no reversed meanings. However, there is definitely potential to introduce reversals for additional depth.

This deck proved a hit with my friends at Halloween. Most of the readings were accurate and to the point (surprise!).

Some of the cards suggest a link to dark magic, such as The Raven, The Hand of Fate and The Mystic Circle. My friends loved that one, especially on Halloween, but not sure how regular clients would take to it.

Unlike the traditional Tarot deck, Madame Endora’s Fortune cards are specifically designed for fortune-telling, with statements such as “darkness looms on the horizon” and “your luck will soon change”, but it’s certainly worth a try using them for more insightful readings offering advice and guidance.

Madame Endora's Fortune Cards

Madame Endora’s Fortune Cards, by Joseph Vargo & Christine Filipak, 48 cards with small instruction booklet

Published by Monolith Graphics 2003

Buy this deck from

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The Fairy Ring Oracle Review

fairy ring oracleEnter the enchanting world of the fairy folk.

Meet an illustrious group of magical creatures such as banshees, brownies, pixies and leprechauns.

Encounter famous figures such as Morgan Le Fey, Robin Goodfellow and Jack Frost.

They have been called the Little People or the fae in the Celtic lands.

Much loved for their ability to bestow great gifts to those who are favoured, they are also feared for wreaking household mayhem if angered.

With the Fairy Ring Oracle deck you can immerse yourself into this magical world and listen to the wisdom of the Little People.

I have gained much insight into the fairy world by using this deck; Anna Franklin and Paul Mason have put in much thought and effort to create a distinctive 60-card deck, which incorporates all the lovely fairy lore and legends.

The Fairy Ring has eight “fairy festival” cards: Imbolc, Ostara, Beltane, Midsummer, Lughnasa, Herfest, Samhain, and Yule.

It also contains the four suits (“Courts”) – Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter – with thirteen cards each from Ace to Nine and the four court cards Lady, Knave, Queen and King.

The evocative artwork combines photographs with original illustrations via computer imaging in a truly effective way.

Each card is surrounded by a luscious border indicating the season of the suit and depicts a particular type of faery creature or, in some cases, a particular faery personality.

For example, the seven in the Spring Court is an Asrai (small water fairy) while the eight in the Winter Court is the Bogeyman.

The authors appear as characters in the deck. Anna Franklin is the Green Lady and the Lake Maiden while Paul Mason is King Finvarra.

The 248-page book contains a wealth of information including introductions to the fairies, card meanings – both upright and reversed – as well as suggestions for path working and meditation.

Having used this deck for over a year now, I must confess that I enjoy it a lot.

Rather than doing large and complicated spreads, I prefer one or two-card readings, simply answering the question: What do I need to pay attention to in my life right now? and the message of the fairies never disappoints!

fairy ring oracle cardIf you have an interest in faery lore and would like to learn more, then this oracle deck is for you.

The gateway to the Otherworld stands open for you to enter and receive the guidance of the Little People.

The Fairy Ring Oracle, written by Anna Franklin, illustrated by Paul Mason

60 cards and 248-page book

Buy the Fairy Ring Oracle from or the Book Depository (free worldwide delivery).

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