The Kings in the Tarot of Quotes

kings in the tarot king of wandsFollowing on from the Queens, we are now completing our court card explorations with the Kings in the Tarot.

Both the Queens and Kings are the masters and authorities of the court card families, but they specialise in different areas.

Whereas the Queens focus on yin aspects including feelings, care-giving, slowness and receptivity, the Kings embody yang aspects such as being pro-active, providing, dominant and restless.

Kings are linked to the element Fire, and as such they display Wands qualities in varying degrees according to their suits.

Kings tend to represent men, but they can also represent women, who display masculine traits or need to develop some of them for personal growth.

Just like the Queens, the Kings in a reading can also represent another person or an energy surrounding the querent, something they need to pay attention to.

King of Wands

Esoteric Title: The Lord of the Flame and Lightning. The King of the Spirits of Fire.

Astrological attribution: Leo

Elemental association: Fire of Fire

Characteristics and personality traits: dynamic, energetic, ambitious, decisive, powerful, confident, generous, honourable, risk-taking

Negative traits include domineering, forceful, arrogant, self-importance, hot-tempered, power-hungry, aggressive, crushing

king of cups tarot of quotes

King of Cups

Esoteric Title: The Lord of the Waves and the Waters. The King of the Hosts of the Sea.

Astrological attribution: Scorpio

Elemental association: Fire of Water

Characteristics and personality traits: compassionate, keeps feelings under control, emotional intelligence and balance, caring, kindness

Negative traits include moodiness, self-pity, weak, wimpish, hen-pecked, sentimental, hypersensitive, passive-aggressive

king of swords tarot

King of Swords

Esoteric Title: The Lord of the Wind and the Breezes. The Lord of the Spirits of Air.

Astrological attribution: Aquarius

Elemental association: Fire of Air

Characteristics and personality traits: logical, intelligent, problem-solving, eloquent, fair, detached, calculating, firm, sharp-witted

Negative traits include ruthless, dismissive, goal-orientated, cutting, merciless, cold-hearted, cruel

king of pentacles tarot

King of Pentacles

Esoteric Title: The Lord of the Wild and Fertile Land. The King of the Spirits of Earth.

Astrological attribution: Taurus

Elemental association: Fire of Earth

Characteristics and personality traits: responsible, industrious, productive, dependable, paternal, efficient, steady, sensible, prosperous

Negative traits include conventional, stubborn, dull, over-cautious, stuck in a rut, inflexible, unadventurous, lack of imagination

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The Queens in the Tarot of Quotes

the queens in the tarot of quotesThe Queens in the Tarot are the mothers of the court card family.

They often represent women, but they can also relate to men, who display feminine traits (e.g. nurturing and caring) or need to get more in touch with their feminine side.

Together with the Kings, the Queens in the Tarot have authority and lead by example.

They are the ones, who take care of the emotional and nurturing aspect of their leadership, as they are linked to the element Water.

Other characteristics include maturity, experience, stability, confidence.

In a reading, the Queens may indicate people, such as a person surrounding the querent or the querent him/herself.

They can also suggest an energy surrounding the querent or character traits that need to be developed or avoided.

Queen of Wands

Esoteric Title: The Queen of the Thrones of Flame

Astrological attribution: Aries

Elemental association: Water of Fire

Characteristics and personality traits: passionate, enthusiastic, exuberant, creative, energetic, active, extrovert, fun-loving, sociable, generous

Negative traits include vanity, tyranny, jealousy, egotism, domineering, catty, pushy

queen of cupsQueen of Cups

Esoteric Title: The Queen of the Thrones of the Waters

Astrological attribution: Cancer

Elemental association: Water of Water

Characteristics and personality traits: sensitive, compassionate, imaginative, intuitive, reflective, introvert, quiet, observant, artistic, calm, receptive, emotional

Negative traits include depressive, emotional overwhelm, irrational, fearful, apathy, inertia, smothering, impractical, clingy

queen of swordsQueen of Swords

Esoteric Title: The Queen of the Thrones of Air

Astrological attribution: Libra

Elemental association: Water of Air

Characteristics and personality traits: witty, clever, diplomatic, firm but fair, objective, stoic, stiff upper lip, sensible, perceptive, independent, outspoken

Negative traits include coldness, deceitful, impatience, bluntness, heartless, bitterness, calculating, devious, lonely, vindictive, unapproachable

queen of pentaclesQueen of Pentacles

Esoteric Title: The Queen of the Thrones of Earth

Astrological attribution: Capricorn

Elemental association: Water of Earth

Characteristics and personality traits: practical, down-to-earth, crafty, sensual, homely, resourceful, industrious, striving, health-conscious, nature-loving, frugal, thrifty, conservative

Negative traits include miserliness, stinginess, neglectful, sluggishness, dullness, greediness, overbearing, timid, possessive

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The Pages in the Tarot of Quotes

pages in the tarot, page of wandsThe Pages in the Tarot are the children of the court card family.

They symbolise new beginnings, inexperience, youth (and the young at heart), enthusiasm, playfulness, naivety, curiosity, immaturity and potential.

They are similar to the Aces, but whereas the Aces represent the purest energy and root of their suit, which can turn into anything, the Pages are trying to get a handle on the energy of their particular suit.

So for Pentacles, for example, the Ace could represent an opportunity for money coming your way (no indication of how), but the Page would try to figure out how to make more money, learn a new skill or get a new job.

Unlike Aces, Pages also tend to indicate personality traits and more practical advice, which is reflected in their association with the element Earth.

Astrologically, just like the Aces, the Pages are also each assigned to a mix of zodiac signs indicating their individual traits and potential.

Pages can represent people, events (often appearing as messengers), energies surrounding a situation or personality traits.

For my Tarot deck, I have chosen flowers to represent the Pages to symbolise their link to the element Earth. Also I feel that flowers express the fragile nature and vulnerability of the Pages.

The Page of Wands is a red poppy. The red poppy is a bold, vibrant flower first appearing in Spring, which is the season linked to the suit of Wands based on the Golden Dawn tradition.

In magickal tradition, the red poppy symbolises creativity and imagination.

In the blandness of a wheat field, poppies stand out with their bright red colour, which represents the personality of the Page of Wands – confident, energetic, courageous, a bit noisy, seeking attention.

Esoteric Title: Princess of the Shining Flame; the Rose of the Palace of Fire; Princess and Empress of Salamanders

Astrological attribution: Cancer, Leo and Virgo

Elemental association: Fire of Earth

Characteristics and personality traits:

Energetic, eager, sociable, fun loving, restless, creative, courageous. Can be impulsive, reckless; sometimes finding it hard to concentrate and focus; short attention span; over-confident.

The quote chosen for the Page of Wands reflects her pioneering urge to explore new territory, get-up-and-go attitude and love for adventures.

page of cups tarot of quotesThe Page of Cups is a water lily. The water lily is an elegant and fragrant flower growing in still waters in temperate and tropical places around the world.

Water lilies flower in the Summer months here in the Northern Hemisphere, the season linked to the suit of Cups in the Golden Dawn tradition.

Water lilies are associated with spiritual enlightenment and symbolise purity, pleasure, peace, celebration and sexuality.

Esoteric Title: Princess of the Waters; the Lotus of the Palace of the Floods; Princess and Empress of Nymphs and Undines

Astrological attribution: Libra, Scorpio and Sagittarius

Elemental association: Water of Earth

Characteristics and personality traits:

Sensitive, gentle, shy, quiet, artistic, dreamy, introvert, affectionate, loving, intuitive. Can be over-emotional at times, vulnerable, gullible and escapist.

The quote chosen for the Page of Cups reflects her urge to explore the emotional realm and trying to make sense of the vast array of mixed and confusing feelings and emotions.

page of swords in the tarot of quotesThe Page of Swords is a Dandelion. The yellow flower of the Dandelion transforms into a seed ball that blows into the air.

Dandelion grows from Spring right through to late Autumn, the season linked to the suit of Swords.

It is often regarded as a weed due to its profusion, but it is actually a very useful plant and entirely edible.

The yellow flower of the Dandelion symbolises communication, clarity and intelligence, whereas the white seed ball symbolises cleansing, space and new beginnings.

Esoteric Title: Princess of the Rushing Winds; Lotus of the Palace of Air; Princess and Empress of Sylphs and Sylphides

Astrological Attribution: Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces

Elemental association: Air of Earth

Characteristics and personality traits:

Alert, intelligent, rebellious, truth-seeking, independent thinker, innovative, detached, argumentative, cutting, rash, defensive

The quote chosen for the Page of Swords reflects her urge to explore and discover the truth, cutting through deception and being honest without fear of conflict.

page of pentacles in the tarot of quotesThe Page of Pentacles is a snowdrop. The snowdrop is the only bulbous flower amongst my Pages.

Ornamental bulbous plants like the snowdrop used to be prized possessions and therefore symbolise wealth and status.

The snowdrop flowers in winter, the season linked to the suit of Pentacles. It is a symbol of new growth, hope and resilience, because it thrives even in the coldest conditions.

Esoteric Title: Princess of the Echoing Hills, Rose of the Palace of Earth, Princess and Empress of the Gnomes

Astrological Attribution: Aries, Taurus and Gemini

Elemental association: Earth of Earth

Characteristics and personality traits:

Practical, dependable, nurturing, loves nature, eager to learn new skills and crafts, building and making things, getting hands dirty, sensual, hedonistic, stubborn, obsessive.

The quote chosen for the Page of Pentacles reflects her willingness to invest time and effort into work and learning new skills in order to create security and abundance.

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The Knights in the Tarot of Quotes

knights in the tarot of quotes, knight of wandsIn a recent light bulb moment I’ve decided to portray the knights in my Tarot deck as birds.

In the Golden Dawn tradition, the tarot knights are linked to the element air, so I thought birds would represent the mutable court card members well.

Knights in the Tarot suggest movement, change and travel.

They are the juveniles of the court card family – volatile, unpredictable at times, searching, on a mission, energetic, ready for battle.

Knights can represent people, events or the energy surrounding a situation.

The Knight of Wands

Esoteric Title: Lord of the Flame and Lightning.

The Knight of Wands is a peacock. The male peacock is a flamboyant bird; his feathery frock is a mix of dazzling blues, greens, specks of yellow/gold, black and greys.

He impresses the ladies with his extravagant eye-spotted tail.

If the peacock was a human, he would be an ambitious fashion designer or expressionist artist ?

Personality traits and characteristics:

Sagittarius – adventurous, confident, active, optimistic, sociable, creative, enthusiastic, insensitive, cocky, risk-taking, hot-tempered

The quote I’ve chosen for the Knight of Wands reflects his confidence, determination, enthusiasm and willingness to take risks and overcome any fears.

Knight of Cups, Tarot of Quotes

The Knight of Cups

Esoteric Title: Lord of the Waves and Waters

The Knight of Cups is represented by a swan.

Swans are elegant birds with white plumage and often found on lakes. They are a symbol of peace and tranquility.

Swans tend to be monogamous birds; swans bond with their mates for life. How romantic!

If the swan was a human, he would work in the medical profession, as a doctor, nurse or carer.

Personality traits and characteristics:

Pisces – romantic, idealistic, affectionate, imaginative, tender, loving, needy, evasive, impractical, over-sensitive, obsessive

The quote I’ve chosen for the Knight of Cups expresses his tendency to be emotionally dramatic.

He can easily fall in love with his head in a spin, and when love isn’t reciprocated, he can then fall into depression and self-pity.

In those dark moments, the Knight of Cups can write the best poems.

knight of swords tarot

The Knight of Swords

Esoteric Title: Lord of the Winds and Breezes

The Knight of Swords is a crow. These carrion birds are considered to be very intelligent.

They use tools to hunt and access food.

Crows also have excellent memory where they have stored their food.

A flock of crows is sometimes also called a “murder” of crows; this is telling us a lot about the crow’s reputation and mythology.

Crows and ravens are associated with death and the “otherworld”.

In medieval times, they were regarded as bad omens, and even today, a flock of them can look foreboding and their calls sound menacing.

If crows were human, they would work in occupations that tend to bear bad news but also require analytical intelligence such as police force and lawyers.

His mathematical aptitude would also allow the Knight of Swords to work in the banking profession. Now that offers us a new perspective on the bankers, doesn’t it. ?

Personality traits and characteristics:

Gemini – versatile, curious, cunning, chatty, sociable, lively, inventive, fickle, emotionally detached, cold, restless

The quote I’ve chosen for the Knight of Swords reflects his tendency to act quickly and decisively without deep thought or consideration.

His intentions and actions are clear-cut, sharp and to the point.

The Knight of Swords is unconcerned about anybody in his path getting hurt along the way; he’d simply call it “collateral damage”.

Knight of Pentacles, Tarot of Quotes

The Knight of Pentacles

Esoteric Title: The Lord of the Wild and Fertile Land

The Knight of Pentacles is a pigeon. These birds are down-to-earth, eat any grub they can get and don’t mind getting mucky.

Pigeons are adaptable; they also mate for life and tend to live in colonies of up to 500 birds.

They symbolise home, security and perseverance.

If pigeons were humans, they would work in outdoor jobs, farming, gardening, cleaning and waste disposal.

Personality traits and characteristics:

Virgo – prudent, shrewd, practical, meticulous, efficient, dependable, over-critical, pedantic, narrow-minded

The quote chosen for the Knight of Pentacles reflects his willingness to invest continuous effort, self-control and determination to achieve his goals.

The Cosmic Faery Tarot is available in print or as a digital copy as part of the Cosmic Faery Tarot Guidebook.

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The Witchy Tarot Review

Witchy Tarot

The Witchy Tarot is a seriously funky, slightly naughty deck, depicting saucy witches with big pointy hats, goats, broomsticks and even scateboards!

At first glance, the images are fun, full of symbolism, and each one really tells a story.

The style is a mix of traditional and contemporary – surrounded by nature and old-fashioned kitchens and gardens, the witches are dressed in mini skirts, flare trousers, stockings and high heels.

This deck certainly has a sense of humour!

The Major Arcana is based on a traditional tarot deck, but it is also divided into groups of 7 cards relating to tools, plants and animals that are part of a witch’s life.

The Devil is the odd one out – he doesn’t belong to any group.

Some of the Major Arcana cards are interpreted differently to my own perception.

For example, the Fool‘s keywords are “chaos, haste, breathlessness, loss, rebellion”, whereas the Hermit‘s interpretation is “sluggishness, delay, cold blood”.

In comparison to the Hermit, the Hanged Man suggests “temptation, punishment, natural therapy”.

The Minor Arcana has been changed the most; the suits and the court cards have been renamed:


Flames – Wands
Cauldrons – Cups
Broomsticks – Swords
Boulders – Pentacles

Court cards:

Celebration – Page
Moon – Knight
Goddess – Queen
Trial – King

There is method to this madness, but you really have to get used to it.

For example, the “celebrations” relate to the four fire festivals of the Wiccan/Pagan wheel of the year:

Celebration of Flames (Page of Wands) – Beltane
Celebration of Cauldrons (Page of Cups) – Imbolc
Celebration of Broomsticks – (Page of Swords) – Samhain
Celebration of Boulders (Page of Pentacles) – Lammas

The Moon seems an apt connection to the Knight expressing volatility and movement. The four phases of the moon are linked to each Knight:

Moon of Flames (Knight of Wands) – Waxing Moon
Moon of Cauldrons (Knight of Cups) – Full Moon
Moon of Broomsticks (Knight of Swords) – New Moon
Moon of Boulders (Knight of Pentacles) – Waning Moon

The Goddesses (Queens) are:

Flames – Holda (German)
Cauldrons – Bona Dea (Roman)
Broomsticks – Morrigan (Celtic)
Boulders – Hekate (Greek)

The Trials (Kings):

Flames – Flight with whip and broomstick
Cauldrons – Sabbath with dancing
Broomsticks – Initiation and kiss
Boulders – The brand of fire

I really like these correspondences and have listed them here, so you can make use of them with any tarot deck, if they resonate with you.

The enclosed mini booklet offers a brief overview of the structure of this deck and card interpretations.

It also contains a 13-card spread, the Circle of Witches, which is useful as a general reading covering all aspects of life.

Overall, I really enjoy getting to know the Witchy Tarot. It’s a deck for 21st century women, who embrace witchcraft as the “Craft of the Wise” and as a tool for empowerment and spiritual growth.

Although this deck may be aimed at the younger generation, it will appeal to the young at heart regardless of age.

Witchy Tarot 3 of CauldronsFinally, I have drawn a card that expresses the inherent energy of the Witchy Tarot:

3 of Cauldrons

“Witches cuddles, tenderness, assistance, availability, communication, study, love designs with an older man”

Hang on – love designs with an older man?



Good vibes from this deck all around!

Buy it from the Book Depository

(free worldwide delivery)

Witchy Tarot, Laura Tuan & Antonella Platano (Artist)
© 2003 Lo Scarabeo

Warmst wishes,


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Exploring Your Persona Cards

Sharman Caselli Court Cards
Sharman-Caselli Tarot © 2005 Connections Book Publishing Ltd

The court cards in the Tarot represent personality types, and in a reading they can relate to people, energies or personality traits that need either to be applied to a certain situation or avoided.

If you use the Tarot to deepen your self-knowledge, you can explore your personality (and that of others) by identifying your persona card and its opposing shadow card.

First of all, find your persona card from the list below; this card relates to your sun sign:

Aries—Queen of Wands
Taurus—King of Pentacles
Gemini—Knight of Swords
Cancer—Queen of Cups
Leo—King of Wands
Virgo—Knight of Pentacles
Libra—Queen of Swords
Scorpio—King of Cups
Sagittarius—Knight of Wands
Capricorn—Queen of Pentacles
Aquarius—King of Swords
Pisces—Knight of Cups

The Pages are not included in this list, but if you feel more like a child-like Page rather than a Knight, Queen or King, then choose the Page of the suit that relates to your sun sign, e.g. if you are Gemini (Knight of Swords), you can choose the Page of Swords instead.

Next, identify your opposing card by taking the following two steps:

1. Select the opposite role of your persona card, e.g. if you are a King, select Page:

King – Page
Queen – Knight
Knight – Queen
Page – King

2. Select the opposite of your suit, e.g. if you are Cups, choose Wands:

Wands – Cup
Cups – Wands
Swords – Pentacles
Pentacles – Swords

So, for me this means that my persona card is the Knight of Cups (I’m Pisces), and my opposing shadow card is the Queen of Wands.

Your persona card relating to your sun sign reflects your outer personality and your strengths; personality traits you openly express and feel comfortable with.

Your shadow card on the other hand indicates hidden elements of your personality, weaknesses, and character traits and behaviours you prefer to keep hidden, are unconsciously suppressed, or may need to be developed.

In my case, the Knight of Cups reflects my introvert, dreamy and intuitive personality, and the Queen of Wands indicates a need to be more social, take action and feel more confident about my abilities.

Have you worked out your persona and shadow card? What do they teach you about yourself? 

Try this exercise with family members, colleagues and friends. This way you can explore and identify people’s strengths and weaknesses and develop good judgement of character over time.

Warmest wishes,


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Tarot & Astrology: Zodiac

Tarot Astrology ZodiacMost people identify astrology with the wheel of the zodiac and its twelve signs. Even those totally ignorant of astrology know their sun sign.

The term zodiac is derived from the Greek zodiacus, which means ‘little creatures’.

The zodiac is a small band of the sky, about eight degrees on either side of the ecliptic, which contains the motions of most of the planets. This band is divided into twelve 30-degree sections called signs.

The zodiac can be seen as a 12-stage life cycle:

Aries—emergence, birth of the individual

Taurus—physical security in order to grow

Gemini—urge to interact with our immediate surroundings

Cancer—sense of belonging to our immediate family

Leo—ability to express ourselves

Virgo—learning practical skills

Libra—learning about relationships and balancing our needs with others

Scorpio—our longing to share intense encounters, leading to transformation

Sagittarius—gaining a broader perspective of life

Capricorn—establishing our public image

Aquarius—group solidarity

Pisces—identification with the whole, dissolving all to allow for new birth

The zodiac signs represent specific human qualities that colour the way in which we respond to the basic urges (the planets) within us.

The twelve signs of the zodiac are each associated with a trump card of the Major Arcana and a Court Card. By getting to know each of the individual sun signs, the connection with the assigned trump and court cards will become apparent – and debatable!

Fire Signs


(March 21st – April 20th)

Characteristics: enthusiastic, dynamic, impulsive; impatient, domineering, sometimes reckless.

Tarot Cards: The Emperor, Queen of Wands


(July 23rd – August 22nd)

Characteristics: generous, self-assured, optimistic; intolerant, arrogant, autocratic.

Tarot Cards: Strength, King of Wands


(November 24th – December 21st)

Characteristics: adventurous, confident, expansive, optimistic; restless, unreliable, moralistic, insensitive.

Tarot Cards: Temperance, Knight of Wands

Water Signs


(June 22nd – July 22nd)

Characteristics: sensitive, protective, tenacious, intuitive, shrewd; fearful, touchy, clinging, manipulative.

Tarot Cards: The Chariot, Queen of Cups


(October 24th – November 23rd)

Characteristics: imaginative, deep, healing, compassionate, fearless; self-destructive, vindictive, jealous, secretive.

Tarot Cards: Death, King of Cups


(February 20th – March 20th)

Characteristics: sensitive, compassionate, impressionable, receptive; confused, overemotional, escapist

Tarot Cards: The Moon, Knight of Cups

Air Signs


(May 22nd – June 21st)

Characteristics: versatile, chatty, curious; flippant, shallow, restless.

Tarot Cards: The Lovers, Knight of Swords


(September 22nd – October 23rd)

Characteristics: fair-minded, diplomatic, perfectionist, cooperative; insincere, indecisive, frivolous.

Tarot Cards: Justice, Queen of Swords


(January 21st – February 19th)

Characteristics: independent, progressive, rational, original; impractical, erratic, cranky, detached

Tarot Cards: The Star, King of Swords

Earth Signs


(April 21st – May 21st)

Characteristics: stable, methodical, affectionate, restrained; stubborn, passive, possessive.

Tarot Card: The Hierophant, King of Pentacles


(August 23rd – September 21st)

Characteristics: efficient, dependable, practical, observant, modest; fussy, critical, narrow-minded.

Tarot Cards: The Hermit, Knight of Pentacles


(December 22nd – January 20th)

Characteristics: organised, industrious, conventional, persevering; calculating, dictatorial, manipulative, pessimistic.

Tarot Cards: The Devil, Queen of Pentacles

Zodiac Body Parts Ruled

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