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Turn your hobby into a business with professional Tarot training!

If you have been reading the cards for others for a while and received positive feedback, you may now be thinking about starting your own Tarot business.

It has never been easier setting up a Tarot reading business on the internet, whether it’s on WordPress or simply on Etsy.

You could even join one of those psychic phone lines and provide readings over Skype or phone.

But have you thought about meeting some kind of professional standard when delivering your service?

Is the quality of your readings worth paying for?

The best way to find out is to invest in one or a couple of training sessions, that will tell you exactly where you’re at, and how you can enhance your skills to get repeat business and clients’ recommendations.

I am an experienced Tarot Mentor, having worked for TABI and with many students via my website and face-to-face in Leeds since 2005.

My professional tarot training isn’t about how you interpret the cards or how accurate you are.

It’s about how you deliver your readings verbally and in writing.

And it’s about adding those magickal ingredients to your readings to ensure repeat business and your clients recommending you.

I focus on two areas of Tarot Training:

1. Email Readings

How to write a professional email reading? Learn more…

2. Phone Readings

Want to work for a psychic phone line company? Learn more…

If you are serious about building your Tarot business, you know that professional training plays a vital part in your personal development and business success.

Whether your aim is to boost your confidence on the phone or enhance your writing skills, I look forward to helping you.

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Phone Readings

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