Going Pro: How To Say No To Giving Free Tarot Readings

how to say no to free tarot readings
Six of Pentacles, Morgan Greer Tarot

When you first start out as a professional Tarot reader, it can be tempting to offer free readings to attract clients, hoping they will pay for your services in the future.

Perhaps you even get requests for free readings via your website, and you feel inclined to help.

Or your friends keep asking you for free readings, and you feel taken for granted or your skills aren’t valued.

But offering free readings won’t pay your bills and rarely attract clients that are prepared to pay you for a reading later.

And only because you are a caring soul, doesn’t mean you can let people take advantage of you and turn your business venture into a charity.

I know there are some odd folk out there (sadly some fellow readers), who regard professional readers charging for their services with disdain.

They come up with lame excuses, such as you should offer your “gift” for free, however, these people are most likely financially supported in other ways, so they don’t need to charge for readings to make a living.

I also feel that people with such strong opinions are very judgemental, and it is best to avoid any discussion with them about this topic, as it is a waste of your time and energy.

Remember, what is most important is that you look after yourself and your business success, which includes being able to make a living as a Tarot Reader and feel good about receiving in exchange for giving.

So, how to say no to giving free Tarot readings with grace and in a kind, professional manner when you are asked?

First, you don’t have to apologize when you say no, and the only explanation you may want to give is that you do this work professionally and not as a hobby.

If you have a website, you can say:

  1. I’m not offering any free readings at the moment, but you can sign up to my newsletter to receive special offers and discounts in the future.
  2. I don’t do free readings, but fees for my email readings start at just £10.00, so there is something for every budget. Take a look at my readings page for more info.
  3. I currently offer a free mini reading, if you buy one of my ebooks (or other products you are selling)
  4. I currently offer a free one-card follow-up reading with every email reading you purchase.
  5. I don’t offer free readings, but check out my FB / Instagram for my daily/weekly readings I post there.
  6. I can offer you a free reading, if you agree that I can use it on my blog to share with my readers (your name will not be published!)
  7. I’m currently offering free readings on my FB page / blog using a brand new deck I bought, and I need to try it out before I use it for paid readings. All you need to give in return is your honest feedback.
  8. I’m currently running a Tarot reading giveaway on my blog, which you can enter by leaving a comment. There will be one winner, and perhaps you’ll be the lucky one 😉
  9. I don’t do free readings, but I can offer you a (%) discount on readings over £15.
  10. Have you thought about buying a deck and learning to do your own readings? You can find lots of free resources on my website to get you started with learning the Tarot.

As you can see, sometimes it is okay to say yes, as long as you receive something else in return that is of equal value to you.

Learn to feel good about receiving money for the work you do. Remember you are worth being paid for your skills and the time and effort you invested into developing them.

Warmest wishes,


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Author: Christiane

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4 thoughts on “Going Pro: How To Say No To Giving Free Tarot Readings”

  1. Great advice and help on this Christiane – doing free readings can be a drain for little coming back in my experience. The suggestions you gave were great too! Thanks

    1. You’re welcome, Patricia, and yes that’s true. Free readings help very little to build your business as the internet is saturated with people offering free readings… charging for them means you know you’re worth it. At least getting something in return creates a kind of positive energy exchange 🙂

  2. These are excellent and to the point! In my experience, people who don’t want to pay for services, don’t really value them so I’ve become less concerned about “scaring them off”. They were never my ideal clients in the first place 🙂

    1. That’s right, Sibylle. It is important to set boundaries and know the kind of client you want to attract to your business 🙂

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