Doom, Gloom and Temperance

TemperanceWe live in a world, where scaremongering dominates the media, and everybody thinks we’re living in dangerous, uncertain times.

Well, to be honest, people have ALWAYS lived in precarious times, from the Stone Age to the present.

That won’t change until mankind is extinct, but we can make an effort and cultivate a more balanced world view.

If you are a natural worrier and pessimist, the following short story, which has been attributed to the Native American Cherokee Indians, is wonderfully insightful, and it reminds me of the “Art of Temperance”:

The story is about a boy who tells his grandfather that he is feeling very angry and upset.

The grandfather explains to the boy that he too sometimes feels angry but also he often feels very happy.

The grandfather says it is as if there are two wolves battling inside him.

One is very angry, aggressive and acts out of fear. This wolf wants to fight all the time.

The other wolf is happy, playful, and only wants to make friends and live in peace. But the two wolves are constantly battling inside.

The little boy asks: which wolf wins? And the grandfather replies: ‘the one I feed’.

We can’t deny that there’s a lot of bad stuff going on in the world, but life is also beautiful.

Which wolf are you feeding today?

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