cosmic faery tarot readingsHello and welcome to Cosmic Spirit Tarot ✨

I’m Christiane – Tarot Explorer and Soul Guide.

I help empaths, introverts and highly sensitive people heal and transform their lives by learning the Tarot and connect with their spiritual side.

If you would like to learn how a deck of 78 magical cards can be used as a tool for personal development, then you have come to the right place!

It’s not hard to learn the Tarot – my aim is to make Tarot approachable, practical and useful, so you can easily connect with its inherent wisdom.

Many people are drawn to the Tarot when they are going through a difficult period in their lives.

If you feel lost, stressed, unhappy, restless, insecure, lacking… and have always been curious about the mysterious, then perhaps you are thinking about consulting a tarot reader for guidance or buying a tarot deck, hoping it can offer you answers.

A tarot reading can be very helpful, but learning how to read the cards is even better (you don’t need to be psychic!).

By learning the Tarot

  • you empower yourself to create the beautiful life you want to live.
  • you become independent and your own agent of change and transformation.
  • you can be your own life coach, successfully navigating change and uncertainty, living a happier and more abundant life.
  • you will find answers within yourself rather than hoping for a quick fix magic formula, which doesn’t exist.

Soul-searching, changing silly old habits, healing past hurts or letting go of limiting beliefs can be hard; it takes commitment and perseverance to succeed.

But during the process of connecting with the cards, the personal growth and transformation  you experience will be very rewarding.

My aim and passion is to help and guide you on your tarot journey of self-discovery.

selenite unicorn horn

Who am I? (The short version, scroll down for more)

I first began learning and reading Tarot over 20 years ago, and since then have dedicated time and effort to studying more about various spiritual paths and esoteric subjects.

I have been working as a tarot professional since 2006, having provided thousands of readings to people all over the world, and run online tarot courses and local workshops.

My work and interests have evolved over the years.

In addition to Tarot, I am also passionate about astrology, creative journaling, mindfulness, positive psychology and yoga.

With my teaching background I provide personal 1:1 tarot tuition and coaching, online courses and Skype/Phone mentoring worldwide.

How I use the Tarot

“The best way to predict the future is to create it.”

I don’t claim to have amazing psychic powers with the ability to offer mind-blowing revelations (although some people say wow! how did you know that?).

I don’t use the Tarot for fortune-telling and fate-based predictions.

I’m not a mind reader and have no idea what your ex is thinking or doing right now. But I can help you put closure on relationship dramas and breakups, so you can heal and be happy again.

I use Tarot as a magical coaching tool (a combination of esoteric knowledge and psychology) to provide insight, reflection and guidance on any issues that need to be addressed and dealt with.

With the Tarot we can reveal what’s hidden and help manifest dreams and goals.

Professional Memberships and related Qualifications

More about me

When I first discovered the Tarot in the early 1980s as a student at university, I felt quite lost while battling anxiety attacks and bouts of depression.

One evening, I went to a feminist meeting group (the women’s lib movement was emerging in those days) for a workshop in esoteric healing tools. I was desperate for something that could help me heal my mental health.

One of those tools was the Tarot, and the rest is history.

Back in those days, there was no internet, books and decks were expensive, so I took some photocopies of a book called Tarot for Your Self by Mary K. Greer to start learning, and I was hooked.

Over the years, working with the Tarot and embracing its wisdom has helped me become mentally stronger and more resilient.

I have become more patient and less worried about the future. I have learned to surrender to the unknown and all possibilities and events I cannot control.

Life has become so much easier, even though it is still challenging me at times.

the hermit cosmic faery tarot

My Tarot personality card is the Hermit, which describes me perfectly. I am an introvert, yet I love helping people pursue their dreams and live a happy more fulfilled life.

In astrology, my signs are Pisces (sun), Cancer (moon) and Gemini (rising).

This combination gives me the ability to sense and feel my clients’ needs, hopes and fears while objectively observing and recognising the bigger picture to offer clarity and new insights.

I am always open to learning new skills and have recently become a certified Happiness Coach, which I am currently following up with more life coaching training.

At Home

I have lived in Leeds, Yorkshire, since 1990 when I moved to the UK from Germany to find work after university.

me and my unicorn mugIt has been my home since, but I always love embarking on road trips back to Europe with my son, especially Eastern Europe and Southern Germany.

Our dream is to drive in the car all the way to Venice with plenty of stopovers on the way.

We’ve managed to complete a 3000 km round trip to Prague in 2017, which was a fantastic experience.

Apart from European road trips, I love:

Arts and crafts – knitting, crochet and making things out of paper like journals and origami

Cats – they are such funny creatures. I am fortunate enough to have a few local cats visit me regularly, and they always cheer me up. Not to mention Grumpy Cat and all those crazy cat videos online

Nature – there is nothing quite as calming and invigorating as a walk in the local forest or a trip to a sleepy village by the sea

Coffee – plenty of it, I like it very milky, and when I get the shakes I know I’ve had enough for the day!

Books – I’m a bit of a bookworm, always reading a novel of some kind, especially in bed before sleep. My recent favourite novels were The Bone Clocks and The End of Mr. Y. If you want to keep up with what I am reading, check out my Instagram.

The stars and the moon – sky watching, my favourite times of the day are sunrise and dusk. Living in tune with the moon. See our galaxy in the night sky. It’s cosmic!

cosmic journaling oracle awakeningPhotography – I love turning mundane photos into magical images and print rather than losing them somewhere in the digital twilight zone.

Creative Journaling – my journals include tarot and oracle readings, ramblings, musings, inspirational quotes, doodles, drawings, photos… a happy mish-mash of colourful all sorts. Hence, I’ve created downloadable printables and workbooks (in case you like this sort of thing, too ?  )

Socialising – spending time with friends and loved ones, hanging out, chilling out together, experiencing fabulous moments, creating memories.

Solitude – relaxing without interference, preferably in total silence (no radio or other noisy distractions)

Porridge – mixed with blueberries or raspberries, roasted chopped hazelnuts, flax seed and desiccated coconut with a dash of unrefined sugar.

Red wine  – diluted with soda water (haha yes, weird, I know)

Game of Thrones – nonsense but fun, just like Poldark and Outlander

Sci-fi films – my favourite ever is Blade Runner, closely followed by The Fifth Element

Graphic novels – from Tintin to Alan Moore’s Promethea

Music – From Sisters of Mercy to Mozart with David Bowie and Kate Bush in between

Dancing – when in doubt, dance it out. Spontaneous dancing in the kitchen when a good song is playing on the radio.

Unicorns  – it all started with a unicorn tape dispenser…. and I quite like flamingos, too

Last but not least, I live and breathe Tarot, hence I’m feeling pretty good about my life.

I count my blessings every day.

in my garden june 2018Where I live:

Cosmic HQ

Christiane Hayes
Roman Drive
West Yorkshire, United Kingdom

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