Reading Negative Cards in Positive Positions

ten of swords RWSSometimes the messages received from the Tarot can be confusing.

For example, you want to know what your strengths are in a certain situation, and the answer you get is the Ten of Swords.

You were hoping for something encouraging and inspirational, but all you got was that disheartening card of someone lying stabbed in the back on the floor.

But let’s not panic, Astrology to the rescue!

Once you know the astrological attributions linked to the cards, you can see more than just the image.

For the Ten of Swords it’s Sun in Gemini.

What does Sun in Gemini tell us about the Ten of Swords?

Positive aspects of the sun: vitality, clarity and confidence.

Positive aspects of Gemini: versatile, curious, social.

So, when exploring your strengths or asking which qualities you need to develop in order to resolve an issue successfully, you now have a few options to choose from.

Zodiac and planetary attributes can also offer more specific interpretations of the cards.

Here are some suggestions for the Ten of Swords:

an ending leads to clarity; curiosity will attract new opportunities; social interaction will increase confidence after a blow; an ending is a blessing (sun) in disguise; you have the energy to lift yourself up and recover; resilience…

Let’s take a look at other negative cards:

The Tower, www.aquatictarot.deThe Tower is linked to Mars, which in turn is also the ruling planet of Aries (The Emperor).

Positive traits: courage, decisiveness, challenging, energetic, pro-active, competitive

Positive card meanings influenced by Mars:

taking drastic action to achieve a goal; having the courage to face danger (extreme sports, a fire fighter etc.); confronting an adversary; implementing a radical overhaul or self-improvement program, e.g. diet, exercise etc., ability to see new possibilities beyond the destruction…

Death, www.aquatictarot.deDeath is linked to Scorpio, which is commonly connected to “sex, death and taxes”.

Positive traits: compassionate, intense, independent and determined. Its ruling planet Pluto suggests the ability to regenerate and overcome the unsettling process of change.

Positive card meanings influenced by Scorpio:

clearing the old to bring in the new; spiritual growth through acknowledging and tackling emotional issues; searching for deeper meaning and purpose; making sweeping changes to rejuvenate a relationship; sex therapy or an intense sexual experience…

five of pentaclesThe Five of Pentacles is linked to Mercury in Taurus

Positive aspects of Mercury: communicative, expressive, intelligent, thoughtful

Positive aspects of Taurus: disciplined, organised, reliable, steadfast, methodical, affectionate

Positive card meanings influenced by Mercury in Taurus:

being pragmatic at times of adversity; self-reliant; a thorough, hands-on approach to overcoming obstacles; willingness to work hard to achieve success; eager to create stability…

Devil, www.aquatictarot.deThe Devil is linked to Capricorn and also to Uriel, the light bearer, one of the four arch angels.

Positive traits: down-to-earth, ambitious, hard-working, rational, resourceful and loyal. Its ruling planet Saturn also suggests responsibility, patience and an ability to strive despite adverse circumstances.

Positive card meanings influenced by Capricorn:

being disciplined at times of hardship; plodding through and not giving up; taking matters seriously; in relationships loyal and care-giving even when going through a rough patch; realistic expectations…

Three of Swords, www.aquatictarot.deThe Three of Swords is linked to Saturn in Libra.

Positive aspects of Saturn: disciplined, responsible, reliable, endurance

Positive aspects of Libra: fair-minded, cooperative, sincere, striving for harmony

Positive card meanings influenced by Saturn in Libra:

determination to restore harmony out of discord; alleviating anguish with an objective mind; mourning with dignity and self-composure; ability to cut your losses and move on…

At first glance it can be difficult to see the positive aspects in negative cards, especially when they are placed in positions relating to possible strengths, skills, talents, helpful qualities and inspirational guidance.

Remember that there are two sides to each card – positive and negative – and with the help of their astrological attributions you can discover them.

Why don’t you give it a try with the following cards, and let me know how you get on:

The Hanged Man – Neptune

Seven of Swords – Moon in Aquarius

Eight of Swords – Jupiter in Gemini

Nine of Swords – Mars in Gemini

Ten of Wands – Saturn in Sagittarius

Five of Cups – Mars in Scorpio

You can access basic information on the zodiac signs and planets in my Introduction to Tarot Astrology.

And if you are intrigued by applying astrology to your Tarot readings, then check out my Tarot Astrology course.

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