New Online Course: Introduction To Tarot And Astrology

It’s here at last!

My latest online Tarot course will be officially launched on the 17th September 2012, when the New Moon is in Virgo, perfect time to get organised and focus on new studies to deepen and enhance your knowledge and skills.

Course Contents

You will be learning how to apply Astrology in your Tarot readings, taking your Tarot work and studies to the next level. A basic working knowledge of Tarot is required to make the most of this course.

Topics covered: Planets, Zodiac, Modal Dignities, Houses, creating Personality Profiles, Readings

Using Astrology in your Tarot work can be overwhelming and confusing at first; so many correspondences and attributions to consider, but this course will help you understand the system step-by-step and apply it to your readings.

Most importantly:

You will be working with me on a 1-2-1 basis, completing in-depth exercises, for which I will provide feedback and continuous support until you have completed the course.

I will NOT put you into a group forum, where you will be left to your own devices with fellow students.

You will be working with me via email, and getting in touch with fellow students is optional in the Tarot Study. Access to the Tarot Study is included in the course fee. The Tarot Study is also the place, where you will find additional Tarot information and downloadable worksheets specifically for the Tarot and Astrology course.

The course fee of my Tarot and Astrology course reflects the time I will be spending with you to help you complete the course and understand Astrology in connection with your Tarot work.

Fee: £99


This course is also suitable for Tarot professionals.

Find out more and enrol on the course here.


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