Would You Like FREE Website Promotion?

Three of Pentacles
Let’s work together!

Do you own a website or blog with tarot, astrology, spiritual, esoteric or magickal content?

Are you a writer, poet, or simply muse about your life experiences on your personal blog?

Then here’s a deal for you:

Blog about any of my Tarot card images, and I will promote your post on Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr and my Facebook page in return.

We will both increase visibility of our websites, gain new visitors, followers and reach a new audience.

It’s a win-win!

If you are serious about producing quality content for your website and want to increase its exposure worldwide, then you know that this free website promotion is a fabulous opportunity too good to miss.

And it doesn’t even cost a penny. It’s all about teamwork and collaboration – very much Three of Pentacles!

Here’s what to do:

1. Choose an image from my Tarot of Quotes that speaks to you and offers a topic you’d like to write about:

2. Write and publish your post including the image (please don’t alter the image in any way).

3. Return to this post and leave a comment below with your link to your post (please add a personal note to avoid your comment ending up in my spam room 101).

4. I will then spread the word on my social media sites, and on Twitter I will aim to mention you at least twice a week within the first six weeks of publishing date! Make sure you follow me on Twitter to check and retweet Smile

Any questions? Have I missed something? Please get in touch.

Without further ado, I’d love to hear from you!

Warmest wishes,



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8 thoughts on “Would You Like FREE Website Promotion?”

    1. Hi Rae,

      thank you for your thoughtful review of the Five of Cups. It will be my pleasure to promote it on my social media, and I’m going to make a start with it today on Twitter. If you have a Twitter account, please let me know, so I can add it to the tweet to get you more followers there 😉 Where about in West Yorkshire are you? It’s a big area, but it would be funny if we were neighbours 😉

  1. I’m in Mirfield so not too far away! Quite new to Twitter, you can find me at @moonrae9 or there’s a link to it at the bottom of my blog, but I have followed you anyway! x

    1. Thank you, I’ve followed you back 🙂 Mirfield is still half an hour on the M62 away from me, but you’re quite close to my crystal wholesaler. Next time I’m going there, I’ll let you know. Would be great to meet up for a coffee.

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