Cosmic Collection Transformation 2020

cosmic collection transformationDuring 2019, Cosmic Collection has undergone a gradual and quiet transformation.

Apart from the required SSL encryption, the most noticable change is its integration into my main website, Cosmic Spirt Tarot, and Cosmic Collection’s new banner reflects this move.

While the main web address is still working for the homepage (visitors are automatically redirected to, all the other product and information page addresses have changed without automatic redirection, which means that some links were broken.

Updating and correcting websites can take a long time, but at this point in time I can report that most of the broken links have been fixed and work is still ongoing.

My apologies to all visitors, who were affected by this mess. It’s all much better now, so please have a browse.

And if you stumble across another broken link or anything odd hiding in the corners of the shop, please let me know in the comment box below.

What’s the future of Cosmic Collection?

My long-term plan for the shop website is to reduce physical goods to just a limited range of bespoke and one-off items.

I will then add all my digital products (tarot and spirituality ebooks, courses and journaling kits) and online services, so I can utilise the shop software to better serve my clients.

Reducing stock of my physical products means that I will be offering massive discounts over the coming months.

cosmic collection transformationIf you would like to be amongst the first to be informed about these discounts and latest news, please do sign up to my shop mailing list.

Many product lines have already sold out, and once they’re gone, they’re gone forever.

To all my customers, thank you for visiting, for placing orders, for being patient with the changes happening around here and for sticking around.

Your support is so very much appreciated.

Warmest wishes,