Gifts For Hippie Chicks

gifts for hippie chicksIt’s the season to go gift shopping again, and you may be wondering what to get for your boho, dreamy, floaty, new age, spiritual, environmentally conscious friend or relative.

Choosing gifts for hippie chicks isn’t that hard, once you know what makes them tick. On the photo above you can see a few gift ideas, which you honestly can’t go wrong with. Here’s why:

1. Turquoise Ruffle Scarf – because it’s crochet (a hippie’s favourite) and handmade here at Cosmic HQ. No slavery involved in the creation of this unique, stylish and cosy little number.

2. Chunky Jade Bracelet – hippies cannot have enough crystals and gemstones in their collection. They are healing stones, didn’t you know? And they spread so much positive vibes. Lots of bracelets are in the sale, so check out the others, too.

3. Red Crochet Flower Brooch – because hippie chicks are a bit like butterflies, they love flowers. They love to adorn their clothes and bags with flowers. Flowers everywhere. Buy them one, which lasts and they can stick anywhere they like. And yes, it’s handmade here at Cosmic HQ, too.

4. Pink Embroidered Jewellery Roll – for all those healing crystal jewellery pieces. And this one is sparkly and fairly traded from India. See the full range of jewellery rolls.

5. Turquoise Brocade Purse – because it’s sparkly, fairly traded and fits into a tiny handbag or trouser pocket. More purses here.

6. Hand-embossed Leather Notebook – perfect handbag size to record poems, thoughts, dreams, quotes, words of wisdom and phone numbers of lovely people. Also, its paper is made of recycled cotton waste. No tree had to die in the making of this product, and the pattern contains flowers, too.

Happy Shopping!



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Summer at Cosmic HQ

It’s summer at Cosmic HQ, and the living is easy. What are we up to?

1. We’re looking at beautiful new products to stock in time for the busy autumn season…

new stock shopping

2. Lunchtime is spent outside, feet up:

summer at cosmic hq

3. My crazy little lunch dish: fresh strawberries with Eaton Mess ice cream. The perfect balance of healthy food and naughty indulgence…

strawberries and ice cream

4. The neighbour’s cat being nosy, looking into the kitchen:

violet spending summer at cosmic hq

5. Oh look! A crystal ball and a heart-shaped pebble found on a beach in Yorkshire:

crystal ball

6. Wearing a clear quartz bracelet. Check out our range of gemstone bracelets, most of which are now in the sale:

clear quartz crystal bracelet

7. Oh, and this is me with my soul card. Why not treat yourself to a Tarot or Oracle deck today?

selfie with my soul card

Warmest wishes,


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Celebrating Buddha Day

Pewter BuddhaBuddha Day is celebrated on the 8th day of the 4th month in the Chinese Lunar Calendar, which means that this year it’s on the 6th May, when Buddhists all over the world will be celebrating the birth, enlightenment and death of Buddha over 2,500 years ago.

Yet another reason to celebrate here at Cosmic HQ!

Buddhism is becoming more popular in the Western world as people discover its spiritual wisdom, and personally I love surrounding myself with Buddha statues of all shapes and sizes. A Buddha in your home is said to bring health and good luck.

Place a Buddha figure in a position, where it faces the entrance to your home, so it invites positive energies, peace and happiness into your living space.

A meditating Buddha invokes an atmosphere of tranquillity and relaxation and also encourages you to meditate and explore spiritual truths.

Buddha Day is a joyful festival, when devout Buddhists and followers offer flowers and food as gifts to Buddha when visiting the temple. They also make a special effort to bring happiness to disadvantaged people like the elderly, sick and handicapped by distributing gifts and money to care homes, hospitals and other charitable organisations.

Celebrate Buddha Day by starting the day with a short meditation just after you get up – ten minutes in a quiet space, when you let your mind focus on positive thoughts and affirmations.

Meditation is an important component of Buddhism as it promotes the development of mindfulness and concentration.

Light a candle and if you wish you can play relaxing music. You don’t need to be a master of any meditation technique; it is more important that you feel calm and positive by the time you have finished.

Enjoy the process and think about how you can help someone on that day; spending money isn’t always necessary; instead it may be more worthwhile spending time with someone who tends to be alone or supporting a work colleague under pressure.

There are many ways, how you can make a positive move towards your fellow human beings, which is one of the key elements of Buddhist teachings. Most of all enjoy the day, and perhaps the constructive actions you take on that day may well have beneficial effects beyond the Buddha celebrations.

Warmest wishes,


Go shopping for Buddha Day supplies:

Buddha Figures and CandleholdersIncenseCandlesHanging CrystalsSoft Furnishings

Top 10 Gifts for Her

top 10 gifts for herWith the Christmas season coming up yet again, it seems to get harder every year to find gifts that are thoughtful and unique.

Women tend to get toiletries, perfumes, chocolates, candles and the odd tipple, but why not choose something more unusual this time? Something hand-crafted and fairly traded from India or made in the UK?

Forget mass-produced merchandise from China. Here you can find some lovely things that are produced in small quantities yet very affordable.

So, if you’re struggling to find that perfect present, one of our top 10 gifts for her will be perfect whatever the occasion:

1. A Beautiful Velvet Scarf

Satin Velvet Scarves Turquoise DetailStunning designs and super-soft. Hand-embroidered and fairly traded from India.

2. A Pretty Velvet Bag

Sequined Velvet Bags Black/PurpleUnique designs for all occasions, hand-embroidered and fairly traded from India.

3. A Handmade Notebook

Large Embroidered NotebooksAll of our notebooks and journals are made from recycled materials.

4. A Gemstone Bracelet

Carnelian Bracelet

Many are in the SALE right now, and they all come in a FREE gold organza gift bag.

5. A Mystical Pewter Brooch

witch brooch

Hand-made by an artisan co-operative in Cornwall.

6. A Sparkling Quartz Crystal Tea Light Holder

Quartz Crystal T-light Holder

Looks stunning on the coffee table – and it is said to have healing properties too!

7. An Incense Selection Gift Box

Entirely natural ingredients, delightful fragrances and fairly traded from India.

8. A Hand-embroidered Keepsake Box

Purple Embroidered Keepsake Box

Very pretty, for photos, letters, cards, crystals, jewellery….

9. A Magical Sun Wall Plaque

Sun Wall PlaqueThis ancient symbol of enlightenment is hand-cast in Cornwall.

10. A Music CD Greeting Card

Celtic CD Greeting Card

A musical gift and greeting card all-in-one. Relaxing, new age music. Suitable for all occasions.

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Happy Shopping!


It’s Halloween!

Halloween Pumpkin
Halloween at Cosmic HQ

One of my favourite festivals of the year, Halloween marks the start of the party season in the run up to Christmas.

Today its main purpose is to entertain children and provide teens with the opportunity to irritate and annoy intimidated citizens in many places across the world ?

The origins of this festival are found in the ancient Celtic tradition of celebrating Samhain on the 1st November, which was the beginning of winter for our ancestors and also the start of the Celtic New Year.

As you can imagine, it was a dark, cold and gloomy time, the completion of the last harvest before everyone would huddle up in their huts and fight for survival during the harsh winter months ahead.

No wonder the Celts thought of death, ghosts and misery in general, so they believed that in the night from the 31st October to the 1st of November they could communicate with their departed relatives and friends.

To make this time of year even more atmospheric, the Celts would start their days at dusk, as darkness was seen to be a time for beginnings.

Death was regarded as important as life, reflecting the Celts’ embracing and understanding of the perpetuous cycle of life and death.

Samhain was truly the darkest time for our ancestors, and today this is reflected in the way the festival is celebrated as Halloween.

The custom of Trick or Treat came across to Britain from America, yet its origin is European, honouring the trickiness of the season and the human being.

We all have a dark side in our personalities, and Samhain is the time of hauntings, when the spirits of the dead seek the warmth of the fireplaces and candle lights.

The spirits of departed loved-ones were welcomed, but not all spirits were deemed to be friendly.

The pumpkin lantern with the scary face was introduced to frighten away the demons attempting to disrupt that night in a nasty sort of way.

Here’s some inspiration to get you into Halloween / Samhain mood:

Activities and Rituals
End of summer, honouring /communicating with the dead, scrying, divination, last harvest, meat harvest.

Sandalwood, sweetgrass, wormwood, mugwort, sage, myrrh or patchouli. Buy incense.

Besom, cauldron, tarot, obsidian ball, pendulum, runes, oghams, Ouija boards, black cauldron or bowl filled with black ink or water, or magick mirror.

Black obsidian (check out our black obsidian skulls), jasper, carnelian, onyx, smoky quartz, jet, bloodstone, snowflake obsidian.

Black, orange, red, green

Symbols & Decorations
Apples, autumn flowers, acorns, bats, black cats, bones, skulls, corn stalks, coloured leaves, crows, cross, divination and the tools associated with it, ghosts, jack-o-lantern, nuts, oak leaves, ivy, pomegranates, pumpkins, scarecrows, scythes, waning moon.

Apples, apple dishes, cider, meat (traditionally this is the meat harvest) especially pork, mulled cider with spices, nuts—representing resurrection and rebirth, pomegranates, potatoes, pumpkins, pumpkin bread, pumpkin pie, roasted pumpkin seeds.

Anubis, Arianrhod, Astarte, Baba Yaga Beansidhe (Banshee), Cernunnos, Cerridwen, Crone, Demeter, Hathor, Hecate, Hel, Horned God, Kali, Lakshmi, Lilith, the Morrigan, Nephthys, Odin, Osiris, Persephone, Tlazoteotl.

Herbs and Flowers
Almond, apple leaf, bay leaf, calendula, cinnamon, cloves, garlic, ginger, hazelnut, hemlock cones, mandrake root, marigold, nettle, passionflower, pine needles, pumpkin seeds, rosemary (for remembrance of our ancestors), sage, sunflower petals and seeds, tarragon, wild ginseng.

Happy HalloweenAnimals
Stag, cat, bat, owl, jackal, elephant, ram, scorpion, heron, crow, robin.

Release of bad habits, banishing, faery magick, divination of any kind, candle magick, astral projection, past life work, dark moon mysteries, mirror spells (reflection), casting protection, inner work, clearing obstacles, inspiration, workings of transition or culmination, manifesting transformation, creative visualisation, contacting those who have departed this plane.

Enjoy Halloween! 


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