Free Hippy Shopping Bag with every Order over £30

free hippy shopping bagHello Cosmic friends!

Now that plastic bags are banned in the UK, you need some fab reusable bags for your shopping trips.

So here’s a funky offer for you:

Receive a free hippy shopping bag when you place an order for £30 or more (excluding postage costs).

Quote reference FABBAG in the notes section on the checkout page.

This offer is only valid while stock lasts.

And all SALE items qualify!

So grab yourself some bargains, get those Christmas gifts early and receive a little treat in return.

Happy Shopping!


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Gifts For Hippie Chicks

gifts for hippie chicksIt’s the season to go gift shopping again, and you may be wondering what to get for your boho, dreamy, floaty, new age, spiritual, environmentally conscious friend or relative.

Choosing gifts for hippie chicks isn’t that hard, once you know what makes them tick. On the photo above you can see a few gift ideas, which you honestly can’t go wrong with. Here’s why:

1. Turquoise Ruffle Scarf – because it’s crochet (a hippie’s favourite) and handmade here at Cosmic HQ. No slavery involved in the creation of this unique, stylish and cosy little number.

2. Chunky Jade Bracelet – hippies cannot have enough crystals and gemstones in their collection. They are healing stones, didn’t you know? And they spread so much positive vibes. Lots of bracelets are in the sale, so check out the others, too.

3. Red Crochet Flower Brooch – because hippie chicks are a bit like butterflies, they love flowers. They love to adorn their clothes and bags with flowers. Flowers everywhere. Buy them one, which lasts and they can stick anywhere they like. And yes, it’s handmade here at Cosmic HQ, too.

4. Pink Embroidered Jewellery Roll – for all those healing crystal jewellery pieces. And this one is sparkly and fairly traded from India. See the full range of jewellery rolls.

5. Turquoise Brocade Purse – because it’s sparkly, fairly traded and fits into a tiny handbag or trouser pocket. More purses here.

6. Hand-embossed Leather Notebook – perfect handbag size to record poems, thoughts, dreams, quotes, words of wisdom and phone numbers of lovely people. Also, its paper is made of recycled cotton waste. No tree had to die in the making of this product, and the pattern contains flowers, too.

Happy Shopping!



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Summer at Cosmic HQ

It’s summer at Cosmic HQ, and the living is easy. What are we up to?

1. We’re looking at beautiful new products to stock in time for the busy autumn season…

new stock shopping

2. Lunchtime is spent outside, feet up:

summer at cosmic hq

3. My crazy little lunch dish: fresh strawberries with Eaton Mess ice cream. The perfect balance of healthy food and naughty indulgence…

strawberries and ice cream

4. The neighbour’s cat being nosy, looking into the kitchen:

violet spending summer at cosmic hq

5. Oh look! A crystal ball and a heart-shaped pebble found on a beach in Yorkshire:

crystal ball

6. Wearing a clear quartz bracelet. Check out our range of gemstone bracelets, most of which are now in the sale:

clear quartz crystal bracelet

7. Oh, and this is me with my soul card. Why not treat yourself to a Tarot or Oracle deck today?

selfie with my soul card

Warmest wishes,


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How to Use Fragrance Oils – Hints & Tips

Fragrance Oils and Oil BurnerNow that Autumn is upon us and the days are getting shorter, we can create a cosy atmosphere in our homes by burning candles, incense and fragrance oils.

Unlike essential oils, fragrance oils are highly diluted aroma oils, hence the lower price.

Some fragrance oils are also a mix of various essential oils to create a unique scent, such as our Gothic Dream and Night Magic.

Fragrance oils are very versatile; they are perfect for:

  • burning in oil burners
  • scenting new candles or refreshing faded ones (add a few drops of oil to the hot wax of the candle)
  • scenting and refreshing potpourri
  • soaking cotton balls to scent drawers
  • putting a few drops on a cotton ball and put inside the bag of your vacuum cleaner to diffuse the scent whilst hoovering

You can even use the clear coloured oils to nourish and scent wooden furniture.

It works really well on my battered pine table, but please try this out on a hidden area of your furniture first, if you are worried about staining.

How to burn fragrance and essential oils in your oil burner:

Fill the bowl of your oil burner with some water and add a few drops of oil. The more oil you add, the more intense the aroma in your room. Don’t burn the oil undiluted as the smell will be too strong.

Safety Notes

  • Some fragrance and essential oils may cause skin irritation. Avoid contact with skin. Wash with soap and water after contact. Keep away from eyes and mouth. Rinse eyes profusely with water in case of accidental contact and seek immediate medical attention. If skin irritation occurs, wash with soap and water, pat dry. If irritation continues, or is severe, seek medical attention. Not for internal use.
  • Keep away from children and pets.
  • Avoid exposing people with lung conditions, such as asthma, to the vapour of fragrance oils.
  • Oil may stain materials and surfaces.
  • Never touch hot oil or their containers, they will burn.
  • Never add oil to hot containers as an explosion may occur.
    • owl oil burner detail
      Owl Oil Burner

      Do not leave oil burning pots unattended. Never exceed the manufacturer recommendations for length of time to burn oil. For the best experience, simply burn for 15 minutes at the most, then allow to cool and then relight.

  • The harmful level of essential oils in sprays and in burning oils is not really known. When you are diffusing oils you should try not to use excessive amounts of fragrance/essential oil. In addition, you need to ensure good air circulation, so that the concentration of essential oil vapours is not built up.

Shop for Oil Burners and Fragrance Oils

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Welcome to the New Home of Cosmic Collection!

Hello lovely people,

2012 is said to be a year of transformation, and this is certainly the case for our online store! 

Cosmic Collection’s virtual premises over the last two years were no longer serving us the way we would like to do business, so it was time to pack up our boxes and move.

Technology has moved on, and I now feel confident hosting and managing the store independently with a small crew of magical helpers.

I’m in the process of transferring all shop data to this new space, and despite this work being carried out, you can already place your orders here.

Quite a few items are in the SALE now, so don’t hesitate to check out those bargains and make some savings on your Christmas shopping.

And when you place an order while our store is undergoing refurbishment, I will include a little gift as a thank you for your patience and support.

Of course, there are still more products to be added and departments to be created. The store overhaul will take a few more weeks to complete. But our service is as quick as usual. You order will be shipped same day or next working day by First Class Royal Mail.

In the meantime, why not subscribe to our newsletter to receive occasional mailings about product updates and of course special offers and discounts?

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with any queries, comments or suggestions. You can contact me by e-mail or post in the comment box below. I really look forward to hearing from you.

Until next time,