One Powerful Way To Overcome Your Fears

overcome your fears

Our irrational fears have the power to stop us from living life to the full, but there are also proven techniques that help us overcome them.

We are all fearful of something, for example:

  • fear of flying
  • fear of public speaking
  • fear of meeting new people
  • fear of darkness
  • fear of heights
  • fear of change

What are the fears you are grappling with that hold you back?

There are thousands of websites with tips on how to overcome your fears, and Feel the Fear and do it Anyway is certainly good advice.

You need to embrace your fear and carry it across the threshold of resistance, a hard step to take, and many people prefer to avoid what they are afraid of.

But there is one powerful way to overcome your fears, which I want to share with you.

First, you need to know what fear does to your body.

Imagine feeling nervous about an upcoming job interview.

Your body reacts by producing adrenaline that is circulating through your body, increasing your heart rate and after a while making you feel sick.

Your nervousness, which is caused by fear, increases, and reaches its climax when you actually attend the interview.

By this time, some people are visibly nervous and have difficulties communicating clearly and confidently.

But a rush of adrenaline is also caused by another feeling:


Transforming your fear into excitement makes use of the adrenaline your body is producing.

This way, you are not fighting your body’s reaction to your fear but transmute it into new, positive energy.

Instead of telling yourself that you are feeling scared or fearful, tell yourself that you are feeling excited.

Excited about

  • meeting new people
  • showcasing your skills and expertise
  • finding out, if this new job will be a good fit
  • this new opportunity on offer
  • learning from this experience

The more you tell yourself that you are excited about this job interview, the more your fear will weaken and turn into positive energy.

While fear is negative stress that drains you, excitement is positive stress that makes you feel alive.

Perhaps this technique is putting a smile on your face, it may even sound ridiculous to you, but try it next time you are nervous or afraid.

Turn your fear into excitement.

Warmest wishes,