I Am Not What Happened To Me…

I am not what happened to me, I am what I choose to become. - Carl Jung

I am not what happened to me, I am what I choose to become – one of the many life lessons the Tarot has taught me over the years.

There is much beyond our control, but we can choose how we react to what life throws at us.

Rejections, breakups, abuse, loss….

Once you become aware of how your life experiences have influenced and affected you, you have the power to choose what kind of person you want to be, and what kind of life you want to live.

You even have the power to choose how you want to feel.

You have the power to choose a new direction, being different, and cultivate kindness and joy.

You have the power to choose change, forgiveness, healing.

You have the power to choose living in alignment with your talents, needs, values and resources.

Be your own magical influencer.

It is never too late to make that choice.

What are you choosing today?

Live more Magic with the Tarot

Warmest wishes,


Manifesting Change Empowerment Cards

manifesting change empowerment cards
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Download and print my Manifesting Change Empowerment Cards and make Magic happen in your life!

Whether change is forced upon us or we are consciously seeking it out, we either need to learn to adjust or initiate it.

Once we have the will and commitment to embrace the new, letting go of our old lives can be painful, and we can easily fall into the trap of procrastination.

It’s time to examine our habits, beliefs, behaviours and thought processes to make conscious choices about what we need to strengthen, release or change in order to heal and grow. 

We need 30 days to free ourselves from outdated thought and behavioural patterns.

During that time it is essential to take action every day towards manifesting the desired change.

After that, another 70 days of daily practice will help to anchor the new patterns in our mindset, so they are more likely to be permanent.

100 days is the magic number, but if you can stick to 30, then you will be well on your way to where you want to be.

So what can you do each day that will help you transform your life?

Hop over to my Patreon space and print the Manifesting Change Empowerment Cards I’ve designed, pull a card each day and take action according to the message.

The idea of these cards is to shake up your routine and push your comfort zone a little on a daily basis.

The cards are divided into three types:

1. Mantras

Mantras are just like affirmations, but they work by repeating them throughout the day in a musical way.

Basically, sing them! Create your own melody, which will help you remember its powerful message, and gradually it will help you eliminate negative thought patterns.

Mantra cards are marked with  M

2. Explorations

These are prompts to help you explore your way of thinking and how you can unblock and actively influence your mindset.

You can use tarot or oracle cards with the explorations, and it will be particularly helpful to record them in your journal.

Exploration cards are marked with E

manifesting change empowerment cards
Combine with a tarot or oracle deck for intuitive guidance

3. Actions

These are tasks you should do on the day you draw one of these cards.

I have made these actions as practical and easy to follow as possible, so please try to stick to this rule, even if you only spend ten minutes on it.

You’ll be glad to did it afterwards!

Some of the actions are also worthwhile journalling about. Record what you did, how it turned out and made you feel.

Action cards are marked with A

All you need to do now is download and print the cards (36 plus bonus cards and blanks for your own messages) on cardstock or heavyweight paper (min.120 gms), cut them out and start using them.

Please do let me know how you get on with them. I’d love to hear from you.

And if you like the cards, please share a link to this post with your friends. Thank you!

Warmest wishes,