Declutter Challenge: Reducing Possessions by Half

declutter challenge: reducing possessions by half

Reducing possessions by half can be a daunting task, but when I realised the other week that I owned over 30 pairs of shoes, most of which I hardly ever wore, I knew I had to be radical.

It wasn’t just the shoes.

Clothes, bags, books, CDs, DVDs, kitchen gadgets, candle holders, bric-a-brac…. despite regular clearouts over the years, all that stuff still managed to sneak up on me taking over my space and unconsciously my mind.

Not to mention all those tarot and oracle decks and books, which I have collected over the years.

Collecting, collecting…. why?

When did it all start, the idea that we need more and more, the quick thrill of the purchase, and after a short while placed on the shelf or in a box to be used again at one point… or never….

And yet, clinging to those pretty little things for years.

I have enjoyed reading and learning from the books on my shelves, and playing with all those decks, but time has come to pass them on to others.

Joy and wisdom to be shared, not kept.

Reducing possessions by half, where to start?

Shoes. Now I only own ten pairs including winter boots.

Then I moved on to the books. This one was hard.

There were loads of German books I brought to the UK when I moved here.

They had sentimental value, but I realised that they no longer offered me any new knowledge or inspiration.

They simply occupied space, nothing more.

I took six boxes of books to the local Oxfam bookshop, and more is still on its way.

As a result, I got rid of some furniture too, which has created more space for a more relaxed feel.

It is absolutely liberating when all the stuff goes. It is so easy to get attached to things, clinging on to them, thinking it’s impossible to be without them.

But it is possible to be without them, and life even feels better and lighter than before.

I have realised that a lot of things we keep holding on to can cause all sorts of uncomfortable feelings and emotions – memories of loss, bygone eras, endings, people that caused pain.

Why holding on to things associated with all that sadness and keep living in the past?

I have also donated most of my DVDs and CDs to charity together with lots of other stuff – four full bags.

Despite all this major clearout, this has just been the beginning.

My possessions haven’t been reduced by half yet, but I’m so happy about having had this breakthrough of letting go of things I thought I couldn’t be without.

Most important of all, my regained space is not an invitation to refill it again.

Next time I buy a pair of shoes, they will be replacements rather than additions. Same with clothes.

I love reading, so I buy books. But once I have read them, I will pass them on to friends or charity.

As nerdy as it sounds, but clearing out and decluttering has become a new hobby for me 😃

How are you simplifying your life today?

Warmest wishes,


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