Meditating with a Wandering Mind

meditating with a wandering mind
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Meditation is often seen as sitting in the lotus position with your eyes closed and all those pesky thoughts in your head blissfully silenced.

However, many people are meditating with a wandering mind, unable to switch off intrusive thoughts.

First of all, as long as you feel comfortable, you can meditate in whatever position you choose – on a chair, on your sofa, in your bed, on the grass….

Next, we all know it is so much harder trying to suppress or avoid something. In fact, you can make it worse the harder you try.

For example, if I asked you to look around the room you are in now and NOT look at anything that is red, I bet you WILL look at everything that is red.

And if I asked you NOT to blink, yes, you guessed it, you WILL blink.

So, what to do about those annoying thoughts you can’t silence during meditation?

The answer is simple: accept them. Let them be. Don’t judge them or yourself.

And while you are meditating with a wandering mind, focus on your breathing and let those thoughts come and go.

If you are listening to a guided meditation, don’t be irritated by any unwanted thoughts creeping in.

It’s normal.

Silencing your monkey mind takes practice. After all, sitting there doing and thinking nothing is not as easy as everyone thinks 🙂

You can also try chanting mantras, if you are meditating on your own.

You will find, however, that despite your thoughts getting in the way at times, your meditation will have given you space and a break from rushing around.

The reality of meditation is being present in that moment, observing your breath, your senses, your body and even your random thoughts without judgement.

And while you keep practicing meditation, surrender to what is while gently offering your mind an alternative direction.

The more you practice, the easier it will become, but it will benefit you right from the start.

Need a guided audio meditation? Check out my Meditation for the Wandering Mind 🌝

Warmest wishes,


Emotional Healing with the Pisces Full Moon

emotional healing with the pisces full moon

There is always something mystical about the full moon – its illumination, intense energy and impact it has on our feelings and emotions.

The Pisces full moon is just around the corner and has already gifted me with some psychedelic dreams 🙂

But weird dreams are a sign of something more magical – the full moon’s power to supercharge our intuitive, psychic and artistic abilities.

Even more so, tuning into the Pisces full moon energy can help us recognise and free ourselves from emotional blocks and self-limitations.

So, let it all come out, feel what you feel, sit with it and observe it without judgement. It’s all part of emotional healing.

In practical terms

  • if in doubt, trust your gut
  • be mindful that emotions may become more intense, which can be confusing
  • express your feelings without shame (crying is a good stress reliever)
  • pay attention to your dreams
  • meditate to open your third eye
  • get creative (write, draw, make)
  • apologize sincerely to someone you hurt in the past
  • connect with your spirit guides or any cosmic forces you want to connect with
  • practice calming yoga poses (e.g. child’s pose, shavasana, lotus)

You can access full guidance with a snapshot spread and journaling prompts in the Cosmic Spirit Sanctuary on Patreon.

While the Pisces full moon can assist with emotional healing, please remember that there is no miracle cure happening overnight.

Emotional healing is a process, and during the upcoming lunation we have the chance to move this process forward, to progress on our journey.

How can the Tarot assist you on your healing journey?

Check out this wonderful article I have recently discovered – Tarot and Astrology are recognised to be beneficial for mental health and as a result used more widely in mainstream therapeutic settings.

That’s why in my work I focus on teaching the Tarot and how you can apply this magical tool in everyday life to nurture your mental wellbeing in an empowering way.

For regular guidance and online support, please do check out my very affordable membership options.

Warmest wishes,


When Patience Becomes A Curse

Patience is a virtue.

Or is it?

I have been brought up to be patient, to avoid short-fused hot-tempered reactions, to take my time rather than rushing, to be patient with myself while trying to learn a new skill etc.

But along the way I have noticed that sometimes patience was holding me back.

Like when I was patiently

  • tolerating toxic people, hoping they would change
  • sticking with a shitty relationship, hoping it would miraculously turn into something wonderful
  • enduring a dead-end job, hoping its boredom and lack of spirit wouldn’t kill me
  • serving and giving my all, hoping that one day I would be appreciated

It can be easy to confuse patience with not setting boundaries.

Because patience often requires effort, it can be exhausting after a while.

So when you pull Patience from the Cosmic Journaling Oracle deck, you can ask yourself:

  1. Do I need to be more patient, or is it time to set some boundaries?
  2. Who is testing my patience? Is it worth it?
  3. In the past, in what situations should I have been more patient and why? And when did patience not serve me but stopped me from moving forward?
  4. How do other people show patience towards me (in a family setting, amongst friends or at work)? Have I tested their patience?

Patience is a virtue, but it can also be a curse. How is patience serving you?

Warmest wishes,


Ten of Wands: Watch Your Posture

Sometimes it’s fun but also worthwhile taking tarot images literally.

When the Ten of Wands pops up as your guidance card for the day (or week), ask yourself whether you have been paying attention to your posture recently.

We often allow our bodies to slouch and stoop without realising that this can have a huge effect on our mood, self-esteem and confidence.

On top of that, someone with a stooped posture can indicate unconscious limiting beliefs or emotional baggage they keep carrying around.

So, check in with yourself right now. Are you standing tall and straight?

Shoulders back with chest forward is your ideal posture.

A quick and easy exercise you can do to lift your mood instantly is to stand tall and lift your arms with your hands in fists (or victory sign) as if you have just scored a goal.

watch your posture

While in this victory pose, say to yourself something like I am strong, I am powerful or I can do this. Anything that spurns you on for the day and gets you going with more positive energy.

This is a great little exercise to turn into a daily habit as it will improve your wellbeing not just on a physical but also emotional level.

You can do it as often as you like during the day.

Why don’t you make a start today and let me know how it makes you feel?

And if you would like to learn how to use the Tarot for wellbeing and personal growth, then find out how you can work with me.

Warmest wishes,


Overcoming Overwhelm and Mental Blocks

overcoming overwhelm and mental blocks

Feelings of overwhelm and mental blocks can come up at any time.

Sometimes they are triggered by a situation or event. In my case it was a cold with flu symptoms just after Christmas that has thrown me off course.

I took time off work keeping warm in the house with nice food, books, herbal teas and TV entertainment.

I started feeling better by the new year, but there was a persistent fog in my brain that was pretty hard to shift.

So I decided that fresh air would be in order, and the pics above are from my New Year’s walk with my love in the local park.

Even though I still had the sniffles, it was such a fantastic day dreaming and looking forward to the year ahead.

But still, my head was filled with all sorts of stuff, from creative ideas and mundane life things that needed to be done right through to worries about Brexit (I’m an EU citizen living in the UK, and a no deal would be disastrous), which I’d been trying very hard to ignore…

So, I’ve felt a bit overwhelmed with everything I need to get on with and life in general, and when that happens, my midlife brain can no longer cope and begins to scatter 🙂

BUT….I do have some techniques to help me cope and overcome this unfortunate phase, which is thankfully slowly beginning to wane.

1. Breathe…take a deep breath and start at the beginning. Rather than looking at my long to-do list and long-term goals, I do something small each day that I can cope with and complete.

It’s like putting those jigsaw puzzle pieces together one-by-one to create the whole picture.

2. Distract….Worrying can make the situation even worse, so it’s best to accept the current state and switch off with a great book, inspiring magazine, movie or TV program helps to focus my mind on something completely different.

It gives my brain not only a well earned break but is also kickstarting new ideas.

3. Enjoy….doing an activity that makes you happy. Over the last two days I tidied and decluttered my home filling four bags of stuff going to charity. And I’m not done yet! 

4. Overhaul my diet…Over recent months I’ve been reducing my meat intake down to just once a week. I love vegetarian/vegan food and discovered new recipes and ingredients. I love sweet potato burgers!

If we all cut down on our meat intake to just once a week, that would reduce greenhouse gases by a lot.

5. Reduce my plastic consumption…since we were made aware of the huge plastic island in the Pacific and microplastics in marine life and food chain, I’m getting more conscious about the amount of plastic coming into my life.

For example, liquid soap in plastic bottles (I’m now using more soap bars), food in plastic containers. Wherever possible, I choose glass bottles or no packaging at all. I’ve been using my own reusable shopping bags for years.

6. Saying NO… Less is more in terms of work commitments and projects. I only say YES to what makes me happy and fulfils me. I have chosen not to feel obliged to fulfil other people’s expectations or demands.

7. Fresh air…yes, more of it! It’s something I haven’t had enough of recently. That new year’s walk in the park was like therapy. I want more of that, so I’m out again tomorrow.

8. Journaling….I so love writing, even if it’s just a sentence, a pic, doodle or making a note of a fab quote I’ve come across on social media.

creative journaling

For that purpose, I’m using the creative printables I’ve designed, which you can grab here.

Yes, it can be unsettling when overwhelm and mental blocks dominate your life, but eventually by not giving yourself a hard time over it, life will also take you back into the flow.

Last but not least, try this tarot spread/ journaling prompt ideal for overhauling old and dusty habits:

Warmest wishes,


Raise Your Vibes with A Gratitude Tarot Exploration

raise your vibes with a gratitude tarot exploration

Thanksgiving Day in the US is a gentle reminder for all of us around the world to pause and consciously appreciate all the goodness in our lives.

But perhaps you are one of those people, who cannot think of much to be grateful for right now.

You may have been experiencing a difficult time – relationship breakup, unemployment, poverty, illness, bereavement…

It’s easy to get cynical in such a situation. I know. 

A time of year so devoted to being grateful for what we have, can also painfully make us aware of what we have not, or what we have lost.

But I would like to invite you to be open to gratitude. 

Expressing your appreciation for even the simplest things that actually do go right in your life can help you create a shift in your perception to a higher vibrational level.

And why not use the Tarot to help you along? 

You can approach your Gratitude Tarot exploration in two ways:

1. Go through the whole deck and choose one thing for each card you are grateful for. 

2. Or just pick a few cards at random to explore what you can be grateful for at this moment in time.


Wheel of Fortune – grateful for those lucky turn of events in my favour

Three of Pentacles – grateful for all the experience gained from working with fantastic people

King of Swords – grateful for having stopped all the emotional drama in my life once and for all

The Moon – grateful for the magic, mystery and imagination in my life

Two of Wands – grateful for new opportunities I’m excited about

Remember to make a note of them all in your journal (check out the Tarot Moon Journal).

Why don’t you give this gratitude tarot exploration a try and raise your vibes today.

Pick as many cards as you like, and perhaps you will even enjoy drawing a daily card to express your gratitude for something (or someone!) good in your life right now.

Special journaling prompt: 

What can I be grateful for in my life that money can’t buy?

Discover your hidden blessings with the Tarot!

Warmest wishes,


How Curiosity Can Boost Your Happiness

how curiosity can boost your happiness
Curiosity killed the cat, and satisfaction brought it back.

“Why is it that when one man builds a wall, the next man immediately needs to know what’s on the other side?”  

– George R.R. Martin, A Game of Thrones

Do fears, low self-esteem and other self-imposed restrictions hold you back?

Then you may be surprised to learn that developing and nurturing a curious mind can help you overcome these blocks and boost your happiness.

As children we had no inhibitions when it came to expressing our creativity or exploring unknown places.

But while growing up, we started to develop all kinds of insecurities and self-doubt, which have become so hard to shake off.

Curiosity is a surprisingly simple and useful tactic that will help you make some positive changes, and that’s why I included it in the Cosmic Journaling Oracle.

Next time you are fearful of something, be curious instead.

Explore despite your fears. Express yourself and be curious about where it leads you.

Invited to a party, where you don’t know anyone but the host?

Say yes, even if you fear awkward moments or lack confidence talking to people. Be curious about getting to know new folk.

Show off your art anyway, even if you fear criticism or rejection.

Be curious about what people have to say. Even ask them for feedback. Wouldn’t it be great to know what people think rather than making assumptions?

Be curious about different places to visit, different music, food, activities, even a different career.

Curiosity boosts your happiness as it creates excitement and the thrill of conquering fears and self-limitation.

Curiosity in the Cosmic Journaling Oracle asks you to replace any blocks you have with a sense of wonder and the open mind of an explorer.

Explore new opportunities and experiences.

Instead of No, say Yes. Why not?

When this card comes up in a reading, ask yourself:

  • When were you last curious about something? Did you ignore the feeling or embraced it to experience something new?
  • What do you need to be more curious about in your life? You could draw an additional card to find out.
  • How has curiosity affected you in childhood? How does it affect you as an adult?
  • Has curiosity at any time got you into danger? If yes, when and what’s the story? How was it resolved? What did you learn from it?

Likewise, when this card comes up in a “what not to do” position, you may want to avoid being nosey, e.g. meddle in other people’s issues that are none of your business.

And curiosity isn’t about being reckless, getting yourself into life danger or gamble all your life savings…

The Cosmic Journaling Oracle is now available as a digital edition together with a guidebook containing journaling sheets and other printable goodies. Learn more here.

Warmest wishes,


The Magic Of Doing Nothing

Many people live busy lives full of errands, commitments and self-imposed recreational activities such as sports, social events and travelling. 

Perhaps they want to give the impression how fun and interesting their lives are, and they believe that an admission of doing nothing could damage their reputation. 

I’m doing nothing sounds a bit like I’m being lazy.

Doing nothing makes some people feel guilty, as doing nothing is a bit of a taboo in our society.

If you do nothing, you’re a lazy waste of space.

But of course, there is nothing wrong with doing nothing. 

Doing nothing means you don’t have any commitments.

You don’t need to rush anywhere.

You have time for yourself, and can do what you like.

And these are the times when magic happens.

Suddenly you aren’t busy, which can make you feel a bit lost.


Feel lost and savour that moment. Make yourself comfy on the sofa and put your feet up. Close your eyes and relax.

Listen to the silence, or listen to the radio.

Look out of the window with your cat.

Make yourself a cup of your favourite beverage and savour it in peace without any pressure of having to dash off soon.

See how your plants grow in your house or in your garden. Smell the flowers.

There is absolutely nothing you should do. The time for commitments and errands and work will come back again later.

But not now. Enjoy the moment. It will give you strength when you remember it later with fondness.

Suddenly you decide to look through your book collection or some old photos.

You may just decide to have a bath.

Or light some candles on a gloomy, rainy day.

Maybe you are thinking of leaving the house for a walk. Or you might just stay in.


Write in your journal. Doodle.

You see, even though you think you are doing nothing, you are actually doing something.

In those moments when you surrender to the bliss of nothingness, you are resetting your brain. Unconsciously, you are looking for inspiration

Rather than letting the outside world with all its activities influence your thinking, you are taking back control

Your brain has to adjust to standing on its own two feet, using imagination and jumpstarting your creativity. You begin to generate ideas, like you want to tidy up your messy desk, or you want to bake a cake.

These ideas spark your passion and enthusiasm. 

Once you have decluttered your desk, it looks inviting. So you sit down and start writing or crafting or whatever you normally do at your desk.

Doing nothing can ccontribute towards wellbeing and growth. It relieves tension.

Give yourself permission to do nothing.

You will feel so much better afterwards. Don’t feel guilty. You will have done more good by doing nothing than you think. 

Warmest wishes,


Manifesting Change Empowerment Cards

manifesting change empowerment cards
Watch video on YouTube

Download and print my free Manifesting Change Empowerment Cards and make Magic happen in your life!

Whether change is forced upon us or we are consciously seeking it out, we either need to learn to adjust or initiate it.

Once we have the will and commitment to embrace the new, letting go of our old lives can be painful, and we can easily fall into the trap of procrastination.

It’s time to examine our habits, beliefs, behaviours and thought processes to make conscious choices about what we need to strengthen, release or change in order to heal and grow. 

We need 30 days to free ourselves from outdated thought and behavioural patterns.

During that time it is essential to take action every day towards manifesting the desired change.

After that, another 70 days of daily practice will help to ingrain and deepen the new patterns in our mindset, so they are more likely to be permanent.

100 days is the magic number, but if you can stick to 30, then you will be well on your way to where you want to be.

So what can you do each day that will help you transform your life?

Hop over to my Patreon space and print the Manifesting Change Empowerment Cards I’ve designed, pull a card each day and take action according to the message.

The idea of these cards is to shake up your routine and push your comfort zone a little on a daily basis.

The cards are divided into three types:

1. Mantras

Mantras are just like affirmations, but they work by repeating them throughout the day in a musical way.

Basically, sing them! Create your own melody, which will help you remember its powerful message, and gradually it will help you eliminate negative thought patterns.

Mantra cards are marked with  M

2. Explorations

These are prompts to help you explore your way of thinking and how you can unblock and actively influence your mindset.

You can use tarot or oracle cards with the explorations, and it will be particularly helpful to record them in your journal.

Exploration cards are marked with E

manifesting change empowerment cards
Combine with a tarot or oracle deck for intuitive guidance

3. Actions

These are tasks you should do on the day you draw one of these cards.

I have made these actions as practical and easy to follow as possible, so please try to stick to this rule, even if you only spend ten minutes on it.

You’ll be glad to did it afterwards!

Some of the actions are also worthwhile journalling about. Record what you did, how it turned out and made you feel.

Action cards are marked with A

All you need to do now is download and print the cards (36 plus bonus cards and blanks for your own messages) on cardstock or heavyweight paper (min.120 gms), cut them out and start using them.

Please do let me know how you get on with them. I’d love to hear from you.

And if you like the cards, please share a link to this post with your friends. Thank you!

Warmest wishes,




How Chanting Can Help You Meditate

how chanting can help you meditate

Do you find it hard to still your mind during meditation?

Do you tend to sit in your meditation class desperately trying to avoid thinking about what you’ll have for dinner or those bills that keep piling up?

Let me assure you, you’re not alone.

I was just like you, and sometimes those unwanted thoughts still trip me up, but I’ve come across a method that has helped me immensely, and perhaps you will find it useful, too.

First of all, don’t underestimate the power of meditation. It’s good for your general wellbeing. It helps you relax, build inner strength and promotes a healthy balance of mind-body-spirit.

But our busy monkey mind stops us from meditating effectively.

It’s impossible for us to stop thinking. Even while we sleep, our minds produce thoughts in the form of dreams.

Buddhism teaches us that rather than trying hard to stop thinking, we need to trick the monkey mind instead.

How are we going to do that?

By giving it something else to do – something meaningful, too! – which helps us create some powerful magic within us at the same time.

A couple of years ago, I discovered chanting whilst on a Buddhist retreat.

It may sound eccentrically New Age to you, but believe me, after initially feeling weird, I felt its benefit almost straight away.

When you repeatedly chant the same words in the ancient and magical language of Sanskrit, it becomes a mantra, which can gradually shift negative patterns in your life, depending on the meanings of the words.

So depending on what you want to manifest in your life, you choose the mantra that can help you make it happen.

What I love about chanting is that you don’t need to sit still or in a certain position; at the retreat, we walked in a circle on a meadow and around a fireplace (nobody else saw us :))

For example, you can chant whilst having a relaxing bath, go for a walk, or you can of course choose the traditional meditation position.

How many times should you chant the mantra?

The magical number is 108. The best way to count correctly during chanting is by using Mala prayer beads. One bead for a complete mantra, until the circle is completed.

mala prayer beads
My Mala prayer beads – turquoise beads divided by white beads into 4 x 27 sections

If 108 times sounds too much for you at first, you can also shorten your chant down to 27 or 54 times.

These numbers are important and in Buddhist and Sanskrit teachings they have magical powers.

The Number 108 divided by 4 equals 27. A Mala bead necklace is divided into four sections of 27 beads.

Do you need to have a good singing voice to chant?

No. You can simply recite the words repeatedly at a steady and regular pace.

Now that you know the basics, here are four chants I use: 

1. Ham Sa

Pronounced: Hahhm Sahh

Meaning: I am That

This very basic mantra helps you ground yourself and focus on your breathing: Ham (inhale) Sa (exhale).

It is said to be a mantra for the heart; it helps you relax and centre. After chanting a round of Ham Sa, you may feel calm yet more energised.

2. Om Namah Shivaya

I discovered this chant in Elizabeth Gilbert’s book Eat, Pray, LoveI love the sound when I chant it; its vibration resonates with me deeply.

Pronounced: Aum nah-mah shi-vay

Meaning: I bow to Shiva.

The Hindu God Shiva symbolises the inner self, so by chanting this mantra, you honour the divinity within yourself, and it is said to promote self-worth and confidence.

A spiritual healing mantra, it is made up of five syllables, which represent the five elements earth, air, fire, water and ether.

3. Om Kleem Shreem Brzee 

This is an ancient Sanskrit mantra for bringing love and abundance into your life.

It is often recommended for attracting money or new romantic love, but abundance doesn’t always relate to financial wealth, and love can also relate to friendships, connectedness and a loving support network.

Pronounced: check out this YouTube clip, and if you like, sing along to get into the groove 😉


Om – universal sound of creation
Kleem – sound for spiritual development, love and devotion
Shreem – sound for the divine feminine associated with abundance and prosperity
Brzee – sound for removing scarcity from consciousness

Put these four sounds together, and you create an open mind and receptiveness to let love and abundance into your life by removing inner blocks and obstacles surrounding you.

You can shorten this mantra two-ways to make it more specific:

1. Om Shreem Brzee – to attract abundance and prosperity
2. Om Kleem Brzee – to attract friendships and relationships

4. Ra Ma Da Sa Sa Say So Hung

A universal healing mantra, which consists of the sounds of the four universal energies

Ra – sun
Ma – moon
Da – earth
Sa ( repeated) – infinity

together with Say So Hung, meaning  I am Thou.

This mantra is said to build bodily resistance to disease and can have a healing effect on the body. Its sound stimulates flow and circulation of prana (life force) through the body.

Chant it steadily, inhaling Ra Ma Da Sa and exhaling Sa Say So Hung. Linger a little on the sound ‘ng‘ in Hung as it is said to stimulate divine glands.

Notice this chant has eight syllables – the number of rebirth.

If you are a novice to chanting, then you may find the above mantras easy to pronounce and remember.

With regular practice you will notice their calming effect and power to help you focus your mind on manifesting your desires.

For more information, you can search online for chanting meditation for beginners, or google the above mantras.

There is a wealth of information freely available including viewpoints on how to chant “correctly”.

Remember to keep it simple at first before you delve deeper. One step at a time.

Let me know how you get on, and if chanting is already part of your spiritual practice, please share your tips and favourite mantras in the comment box below.

I’d love to hear from you!

Warmest wishes,